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Dogs are cute, cuddly, and man’s best friend, To help you celebrate them even more, we’ve rounded up the vert best collection of the 28 funniest Dog Memes for every dog. These funny pets... Read More
30 SEP
Are you living an active lifestyle and looking for a dog breed that could keep up with you? Perhaps, you love to run and you want a dog who can be your running buddy? Or maybe, you simply just want... Read More
09 SEP
It’s such an exciting thing to welcome a new member to your family, mostly when it’s a little furball, but with that comes one of the biggest tasks, finding a name! Considering a name is... Read More
25 AUG
Dachshunds are quirky short dogs with rambunctious personalities and a fascinating history. You might know Dachshund as “sausage dogs”, as they resemble little sausages on foot, but they are so... Read More
10 JUL
How Do You Celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Cinco De Mayo is a holiday that most frequently involves stuffing your face with delicious Mexican food, and drinking it down with one too many Tequila... Read More
16 APR
What Would You Say If I Told You That Your Little Dachshund Could Be Your Own Personal Delivery Man? We all have those lazy moments where we feel like doing absolutely nothing, whether we’re... Read More
06 APR
Have You Seen Tiger King? It Seems Like Everyone Has! Recently Netflix released a new series called Tiger King that has everybody talking. The series explores the breeding world of big mammals and... Read More
03 APR
Unfortunately If You're A Human Chances Are You Have To Leave Your House At Some Point Or Another. Your dog accompanies you to the door as you leave. Then, when you get home, he enthusiastically... Read More
25 MAR
Yes, we all have heard of dogs doing great jobs in various fields. We have police dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, guard dogs, therapy dogs, and a lot more. However, do you know that cats are also... Read More
08 JAN
View the Dachshund costumes and watch the Sausage Dog Parade Video from December 31st 2019 in Key... Read More
02 JAN
Alright, alright – it seems like we have just started the year, but here we are.We are almost at the end of the year and you know what that means. The holidays are just around the corner. The... Read More
18 DEC
There are tens of known dog breeds in the world. Some are popular, some are not. However, sadly, there are also those dog breeds that are now extinct – breeds that we can only now see in... Read More
04 NOV

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