August 5 Is Work Like a Dog Day 2021

August 5 is work like a dog day

Every Dog Has Its Day – And So Do You!

We all know the sayings, “Dog Tired,” “It’s A Dog Eat Dog World, ”Work Like A Dog,” and so many more. Our worlds revolve around our canines and their never-ending inspiration for our silly idioms. However, their worlds are not the only thing our lives often revolve around.

Our professional lives and careers are another aspect of our lives that receive endless dedication and commitment. That is why August 5 is officially known as Work Like A Dog Day. While the true origin of the day is unknown, it is generally accepted to be inspired by the hard-working dogs in our society.

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Service dogs, police canines, and various other working dogs are the true definition of a strong work ethic. Work Like A Dog Day is a chance to take a step back and appreciate not only what they provide us but the hard work we also invest into our careers.

August 5 is work like a dog day

Like A Dog With Two Tails

Just like the wagging power of a dog with two tails, take today as a chance to push yourself to accomplish more than usual. If you already think you work like a dog, challenge yourself to work even more. Sometimes we do not see our true potential until we try harder than we believe we can.

August 5 is work like a dog day

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Maybe working harder than you already work does not sound like something you want to do. That is okay too! Today is the perfect chance to catch up on well-deserved rest and get some sleep in.  Now is your opportunity to relax the day away.

August 5 is work like a dog day

Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

That may be true of old dogs – even if we do not think so. However, it is categorically not true about humans. If you are not feeling like putting in extra work, but you do not want to take a nap, consider trying something new. Perhaps taking up a new hobby you have wanted to try or a new restaurant you have wanted to taste. Take a chance on something new today.

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See A Man About A Dog

Or you can visit a hard worker in your life with a token of gratitude. If you are looking for a simple gift, consider getting them a gift card for their favorite coffee stand or a nearby restaurant. Both are ideal options to help get them through the long days at the office.

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