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The Story Behind National Rescue Dog Day

The story behind national rescue dog day

National Rescue Dog Day is on May 20th! It’s a yearly holiday to spotlight all the dogs who need our help. The heart-tugging holiday was the brainchild of Lisa Wiehebrink, an author with books including “Tails That Teach” and “Love Me Gently.” She came up with the special day when she rescued her dog Cooper in 2009.

The story behind national rescue dog day

Rescue Dogs Need Our Help

Wiehebrink aims to bring more understanding about our relationship with dogs. She works mostly with children and believes their actions as adults will be filled with the virtues they are learning while they are young. The number of stray dogs and those at shelters is a constant concern for pet parents, and Wiehebrink wanted to showcase the dire situation facing our furry best friends.

According to the SPCA, more than three million dogs end up at shelters each year. Sadly, the trend is not slowing down, and these dogs need forever homes. When Cooper came into Wiehebrink’s life, she knew something had to be done. With the National Rescue Dog Day, she hopes the attention will result in more adoptions and rescues.

Here’s How You Can Help

There are many ways to help including visiting your local SPCA and making a donation. Another way to help is by purchasing our wonderful paw ramp.  For EVERY Ramp sold, Alpha Paw will donate 10 pounds of dog food to a shelter dog in need through our partnership with The Greater Good’s Rescue Bank Program. Rescue Bank is a beacon of hope for dogs in need. It’s a  notable program for Greater Good Charities which grants donated pet food and supplies to smaller pet organizations that could really use help.

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If you don’t need a ramp, another way you can help is by purchasing a delicious bag of Victor’s Cookies. For every bag of treats sold, Alpha Paw donates a meal for a shelter dog in need. It’s a win-win situation for your furry family member and the shelter dog!

Of course, if you have room in your house and in your heart, you can give a dog in need a forever home. That would be the best gift any shelter dog could get on National Rescue Dog Day. Have you had rescue dogs in your life? Share your thoughts and leave a comment.

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