8 Reasons Dog Parents Are Switching To Natural Vitality Dog Food

8 reasons dog parents are switching to natural vitality dog food

  • Made with high-quality proteins packed full of probiotics
  • Nutritionist designed and vet approved
  • 100% money-back 90-day guarantee

Probiotics For Your Pup

When we set out to make dog food, we didn’t want to just make it incredibly delicious and healthy. We also packed it full of probiotics to help keep your canine feeling its best. Maintaining balanced gut health is equally necessary for our dogs as it is for us. When they eat Natural Vitality™ Dog Food your pups will not only enjoy their meals, but they will feel good, too!


Anti-Inflammatory Properties In Every Bite

The proprietary formula of Natural Vitality™ Dog Food supports your dog’s joints and muscles at any age. This mixture of ingredients will help keep your dog running around for many years.

Our kibble is crafted for peak performance and made with salmon oil and turmeric. Both contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties for the best mobility at any age.


Weight Management Is Key

Countless studies show that dogs fed high-quality diets maintain healthier weights and are prone to longer lifespans. When you protect their long bodies, you are protecting their entire life. And who can argue with more time with man’s best friend? That is why Natural Vitality™ Food is designed to keep your dog full and satisfied while also ensuring they maintain a perfect weight.


The Best Ingredients For Your Best Friend

At Alpha Paw, our top priority is your dog’s health and happiness. That means our kibble formula is free of ingredients that are harmful to your dog. These include corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or colors, and meat-by-product meals.

Chicken and sweet potato are the top ingredients with natural carbohydrates like sweet potato, millet, and barley for increased energy.


Veterinarian Approved

Natural Vitality™ Dog Food comes with our veterinarian stamp of approval. Many studies show that dogs fed high-quality diets maintain healthier weights and lead more active lifestyles. In some cases, they can live up to two and a half years longer – more time with your favorite furry friend.


Picky Eaters Crave It

“I can’t tell you how many different brands we have tried. They would eat them once then stick their Moses up at it the next time. Not with this food. They even ask for it.”

“My dog Beau is a very picky eater and I have tried a lot of different foods. The Natural Vitality was a big hit and he is cleaning his bowl each evening. Finally a success story. Thank you!”

Pet parents with the pickiest pups are leaving rave reviews non-stop. With reviews like that, who can resist trying our kibble? Not these hungry canines. Join the pack and your dog will beg for some more!


Optimized For All Ages

We all know how hard it is to keep track of the best food for your dog’s age. For that reason, our kibble is the ideal diet for dogs of all ages. Whether you are welcoming a puppy into your home or are seeking something new for your senior, this kibble will always be the perfect fit.


Keep The Kibble Coming

Alpha Paw offers flexible dog food subscriptions so that your dog never has to worry about missing a meal. You set the bag size and delivery intervals, then let us take care of the rest. Subscription plans are easy to change, pause or cancel at any time for any reason – just don’t tell your dog.

Make the switch for your fur baby today. They’ll thank you for it tomorrow (or in up to 5 business days because you know, shipping)

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