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Natural Treatments For Dog Seizures And Epilepsy (Hemp Oil)

I don’t know if you have noticed, but quietly, seizures and epilepsy in dogs are on the rise, and if your dog does suffer from them it can be very traumatic. A seizure in progress can be very alarming, as it does appear to be a violent process as your dog’s body convulses, however it is important to know that your dog is in no pain during the event. However, it does leave them anxious and confused both before and afterward, and treatment should always be sought for the condition.

There are many causes of seizures, ranging from a head injury that causes brain swelling, through to liver disease or even abnormal blood sugar levels, and a range of others in between, some dogs are simply genetically prone to them. However, if your dog does have a seizure, especially if it is the first one, the first thing to remember is to try not to panic. It can be difficult, it’s your dog after all, but there are things you can do.

If your Dog has a seizure

Not panicking is important to help you think clearly, the focus should always be on your dog’s wellbeing. The first thing to do is clear a space around your dog, so that they don’t accidentally injure themselves during the seizure, some movements can be quite violent, so keep them away from danger. Move things though, not the dog.

The best approach is to let the seizure run its course. Try and avoid touching the dog’s head, you may accidentally get bitten. Don’t worry, unlike humans, dogs can’t swallow their own tongues, so you don’t need to do have your hands anywhere near their mouth.

Try and reassure your dog, talk softly in a calming way, and watch for overheating. If your dog seems to be getting very hot, especially if the seizure lasts more than a couple of minutes, use a cold compress on the dog’s paws. A towel soaked in cold water will do the trick. If you have a fan nearby, use that.

You should try and remember is how long the seizure lasted for future reference when you visit the vet.


Natural treatments for dog seizures and epilepsy (hemp oil)

CBD Oil, or Cannabidiol, is a product of the cannabis plant. Don’t worry, you are not going to be getting your dog high, CBD oil is usually derived from hemp, so it lacks the THC ingredient that is responsible for marijuana’s effects. That is also why you will often hear CBD described as Hemp Oil.

The key reason for using hemp oil as a treatment is that it is calming and effective, but It’s also a natural product that is very safe for your dog. There is a lot of skepticism around the use of CBD oil, which goes with its origin, however, it is an excellent way to treat dog seizures, with clinical studies showing that hemp oil can prevent seizures and epileptic symptoms.

Because we all want the very best for our pets, looking past the image and seeing the actual results is important. Hemp Oil can help with calming pets, but is also a preventative treatment, stopping the symptoms from occurring. That is because CBD works to protect the brain cells and reduce the effects of epilepsy in your dog.

As with everything, there are a wide variety of options available when it comes to choosing hemp oil, and it is important to get the right one for your dog. That means looking for a high-quality product from a reliable, trustworthy manufacturer who provides proper documentation including a certificate of analysis for peace of mind.

Advanced Hemp Oil 500mg from Alpha Paw is an excellent option, a product that is free from additives, giving worry-free treatment for your dog. It’s also easy to administer, you simply add the recommended dose into your dog’s regular food, so they take it without noticing. Dogs don’t build up an immunity to CDB oil, so they can continue to take their hemp oil for as long as is needed without a problem.

With all-natural supplement, Advanced Hemp Oil 500mg is a great alternative when it comes to seizures and epilepsy.


With cases of seizures and epilepsy on the rise in dogs and the inadequate medicinal response to the problem that is readily available, alternative supplements have become very popular with dog owners. CBD oil, derived from hemp, offers an all-natural treatment that is both effective and safe for your pet.

Our Advanced Hemp Oil 500mg is an easy to use, high-quality hemp extract that will help prevent further seizures and epileptic symptoms for your dog in a complete unobtrusive, natural way.

Offering a calming, gentle solution, hemp oil is the natural answer you are looking for when it comes to seizures and epilepsy.