What To Get Your Cat When You Live in a Small Place!

What to get your cat when you live in a small place!

What are the must-have items when you live in a small space with your cat?

If you are living in a small space, a cat is the perfect pet for you. They are sweet, cuddly and small enough to fit your home and your heart.

While you may think that having a cat in your small sanctuary can be a breeze, sometimes, it gets a little challenging. If you want to be ready for any problem that may arise from having a cat in your limited living space, be sure to have these must-have items.

 What to get your cat when you live in a small place!

Cat Bed

Cats are able to sleep almost anywhere. However, a cat bed is just a special area that can easily become a favorite sleeping spot. There are various cat beds for sale in pet shops. Choose the one that comes with a warm and soft cushion.

Food and Water Bowls

Your cat will definitely eat and when he does, it would be great to have the food and water bowls available for him. Since you have limited space, go for smaller ones. Be sure you get those weighted bowls to avoid tipping.

Litter Box

Another essential item you need to have is the litter box. This can be a little tricky since, in your situation, you have a smaller space. You definitely don’t want to get a messy litter box.

There’s one type of litter box that has a self-cleaning mechanism. However, it can be expensive, but if you have the means, then buy one for your adorable pet.

If you don’t have the budget, you can go for one or two litter boxes. More than that might overwhelm your home. Just be sure to clean regularly to avoid stinking smell and mess.

 What to get your cat when you live in a small place!

Bird Feeder

I know not all can do this, but just in case it is possible for you, it would be great to have a bird feeder outside your home. You can put it in a place that is visible from the window.

The reason for bird feeder is that it attracts birds and your cat would be entertained watching these birds. In a small house, bird watching would surely be a great pastime for your feline friend.

Add a Tall Cat Tree

Cat trees occupy space vertically. So, it shouldn’t take much space.

Place your cat tree next to your window. This gives your cat a nice view of your room, but also a view of the outside.

 What to get your cat when you live in a small place!

Cleaning Tools

Keeping your environment clean is important whether you have a small or big area. However, the need is more pronounced when you have a small one.

Since you spend your time closer with each other and with your cat, chances are, your room can easily dirty. Thankfully, a smaller room means it would be easier for you to clean it.

You need to clean your cat’s litter box at least twice a day or whenever the need arises. If you can afford a vacuum cleaner, please buy one. It’s a great way to get rid of dust, dander, and cat hair.

Sweeping and mopping are two of the most effective ways to keep your floor clean. Use pet-friendly cleaning materials as well to ensure your feline is happy, healthy, and safe.

Interactive Toys

Having a small room means your cat would have a limited space to move around. Thus, your cat might not be able to exercise that much.

Using interactive toys keeps your furry friend engaged and active. Be sure to play with your cat as well whenever you have time. When you play with your cat, using interactive toys would make it more fun for both of you.

 What to get your cat when you live in a small place!

Final Words

These are just some of the best items that you should have. Small homes are a nice place when you need to live simply and cozy. Adding your cat to the family would certainly make things more complete.

With the list of items I have mentioned here, I hope you get better and more improved ways to take care of your cute and adorable feline friend.