3 Important Tips for Dachshund Owners

Ways to keep your dachshund healthy

Dachshund Diet

Can you imagine the toll it would take on your body if you ate fast food every meal, every day, for your entire life? With kibble, that’s what your dog is currently experiencing. Choosing foods that incorporate whole foods and superfoods helps give your dog’s diet a healthy boost while reducing its risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems.

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It’s also important to make sure you’re feeding your dog the appropriate number of calories. Your veterinarian is a great place to start in checking your dog’s weight and calculating the right number of calories they should be eating each day.  Another good place to get a rough guideline for how much they should be eating is the back (or side) of the dog food bag. Listed here are the feeding guidelines which tells you how many cups of food your dog needs for their weight. Make sure you use their ideal weight and not their current weight if they are obese.

Dachshund supplements

Dachshund Supplements

Adding supplements to your dachshund’s diet can help them live a healthy and active life, due to their common back and joint issues, giving your doxie a daily joint supplement may help to protect them from painful injuries.

Supplements that are well documented to support your Doxies health

1. Joint supplement – to protect their joints

2. Probiotic – for gut health and to aid with digestion

3. Omega 3 – for heart health, to lubricate the joints and keep a shiny coat

Please consult your veterinarian before introducing new supplements or foods to your Doxies diet. 

3 important tips for dachshund owners

Dachshund Back protection

Dachshunds have a predisposition to developing IVDD in part, because of their genetic makeup and because their bodies carry a disproportionate amount of weight on a small frame. IVDD is a common cause of back pain, weakness, and paralysis in dachshunds, and surgery can cost up to $10,000.

Routinely hopping on and off the furniture, in and out of a car, stresses the joints and bones of any dog, but due to a Dachshund’s long body and short legs, they are extremely prone to back issues caused by jumping.

A dachshund ramp can help to minimize the stress of these jumps place on your dachshund’s joints as months and years of this jumping up and down put enormous stress on your Dachshunds back and joints, risking injuries and arthritis. A dog ramp will protect your Doxies joints by reducing the number of times he jumps each day.

3 important tips for dachshund owners

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