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When we think of archenemies in the animal world, the first thing that may come to your mind is the feud between cats and dogs. The fight for supremacy between these adorable pets has inspired a... Read More
05 NOV
A Cat's Mustache Perhaps? One trademark of cats is their whiskers. In fact, if you think about whiskers, most people would think about cats. The other word for whiskers is vibrissae. It came from... Read More
29 MAY
Cats Eat, Walk, Run, Climb, And Sleep. It seems they can do a lot of things. However, how about swimming? Can they do it? You might have some second thoughts about it. After all, they seem to have... Read More
20 MAY
You Want To Keep Your Cat Healthy And Happy. For this reason, it is not difficult to see how so many pet owners are looking for supplements that could boost their cat’s wellness level. Among... Read More
12 MAY
Animal lovers rejoice! These new t-shirts featuring your favorite animal are sure to make someone's day. The designs look so realistic, they are basically 3D! Flaunt your love for Pugs, Dachshunds,... Read More
09 APR
Easter is a time cherished by many, especially us chocolate lovers! It’s a time for colorful decorations, dishes and fun activities, egg hunts and family gatherings! Easter without chocolate... Read More
08 APR
Americans have been clearing out the shelves in stores of resources amidst this COVID-19 pandemic. Videos have surfaced on the internet capturing people piling into stores the second upon opening... Read More
30 MAR
If You Are New To Taking Care Of A Cat, Then You Might Need A Little Help. Cats Are Among The Most Amazing Creatures On Earth, Therefore It's Surprising That You'd Want One As A Pet. The more... Read More
23 MAR
You Might Remember The Last Time You Gave Your Cat A Bath Due To The Traumatic Fight And Struggle You Endured.A lot of cats hate water so much that the old expression was made: cats and water... Read More
18 MAR
You See A Dog Walking On A Leash. So, You’re Probably Thinking, “Why Not Do It With My Cat?” Thankfully, it is true that you can walk your cat on a leash, but you need to train him. So, the... Read More
13 MAR
However, sometimes, you just need a few tips on how to effectively do it. After all, cats, unlike dogs, are unusually independent creatures and if you don’t show enough love, your cat can easily... Read More
14 FEB
What you see are weeds, while your cat might see snacks. While cats are dominantly a carnivore, this does not stop them from munching on plants every once in a while. However, what you think... Read More
10 FEB

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