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Arcadia Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of abused and abandoned animals. At Arcadia, animals are valued and the human-animal bond is celebrated. Our vision is a modern-day “Arcadia” or Utopia for all animals. While we know this is an ambitious goal, it is one we will tirelessly strive for. No animal should be euthanized to save space, because it is unwanted, or because of the inconvenience of care.

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Sally & Hank

Terrier | Orangeburg, SC

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Meet Sally & Hank

This bonded pair of (apx) 8 year olds has been through a *lot* before landing in their current foster home. Saved from an overcrowded southern shelter, we were told they’d already been there several times and then reclaimed. This last time however, no one ever came for them. And since pairs are so difficult to place, the shelter felt it necessary to separate them. So there they are in the scariest place a pet can find itself in and traumatized by being separated from their fursibling on top of it. Then, even more tragedy —- Sally was adopted out to a member of the public, effectively, crushing all hope of them being reunited. :,-( But then, finally a miracle happened for them! The folks who adopted Sally ended up returning her to the shelter because the 13-year-old wasn’t living up to their responsibilities for taking care of her. What an amazing blessing for both her and Hank! We didn’t waste a minute and got right to working on getting them out together before they could be separated again and then, thankfully, we were able to find a foster family for them. Here’s what their foster mom has to say about this very special pair: “Sally is a smart girl who does not let her past define her. She sits and shakes with both paws, always happy to do anything to please. She is such a gentle sweet soul. She seems to say ‘Thank you for rescuing me’ and is one of the most appreciative dogs we have ever known - an absolute velcro dog who just wants her own person or family to love her like she has always deserved. She has tons of life left and love to give. She is about 50 lbs and a bundle of joy. She loves to spend time with the 2 young children in her foster family, aged 1 and 3. Also very gentle with every creature on our farm including dogs, cats, chickens and horses. She is kind to everyone she meets, walks well on the leash, and travels well in the car. Hank loves to spend his days sleeping on the couch under his favorite blanket or laying outside in the sun on a warm day. He also has tons of life left and love to give. He, too, is apx 50 lbs and also a bundle of joy. He is just as gentle as wonderful with the kids as Sally. He is low maintenance: potty trained, little to no shedding, agreeable, playful, and has a great disposition. He rides well in cars, is easy to have out in public, loves to snuggle on the couch, and more. He too is very gentle with every creature on our farm. He has a playful side with bursts of energy. One important thing to note - Hank has a condition called spondylosis (a non-inflammatory condition in the vertebral bodies of the spine) which is completely maintained with a once-daily pill given in his food to relieve any fluctuating discomfort. We are also helping to minimize any pain and help him enjoy the best quality of life through use of things like a heating pad. Basically, this is just like so many of us humans that suffer from a bad back that acts up when we aggravate it. All in all, despite what they have been through, Sally and Hank are two amazing dogs that any family would be blessed to have!” Now, this special pair is patiently waiting for a family to take them on their next - and hopefully final - stop on their journey that will show them what a *forever* home is with all the love and value that they deserve! If their story has touched your heart as it has ours, and you think they might be the perfect fit and exactly what is missing from your home, please contact us today to arrange a meet and greet with these amazing dogs! Thank you for caring about these wonderful pets in need!

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