Is Your Wiener Too Big?

By far the most distinctive trait of the dachshund is their long bodies that are carried low to the ground. Normally an elongated sausage is the least of your concerns; however, any extra weight carried puts undue strain on their already fragile backs. Unfortunately, obesity is the most common health problem among dachshunds. Knowing this, achieving and maintaining your hound’s ideal weight is critical to ensuring you help them minimize the risk of them developing back related illnesses in the future.

Wiener Size Chart Guide

One great way to know if your dachie needs to lay off the Christmas pudding this year is to compare their current figure to our sizing chart. Please note that this chart is intended to act as a guide only.

Wiener size chart

Based on the breed standard, a miniature dachshund should be aiming for an ideal weight of between 4.5-5 kg (10-11 lbs) and a standard a weight of 9-12 kg (20-26 lbs). It is important to note that this ‘ideal’ weight is by no means a target weight, as every sausage is different and that they may require a different ‘ideal’ weight to accommodate their frame.

Check out the video below about the journey of Obie the obese wiener dog. If your doxie is anywhere near the size of Obie then they definitely need a more strict exercise and food plan!

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