North Korean pet parents are being forced to surrender their beloved pet dogs -- so they can be used as meat.

In the latest directive to come from Kim Jong Un’s ruthless regime, a ban has been placed on pet ownership in North Korea. Pet dogs are being forcibly removed from homes and separated from owners in the nation’s capital city of Pyongyang as we speak. Given North Korea’s propensity for eating dog meat – and the fact that the country is enduring a food shortage crisis that’s affecting up to 60% of the population – dog lovers around the world fear the worst: that these pet dogs are being sold to restaurants for their meat. 

 North Korean pet parents are being forced to surrender their beloved pet dogs -- for their meat. Sign our petition to take a stand against this injustice and keep dogs off dinner tables. 

Despite the deeply disturbing nature of the order, public protests and uprisings are quickly suppressed with abominable cruelty under Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship. That means it’s up to us to band together and protect Korean dogs from suffering at the hands of the dog meat trade once and for all. Together, we can make a real difference in the race to stop animal cruelty.

That’s why online pet store Alpha Paw is launching Operation: Bring Fido Home

Sign this petition to help us put an end to the Korean dog meat trade and protect pups from being eaten.

Operation: #BringFidoHome
Our pet dogs belong at home -- not on dinner tables.
Sign this petition to join our cause and #BringFidoHome

 The pandemic. The protests. The Presidential election. Now this?
(We know – we were praying this would be #FakeNews, too.)


We regret to inform you that 2020 is not over yet.

It’s safe to say that this year has been one for the books, in the worst possible way. Between the daily doses of coronavirus caution, the unspeakable events that sparked Black Lives Matter protests nationwide, and the hateful rhetoric and political fearmongering surrounding the upcoming presidential election, 2020 has been marred by a flurry of horrific headlines from around the world. 

Unfortunately, the nightmare that is 2020 is far from over.

In the latest shocking and sickening story to dominate the news cycle, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has issued a terrifying new mandate that’s sending chills down the spines of every dog lover and pet parent across the globe.

What’s going on?

According to South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, North Korean authorities are forcibly confiscating pet dogs in the capital city of Pyongyang. The dogs are reportedly being put down, sent to state-run zoos or – deep breath – sold to restaurants for their meat.  

Given North Korea’s propensity for eating dog meat – and the fact that the country is enduring a food shortage crisis that’s affecting up to 60% of the population – this isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds.

This isn’t the first atrocious act to come from the nation’s barbaric ruler -- North Korea has a long history of ethically questionable edicts, atrocious acts, merciless mandates & ruthless regulations. The supreme leader doesn’t hold back when it comes to man’s best friend, either. In a recent example from 2018, North Korea’s brutal regime demanded dog pelts from its citizens to be used as jackets, as part of a bizarre annual tribute. But North Korea’s negative views on pet ownership trace back long before that terrifying tribute.

Why so much hate for harmless hounds?

The chilling new ordinance reportedly stems from rising civil unrest due to the combined stress of rampant economic inequality, the food shortage crisis, and the coronavirus pandemic.

In North Korean culture, dogs are seen as symbols of Western decadence, capitalist extravagance, and bourgeois ideology. Pet ownership is reserved for the elite who can afford such a luxury, and dogs are a status symbol and a signal of wealth. By rounding up the pet dogs of the elite and selling them to restaurants with dog meat on the menu, this merciless move solves two of Kim Jong Un’s biggest problems: civil unrest and the food shortage crisis.

What Kim Jong Un didn’t account for is the brand-new problem this would create: the outrage of pet parents around the globe.

Despite the deeply disturbing nature of the order, protests and uprisings are quickly suppressed with abominable cruelty under Kim Jong Un’s regime. That means it’s up to us to put an end to the barbaric dog meat trade in Korea.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We’re taking action. We’re sticking to our promise to help dogs in need by shutting down Korean dog meat farms once and for all.

We know we’re not alone in wanting to fight this -- that’s why we’re bringing the dog lovers and pet parents of the world together to sign this petition and help us protect Korean dogs from being slaughtered for meat. Our collective voice is too loud to ignore! 

We’re presenting this petition to representatives in both the U.S. and North Korea, urging them to end the animal cruelty taking place in North Korea as we speak. 

We’re also matching petitions with donations to nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping dogs who continue to suffer at the hands of the dog meat trade in Korea. 

For every 10,000 signatures we receive, we’ll donate $1,000* to help Korean dogs in need . Add your signature to our petition today to join our cause

How you can help save North Korean Dogs

Your signature can make a difference.

If you agree that North Korea needs to be held accountable for these atrocious acts, sign our petition below demanding that Stephen E. Biegun takes action and stops this blatant animal cruelty.

Why we’re doing this

We’re doing something about it, because that’s just who we are. At Alpha Paw, we don’t just talk the talk. Grab your leash -- we’re walking the walk.

Our mission is to help dogs around the world live happier & healthier lives -- that’s the reason we’re here, that’s why we come to work every day, and that’s the driving force behind everything we do. 

Our vision is to create a better, safer world for pups. 

And our purpose? To help dogs in need. 

These are words we live by, principles we stand for, and values we truly believe in. They permeate every level of our organization. So when we’re faced with such a blatant disregard for animal welfare, we see it as a direct contradiction to our mission, and we can’t help but take it personally. If we didn’t fight for this, we wouldn’t be The Alpha Paw Pack -- the group we’re proud to be a member of.

The Alpha Paw Pack is a mix of veterinary practitioners, applied animal behaviorists, certified pet care experts, and passionate pet parents, just like you.

Together with our growing audience of dog lovers, we can move mountains.

More ways to help dogs in need

Read more about the dog meat trade in South Korea including the closing of a notorious market, dogs rescued from South Korea, how these rescue dogs found families in California and an investigation inside the dog meat trade. 

Consider sponsoring a stranded dog meat survivor.

Do you know of more ways to help Korean dogs in need? Thoughts on how we can make this movement even more impactful? Just really diggin’ this cause and want to share your support? Drop us a line!

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