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Essential Guide to Dachshund Back Problems Image source: snoopy_lichtquelle The health of any dog breed is undoubtedly the most critical aspect to consider when thinking about getting a pooch.... Read More
22 JAN
What Is a Blue Dachshund: Meet the Royal Wiener in Steel Blue Armor Credit: lotty_blue_dachshund Do you find it hard to believe that Dachshunds can be blue? If so, you are not alone. Although Blue... Read More
20 JAN
Our Favorite Dachshund Memes   Do you mean to tell me we’re not going to petsmart?!     Don’t judge me for things I did a few seconds ago, I’ve changed since then.... Read More
15 JAN
Your adorable dachshund knows when he will eat. He knows when you will leave and return home. He even knows when you will take him for a walk. As a curious and loving pet owner, you may wonder,... Read More
26 OCT
We’ve all said it at one point in time in our lives… especially if you have a cute sausage dog at home. The three special words we all like to hear… “I love you” was recently the center of... Read More
05 OCT
We have all dealt with the global pandemic caused my COVID-19 differently. Some didn’t feel much change while others had to take on whole new life routines. For one little weenie dog, it was the... Read More
03 SEP
Dachshunds are quirky short dogs with rambunctious personalities and a fascinating history. You might know Dachshund as “sausage dogs”, as they resemble little sausages on foot, but they are so... Read More
10 JUL
My name is Moo, I live in sunny Miami, Florida!  I got a lot of new friends recently, because my coat is very different from my other Dachshund cousins, so I figured I’d introduce myself!... Read More
07 JUL
Intervertebral Disc Disease is a crippling disease that is common in dogs with longer spines, heavier set weight, or underlying physical conditions. It is a herniated or slipped disc on the spine... Read More
02 JUL
It’s definitely safe to say that this year has been filled with unexpected events. This includes doxies becoming FedEx delivery interns.  As the world was placed under house arrest for the... Read More
22 JUN
Dachshunds are a phenomenal breed of dog that will provide you with endless and unconditional love. That’s why when you bring a new doxie pup into your home, you should be equipped with the most... Read More
21 APR
Animal lovers rejoice! These new t-shirts featuring your favorite animal are sure to make someone's day. The designs look so realistic, they are basically 3D! Flaunt your love for Pugs, Dachshunds,... Read More
09 APR

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