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Allergies can quickly bring down any healthy, active and adventurous dachshund. Not only that but when you ignore allergies, they can quickly turn to worse --- leading to much bigger health... Read More
24 JAN
Did you know that dogs can have allergies too, just like us, humans? Yes, it’s true. But how can you know if your dog has an allergy? That’s where it becomes a little challenging. After all,... Read More
22 JAN
Watching your Doxie sneeze is just adorable and cute. As this might be the case, sneezing might cause an alarm to pet owners like you. Perhaps, you are wondering why your dachshund is sneezing. In... Read More
18 DEC
You want to be able to spend all of your dog's best years together. Jump-starting their health through a few easy methods is a great first step to getting... Read More
18 AUG

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