Need A Delivery Man? Get A Doxie!

Need a delivery man? Get a doxie!

What Would You Say If I Told You That Your Little Dachshund Could Be Your Own Personal Delivery Man?

We all have those lazy moments where we feel like doing absolutely nothing, whether we’re hungry, need to use the bathroom, or flat out bored, we don’t want to move off the couch. It happens to all of us.

Well, getting or having a doxie could fix at least one of the side effects that come from not wanting to do anything, the hungry part, and let’s be honest, that’s the most important part. A full belly means a happy mommy and doxie. 

Need A Delivery Man? Get A Doxie!

Toronto Doxie, Oliver Dean Filmed Delivering McDonald’s 

Recently a little doxie named Oliver Dean blew up on Instagram after his mommy posted a video of him carrying a McDonald’s bag. 

No one could believe what they were seeing and it quickly grabbed everyone’s attention. It’s not everyday you see a little doxie carrying a bag that’s almost as big as him.

Oliver is known to carry everything and anything in his mouth around, so a takeout bag shouldn’t really be a surprise! 

Need a delivery man? Get a doxie!

The Best Part Is, He Doesn’t Even Steal Your Food!

If I was carrying a McDonald’s bag I’d be very tempted to steal a few fries here and there, well with little Oliver Dean as your delivery man you don’t have to worry about that! 

The question is how he was able to learn how to carry a takeout bag like that. I blame it on him being such a good boy, but I’m sure they are other factors. I came up with a few ideas of how you can train your pooch to do that too, no guarantee it’ll work , but it’s worth giving it a shot.

  • Start with a toy and use a treat to lead them around
  • Once they get used to keeping the toy in their mouth, stop using a treat to lead them
  • Slowly incorporate small bags instead of a toy
  • Finally introduce the takeout bag, make sure it’s not too heavy
  • Be warned! Depending on the dog, they might be tempted to eat your food!

Be sure to let me know if it worked!

Story and Photo Credit to: Jessica Reanne, Oliver’s mom! INSTA: @stinson2802