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We’ve all said it at one point in time in our lives… especially if you have a cute sausage dog at home. The three special words we all like to hear… “I love you” was recently the center of... Read More
05 OCT
Because so many dog owners are unaware of IVDD, we wanted to raise awareness by sharing REAL stories from REAL dog parents. We hope that spreading the word will encourage dog parents to take... Read More
28 FEB
Whether we like it or not, our adorable and precious Doxie will age. The best thing to do is accept the situation and most importantly, learn how to take care of your dachshund when he is... Read More
09 DEC
Find out why dog ramps are a much safer solution for your Dachshund than dog... Read More
25 JUL
A common question we receive here at Alpha Paw is how do I train my dog to use their PawRamp? Well, the good news is, If you’ve trained your dog to do anything, training them to use a ramp... Read More
05 JUN
Dachshunds love jumping on and off the furniture and will do this many times throughout the day. But just because your Doxie looks like it’s doing this with ease, it doesn’t mean he should be... Read More
01 JUN

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