Reduce Anxiety In Dogs with Alpha Paw Calming Chews!

Reduce anxiety in dogs with alpha paw calming chews!

Is Anxiety In Dogs Real?

Anxiety in dogs is real. And, the summer season can increase these levels in our four-legged family members. Children are done with school, there’s more time for play, travel, and bonding moments with our pets.

Additionally, with holidays such as Father’s Day right around the corner, followed shortly by the Fourth of July, many people will be enjoying their first social gatherings in over a year.

If your furry friends are joining the party or hanging out at home, it’s important to keep them comfortable, relaxed, and happy. For the most laid-back dogs, experiencing social events may be overwhelming, even if they were once considered normal.

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Signs of Anxiety In Dogs

Dog stress can surface in many ways, and most dogs will experience some form of stress in their lives. Most recently, anxiety in dogs spiked when owners were heading back to the office after spending close to a year working from home.

There are several signs your pet may be stressed. For example, they may show an inability to settle down and relax. Other behaviors may include excessive scratching, chewing, and barking. It is not uncommon for anxious pups to display these behaviors even if they refrain under normal circumstances.

Use Calming Chews: The Natural Way To Relieve Stress In Dogs

One of the best ways to keep your furry family member calm during stressful situations is giving them Alpha Paw Calming Chews. Made with all-natural ingredients, these pawfectly delicious dog chews are a safe and healthy to reduce stress. It’s definitely something to raise your mutts about!

It’s no secret why pet owners and their dogs love our chews. Made with simple ingredients used by many human cultures for hundreds of years, they are tested by time and experience. Here’s a quick list of all the ingredients!

Reduce dog anxiety and stress with alpha paw calming chews!


Chamomile is a mild soothing herb that can be used by humans and canines alike. It helps to reduce anxiety and ease stress by lowering blood pressure and helping relax their muscles. The eye-catching flower has been used for thousands of years by cultures from around the world as teas and remedies for a range of health issues.

Reduce dog anxiety and stress with alpha paw calming chews!

Kava Kava Root

Kava Kava root is an enigmatic plant that is sought after for its magical effects on humans. In pets, the root is used to reduce anxiety in dogs.  It’s used in veterinary medicine to relieve anxiety-based behavior in dogs and allows them to relax the tension and soothe their nerves without impairing their mental state in any way.

Organic hemp powder

Organic Hemp Powder

The addition of organic hemp powder to the calming chews comes with various benefits. It is a source of protein that also provides all 20 amino acids that canines require. Organic hemp powder is high in fiber, easy to digest, and includes calming properties. All health benefits that are good for any pooch – anxiety or not.

Reduce dog anxiety and stress with alpha paw calming chews!

Valerian Root

Valerian root is another herbal root known for its potent anti-anxiety properties in both humans and canines. It is used as a sleep aid supplement, as well as a treatment for hyperactivity.

Alpha Paw Calming Chews are great for home and travel. Consider including the calming diffuser, the cozy calming blanket, and the car ramp to make your pet as comfortable as can be while reducing the stress level to as low as it can go! Share your thoughts, what Alpha Paw products do you like most? How do you reduce stress in your dog?