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Taylor A Ritz Though the grooming needs of individual dogs depend a lot on their breed and coat type, all dogs can benefit from a periodic visit to a groomer. Dog grooming can help your dog maintain... Read More
22 JAN
If There’s One Thing We Want With Our Dog, It Is That They Stay Immaculately Clean. Unfortunately, they are not like cats. Their feline counterpart is known pretty well to be effective in... Read More
05 JUN
You Might Remember The Last Time You Gave Your Cat A Bath Due To The Traumatic Fight And Struggle You Endured.A lot of cats hate water so much that the old expression was made: cats and water... Read More
18 MAR
You have seen it in the park. You have seen it in the mall. You most likely have seen it on social media – dogs whose hair has been colored and nails that have been painted. You may have liked... Read More
27 JAN
Don’t you wish your dog had a shinier and healthier fur? I’m sure every pet lover would love to have that. However, getting that beautiful and glorious fur does not come easy. Sometimes, it is... Read More
24 JAN
There’s no doubt: your dog’s hair, fur, or coat is a great indication of how healthy and beautiful your pooch will be. That’s why, as a pet lover, you want your dachshund to have beautiful... Read More
22 JAN
Dog grooming is among the best ways for us to keep our pooch fresh, happy, and most importantly, healthy. While we may be grooming our dogs with the best intentions, you might be doing more harm... Read More
13 JAN
As a loving pet owner, you probably have looked at your cat and thought whether he needs a bath or not. After all, cats are known to be fairly clean animals. They can lick themselves. Their tongue... Read More
11 DEC
Doxies are known to be adventurous and energetic. So, it should not come as a surprise when your dachshund comes home dirty. With this in mind, grooming is no doubt an essential part of taking care... Read More
04 DEC
We all know that cat grooming is an important aspect of taking care of our fur babies. However, you might unknowingly be doing more harm than good. Today, we'll be talking about the grooming... Read More
04 DEC
As much as we want our four-legged friend to be immaculately clean all the time, there’s no denying that they get dirty as long as they live. Thus, grooming is among the most important aspects of... Read More
25 NOV
Cats are notoriously known to hate water. Thus, it is not surprising if pet owners would struggle in giving them a bath. However, with the right tips and tricks, you should be able to give... Read More
11 NOV

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