How A Ramp Saved 49,270 Dog's Lives

How a small start-up created one product that could save your dog from a lifetime of suffering.

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Who Are They?

Hi, we are Alpha Paw. If there is one thing people know about us, it's our belief that pets are family - and that means they deserve the best.

As a team of passionate pet lovers, our goal is to solve the problems you, as a pet owner, experience everyday.

That is why we strive to put every ounce of care, attention to detail, and love into each product we design. 

Over a year ago, a customer needed a product for her puppy that was suffering. That led us to create the one product that has protected of nearly 50,000 pets around the world.

Alpha Paw Team

The Story That Changed Alpha Paw

In February of 2018, Cheryl - our customer - called us. She explained how everything was perfectly fine with her dog. She would jump onto the couch, the bed, and was an extremely energetic pup! 

Cheryl continued explaining how much she loved snuggling up with her pup during the day and at night. Everything was perfect until one day...

Her dog injured herself jumping off the couch... making her dog unable to walk. Forever needing a wheelchair.

A perfectly healthy pup getting an injury made no sense! How is it possible? Dogs are some of the most agile creatures!

That's when we put our heads together to find a solution so that no one has to experience the same painstaking experience Cheryl and her dog felt.

Cheryl holding small dog

Intervertebral Disk Disease

We learned that tens of thousands of other pet owners experience the same painful reality Cheryl and her dog experienced. 

The number one reason this happens is due to a disease in dogs called Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD).

Long story short, according to the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation:

"Intervertebral disk disease is the degeneration and protrusion of the intervertebral disk that results in compression of the spinal cord, spinal nerve, and/or nerve root. It is a common cause of spinal cord disease in dogs.

The intervertebral discs (the cushion that resides in the space between adjacent spinal vertebrae) are subject to a number of degenerative conditions and forces that predispose them to bulge or rupture over time.

This rupture leads to two types of damage to the spinal cord - compression and concussion."

X-ray of dog with IVDD
wiener dog with lil back bracer suffering from IVDD

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) unfortunately affects dogs all over the world, and most of the time, dog parents aren't even aware of this disease until AFTER their fur baby is diagnosed.

Because so many dog owners are unaware of IVDD, we want to raise awareness by sharing REAL stories from REAL dog parents. We hope that spreading the word will encourage dog parents to take the preventative measures necessary to protect their pups.

Catching it early and knowing the symptoms can prevent the disease from worsening, potentially leading to paralysis or worse - death.

The Warning Signs of IVDD

According to the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, there are a few warning signs to look out for.

When symptoms of IVDD are first noticed, it's crucial to consult your vet.

● Neck and/or back pain and stiffness (reluctance to move the neck and head)
● Lowered head stance
● Abdominal tenderness or tenseness
● Arched back (hunched posture, called “thoracolumbar kyphosis”)
● Sensitivity to touch (possible aggression)
● Weakness, stiffness, and/or sensitivity to movement (yelping unexpectedly)
● Impaired, incomplete or inappropriate urination
● Lameness and/or paralysis in one or more limbs
● Dragging one or more legs when walking
● “Toeing over” or “knuckling over” when walking or standing
● Stilted gait; tentative gait
● Reluctance to rise and/or collapse
● Tremors, trembling, shaking
● Lack of coordination (“ataxia”)
●Abnormal reflexes

If you notice any of the above signs, immediately call your vet to proactively protect your pup.

Sick Small Dog at the vet
Group of Small Dogs Susceptible to IVDD

IVDD affects approximately 1 in 4 Dachshunds in their lifetime, and other breeds that are predisposed include:

● Dachshund
● Beagle
● Shih Tzu
● Lhasa Apso
● Pekingese
● Corgis
● Cocker Spaniel
● Pekingese
● Shih-Tzu
● Poodle
● German Shepherd
● Labrador Retriever
● Doberman Pinscher
● and more...

The dog most likely to suffer from IVDD are dogs suffering from obesity.   

IVDD Stories from Customers

The Story of Lola

IVDD Testimonial submitted by: @lola_doxie on Instagram

"Lola is currently recovering from IVDD. She suffered from paralysis for 2 months.

She was dependent on me for the simple things as standing up to use the restroom or even sitting up to eat. It was very sad to see her this way day after day.

About a month into being paralyzed she slowly started getting feeling in her paws then she would would be able to sit up for a few seconds if I put her in position.

Miraculously day by day she would gain a little mobility back. She is now able to walk on her own, still struggles to run, but is getting better at it every day. We don't know exactly what caused IVDD but I am taking all precautions and changing simple things in her day to day life, starting with investing in a ramp."

lola the dachsund in a wheelchair suffering from ivdd

Saved My Dog's Dignity

Tag has a ramp on the back porch and a dog door. Your doggie ramp saves him the humility of lifting him onto the bed and down in the morning. He is 12 years old and a retired agility champion. Now he races up the ramp onto a chair and from there to bed. What freedom for him and no heavy lifting for me. We both love it!

- Beverly T.

Beverly T. Pawramp Review

The Story of Phoebe

IVDD Testimonial submitted by: @samjanower on Instagram

"Phoebe was 5 when she developed IVDD.

It came on quickly, she likely hurt herself when no one was home. Her condition quickly deteriorated even under rest, so my parents and I drove her 8 hours to have the surgery.

By that point she had lost all motor control in her back legs. I used most of the money I earned that summer as a uni student to cover a portion of the surgery. The staff at the university of Saskatchewan were great through the stressful time. She was kennel bound for 4 months. It was terrible. She was scared. I was scared. My parents were scared.

Her motor function improved slowly over time. Learning to walk again was the biggest hurdle. She eventually made a full recovery. She will be 9 years old in April."

Phoebe suffering from ivdd

The Story of Amy

IVDD Testimonial submitted by: @atothelynnie on Instagram

"We’ve been through it all. Crate rest, finding the right pain killers, what happens when you don’t, changing lifestyles, puppy proofing the house, developing crazy upper body strength, surgery, insurance, and complete desperation and overwhelming sadness.

No pet parent should have to go through this alone, and no pet parent should discover IVDD in a google search when they’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with their fur baby. Thank you for all that you do to make sure that doesn’t happen, I’m so happy we found Alpha Paw."

Golden with IVDD

How Can We Help?

While IVDD is a degenerative process, sudden trauma can cause a rupture or herniation of an intervertebral disk in a dog whose disks already are weakened by IVDD.

Working closely with our product development team and a group of local veterinarians - we were able to come to the following conclusion:

Jumping on and off furniture is one way sudden trauma can occur. Whether it be from a bad jump or fall, or the impact from jumping over a long period of time, preventing this everyday action can be a simple and effective way to prevent a sudden rupture or herniation

After expending all of our resources to find a solution, and what seemed to be years of development - we found an answer.

Exactly What We Hoped For

We have a 4 year old French bulldog that loves to launch himself off our couch - we can usually catch him before take off, but sometimes he’s able to slip through our grasp.

After a few days of using the ramp, it’s the only way he’s gone up or down ever since. Very happy!

- Taylor P.

Taylor P. PawRamp Review

The Invention of The PawRamp

The PawRamp prevents your puppy from experiencing the sudden trauma associated with jumping on and off your bed or couch!  

The PawRamp was vigorously tested to be safe for your pup by veterinarians around the United States.

After several iterations, we created the #1 Vet-recommended Dog Ramp that comes with 4 adjustable heights for your bed or couch, folds flat for easy storage, and comes to you fully assembled. 

Protect Your Pup Now
Dr. Ross Bernstein with Yorkies on PawRamp

#1 Vet-Recommended Ramp

Our goal was more than a ramp - it was making the best ramp in the world for our customers. A ramp that allows your dog to live a comfortable life without the risk of triggering IVDD. 

The key to building the perfect ramp required the professionalism, insight, and experience from a team of veterinarians.

We asked Dr. Ross Bernstein, DVM (@vet_rozay)  about the use of ramps for pets, and he answered "having ramps around your home can help prevent most serious injuries [due to jumping]."

4 Adjustable Heights

What would a ramp be without mobility? We found pet lovers around the world all have different heights, types, and sizes of beds and couches.

With four adjustable heights at 12, 16, 20, and 24 inches, our ramp can completely customize its height to your furniture. 

Not only will it adjust, but it has been weight tested to hold up to 80lbs! This allows a majority of small and medium dog to curl up beside you during the day and at night.

Your pup can now snuggle up with you anytime of the day! 

Adjustable Heights for PawRamp
Yorkie on PawRamp

No Slip Grip

One of the the key factors during development was finding a material that prevented dogs from slipping on and off the ramp.

While jumping on and off the bed or couch is dangerous, so is the risk of your dog slipping off the ramp.

Unlike other ramp and stair materials, The PawRamp's unique carpeting provides pawesome traction when walking on the ramp. Even at the steepest angle, your pup has the traction to defeat gravity!

Our Guarantee

The PawRamp is the best dog ramp - paws down! With nearly 50,000 backs protected, we stand with the quality of our product.

That's why with every PawRamp purchase, you get FREE US Shipping as well as a 30-day money back guarantee!

No questions asked!

If you feel it's not worth protecting your pup's back, we will send you your money back!

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two beagles on pawramp for couch


Love this ramp. After getting back surgery last year this is the only way my dog has been able to get on and off the couch by himself. Might buy another one for the bedroom :)

- Annie G.

Annie G PawRamp Review
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The PawRamp

2028 reviews
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365 Day guaranteeThe PawRamp helps your dog, safely up and down furniture, helping to prevent jumping injuries. 

PawRamp Full (Bed/Couch)
4 Heights at 12, 16, 20 & 24 inches
40 inches L x 16 inches W 
Weight tested to hold 80lb

PawRamp Lite (Couch)
2 Heights at 12 & 16 inches
32.5 inches L x 14 inches W 
Weight tested to hold 70lb

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