Alpha Paw Partners With Greater Good Charities To Feed Homeless Pets

Alpha paw partners with greater good charities to feed homeless pets

Lend A Helping Paw – Every Day!

Charity is a very important component of our company. While we enjoy bringing amazing products to your fur babies, our work does not stop there. Each year, more than six million pets end up in shelters and many of these shelters are in short supply of essential items needed to care for them.

To make matters worse, the pandemic and downturn in the economy have pushed many families to the brink of poverty. Unfortunately, when that happens, pets are usually the first to suffer. At Alpha Paw, we want to ensure that those animals who find themselves in shelters will be cared for until they find their forever home.

Alpha paw partners with greater good charities to feed homeless pets

A Pawfect Pawtnership

The Greater Good Charities program’s Rescue Bank, partners with pet food manufacturers across the country to deliver pet food to shelters in need. When the dogs have enough to eat, they are more positive, happy, and they increase their chances of getting adopted!

Additionally, when food is covered, the shelters can use the extra funds toward other expenses such as covering the medical costs of senior dogs, and other necessities the shelter may need.

Alpha paw partners with greater good charities to feed homeless pets

How It Barks

For everyPawrRamp sold, Alpha Paw will donate 10 pounds of food to shelter dogs in need. It’s that simple. Your dog will have a ramp it loves, and shelter dogs will be fed for another day.

Why A Greater Good Charities Partnership Is So Important

Every year, approximately 6.5 million animals end up in shelters. A little more than half of those animals are dogs and the other half are cats. Sadly, approximately 1.5 million of those animals will be euthanized.

Help us make the lives of these shelter animals a little more comfortable by making sure they have enough to eat. A small amount of food can go a long way.

Alpha paw partners with greater good charities to feed homeless pets

Alpha Paw’s Story

So, why are we so passionate about helping shelter animals and making their lives better? Well, here’s our story. Alpha Paw started with a dream. Founder Ramon Van Meer’s son Victor wanted to care for all animals.

As soon as victor learned to speak, he wanted a pet, and he wanted to protect them all. His idealistic views were heartwarming and Ramon wanted to find a way to make his dream come true. The years went by and Victor’s passion for helping shelter dogs only deepened. They adopted rescued dogs, and then became rescuers themselves, saving the lives of more than 50 dogs, but Victor knew they could do more.

In 2018, when Victor was 10-years-old, his dream came true. Alpha Paw was born. Victor was ecstatic. For Ramon, a pet owner and animal lover all his life. This was the beginning of an amazing journey.

On his own, he and Victor had saved many dogs’ lives, but with Alpha Paw, the opportunities were endless. And, Partnerships with companies like Greater Good Charities is paramount in helping shelter dogs live as comfortably as they can until they find their forever homes.

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