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We are a south carolina nonprofit organization made up of volunteers working hard every day to save and help as many homeless dogs in the south. We do not have a shelter facility. We are 100% foster based.We can't help as many as we do without help from our followers and the public.Please consider donating towards our lucky pups today. Thank you!

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Terrier | Oconee County, SC

Age : 2 Years 1 MonthFemale


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Meet Zuri

Meet Zuri!  Say hello to the sweet, calm, and beautifully soulful Zuri. She was rescued from an extremely bad hoarding case. Poor Zuri lived her whole life in piles of trash. Never handled by humans. Because of this, Zuri is terrified of the world. She is ultra special and needs a dog experienced home. Zuri is terrified of new and big things. She’s come a long way in overcoming her fears, maybe you can help her overcome more!? Even though humans have done her so much harm in the past, she is not reactive. Only timid and loving. She is cautious and needs humans to go slow when approaching her. Zuri’s natural personality is calm, timid, and low energy. She does enjoy a good walk in a calm neighborhood or a quiet trail. Zuri perks her ears up when she gets comfortable and slowly untucks her tail then breaks out into a tail wag. She has big brown eyes that look deep into your soul. She never barks or whines. She moves calmly and slowly around the house. She learns routine quickly. Zuri loves a comfy dog bed. She doesn’t mind sharing space with cats or dogs her size or smaller. Zuri loves going outside into the fenced yard. She rolls around in the grass and occasionally takes off running laps. She loves following her humans around. She greets you excitedly at the door. She is house trained and crate trained. She has great manors and is such a good dog. Zuri doesn’t enjoy being approached for pets or cuddles (this may change with time). She shows her affections in other ways like giving your toes kisses while you clean the dishes and being your shadow. Zuri has come a long way and will continue to change and flourish more with training and time. She just needs an experienced adopter to teach her that the world isn’t all scary, that she is going to always be safe now. She is worth every minute of patience. You’ll fall in love with her sweet soul instantly!     She is spayed, microchipped, dewormed, and current with all vaccines (as appropriate for her age) and on flea and heartworm prevention. Zuri is currently being fostered in South Carolina.   ADOPT ZURI!! The adoption fee is $300.00 and we require a vet check and home visit.

Adoption Process
250 FEE Vet reference Home visit Application + Contract Can do foster to adopt.

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