Watch Now: A Brave Dog Defends His Home Against A Surprised Bear

Watch a brave dog defends his home against a surprised bear

A Grizzly Encounter

Okay, so maybe they were black bears, but the encounter was nothing short of incredible. A TikTok video posted by @hernameisphiladelphia documenting a dog scaring off the bears has gone viral. It has had over 4 million views and near 1 million likes on the original post.

Birdie’s (@hernameisphiladelphia) video of the encounter begins with one of the small bears climbing onto the second-floor patio. At that point, Birdie begins calling out that there is more than one bear present.

“Guys, a whole a** dog lives there, you’re gonna get in trouble!” Birdie says in the video. “You’re gonna fall and get hurt.”

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It comes as no surprise that the bear seems clueless to her warnings. It continues to climb up the side of the house, then onto the patio fencing ledge. With the bear still not aware of its precarious reality, it stands on all fours to check out the outdoor table and chairs.

Watch a brave dog defends his home against a surprised bear

Bear Of A Situation

As the scene unfolds, Birdie begins to verbally contemplate the chances that the dog’s owner would risk allowing their dog to join the bear on the porch.

“Well there’s no way you’re gonna miss him,” she says, “It’s not like they’re accidentally gonna let their dog out.”

Birdie no sooner mentions the potential risk when the dog suddenly appears on the porch as she fears. Unaware of the potential danger, the dog corners the cowering bear with its ferocious barking. The unrelenting dog proceeds to scare the bear to the point of urinating out of fear. Once again, Birdie is amazed.

“Oh s**t!” she exclaims. “Oh, s**t!”

As the video comes to an end, the bear stuck above continues to attempt to escape the dog; a second bear runs away on the ground below.

Watch a brave dog defends his home against a surprised bear

The Great Escape

A day after the original clip went viral, Birdie posted additional footage of the encounter. This time, we got the resolution we have been hoping to see.

The cornered bear can make his escape and slide down a corner beam. Once he reaches the ground, he takes off to the area of the other bears on the property. Birdie is as relieved as the rest of us.

“Aw, I felt so bad for that bear,” Birdie laments. “He peed!”

“Look, mommy’s checking on him,” she adds as the smaller bear approaches a larger adult bear.

As for the dog that saved the day, it seems as though it knew what was happening before its owner ever did. The dog’s owner is off-screen when you can hear her speaking to Birdie. She was curious if the bears had made it onto her property. Little did she know.

“You have no idea how close you came,” Birdie explained.

Birdie has a tale to tell, and the dog has a tail to wag for a job well done.

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