5 More Tips for New Dachshund Owners

You’ll learn all about why your doxie is such a trickster, the struggles of potty training, health issues to watch out for, why you shouldn’t pamper your doxie too much and why you’ve suddenly got an influx of holes in your backyard.

If you did get a chance to check out our first list of tips for new dachshund owners, great! Here are five more Tips for New Dachshund Owners, if you’ve just brought home your very first moxie.

1. Finding the Right Fit

While we hope you easily found the right fit for you in terms of the perfect sausage dog, there’s another fit you might have to worry about when shopping for your new doxie. Because of sausage dogs’ odd little shape (which is altogether endearing, for sure), it can be difficult finding a harness, jacket or even clothing that fits them properly. You can’t just go to the store and pick up any old doggy sweater and expect it to work. Especially with harnesses, you don’t want to pick out something that’s not made for a sausage dog, because the wrong fit could potentially injure their neck. Always look for a specially-made dachshund harness, jacket or clothing.

2. All That Energy

You may have noticed by now, but your doxie has quite a lot of energy. This is great for them…maybe not great for you if you were expecting a small little lap dog that’ll sit quietly. However, keeping your sausage dog’s energy levels under control is easy, especially if you already live a semi-active lifestyle. They love hiking and long walks, but on days when those aren’t possible, making sure they have plenty of space in your house (which isn’t hard — they are small, after all) and lots of toys to play with will do the trick. Not ensuring they have these things can lead to bad behavior.

5 more tips for new dachshund owners

3. Look Into A Dog Ramp

Dachshunds love to be in the middle of all the action, so if you’re somewhere, they want to be there too. Couches and beds are never safe when there’s a doxie around. They’ll snuggle right up in bed or on the couch, digging into blankets and pillows until they have the perfect little nest. However, as we already covered in our first tips article, dachshunds can be prone to back problems that are only exacerbated when they jump incorrectly from tall heights. To prevent this, look into getting some DachRamp which can be purchased HERE(Use the code “SNAPCHAT” for 15% off storewide!) for your bed and couch.

4. Socialization is Key

Your sausage dog is a born and bred terror…at least to badgers, that is. However, without the right training, these little guys can become a terror to the rest of the neighborhood as well. They have little to no fear and will go after other people, kids, cats, bigger dogs, you name it. To decrease the likelihood of this behavior, start socializing your doxie asap. Take them out and about frequently, so they can meet strangers and friends alike and learn that not every new person is a bad guy.

Tips for new dachshund owners

5. Everything’s a Snack

At least in your doxie’s eyes. Without the right precautions, everything is fair game for a bit of chewing. This is most likely the case if you aren’t getting rid of all that energy in some way. Again, having plenty of chew toys and similar items around the house is a good way to divert their attention. However, you can also motivate them to stay away from table legs and shoes by using chew deterrent sprays or just spraying your doxie with a water bottle when you see them eyeing up your new pair of loafers.

Tips for new dachshund owners


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