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VT Dog Rescue is a non-profit canine rescue focused on saving the Underdog. The sweet dogs who are passed over day after day simply because they are not perfect. Who is an underdog?- older dogs who are wise and love to snuggle- tri-pawed dogs who are happily enjoying life with 3 legs- shy dogs who need a little extra love to help them build confidence - dogs who may limp or have a physical limitation that humans see as a flaw, but they accept with dignity - dogs who are missing an eye and have adapted to navigate their world The Underdogs have, against all odds, retained their ability to be loyal and trusting companions who love us unconditionally. We believe the Underdogs, just like other shelter dogs, deserve to be rescued and placed in loving, responsible homes where they can shine.

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Shepherd | South Barre, VT

Age : 5 Years 5 MonthsAdultMaleMediumBlack Mouth Cur



affectionate cratetrained eagerToPlease eventempered fetches gentle doesWellInCar intelligent leashtrained playful playsToys swims

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Meet Pemi

Originally from the South, Pemi has lived in VT for almost 5 years. He weighs about 40 lbs. He is an active, athletic dog who needs exercise. He enjoys 5 mile runs and long hikes. Pemi is a practiced mountain bike and ski partner. He's a handsome dog and sweet tempered. A nice balance of energy - he cuddles, but also likes to play fast and hard. Pemi is an excellent adventure partner. He enjoys playing with other dogs, especially when both are off leash in a secure, fenced in area. Pemi enjoys riding in the car and does well on boats. His favorite is stand-up paddle boarding, where he can jump in and out of the water. He’s a great swimmer. Pemi is housebroken, crate trained and neutered. He is food motivated which makes training easier. He already knows several commands such as Sit - Lay Down - Come - Stay - Go to your bed. HIGHLIGHTS: - Great Adventure Partner - Housebroken - Crate trained - Rides well in the car - Does well on boats - Enjoys playing with other dogs - Great swimmer - Has been neutered - He has been taking heartworm prevention - In VT now and ready to meet! We do not provide DNA testing which is the only way to know with certainty which breeds are in his genetic background. Discount vouchers for training, grooming and similar dog related products and services are provided. * This is a courtesy post. We are assisting with Pemi’s placement. A rehoming fee applies and will be discussed with his current family. The family is available to answer questions about Pemi and are dedicated to finding him the right home. If you are interested in learning more, please use the Adoption Application button below to send us an application. You can also email us at [email protected] with questions.

Adoption Process
Application Adoption Agreement which includes requirement to return dog if adopter can no longer provide care Adoption fee $300 All dogs spayed/neutered, micro chipped, and up-to-date on vaccines. Home visits at the discretion of VT Dog Rescue.

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