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Kennel license: 16105P.O. Box 301Uwchland, Pa. 19480 NARPS is a 501c3 organization which specializes in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals of all species!! Dogs and horses are our biggest focus, however. We are a foster based rescue, meaning we have no actual shelter location and we are solely volunteer operated. Our niche with dogs is mainly with large and giant breed dogs, including bully breeds, mastiffs, and danes, etc. We routinely pull dogs from ACCT Philly, as well as numerous other high kill shelters. NARPS frequently takes on extreme medical cases which very few other organizations would even consider. We rescue horses from slaughter auctions and countless other venues. NARPS prides itself in the difference it makes for so many lives. Big or small...hooves or paws...we rescue them all!!

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Pugsley Addams

English Bulldog | Florence, NJ

Age : 2 YearsAdultMaleTan/Yellow/Fawn with White



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Meet Pugsley Addams

Now accepting applications for Pugsley Addams! Pugsley is a 2 year old English Bulldog with a personality as big as his head and a head half the size of his a$$. he has zero concept of being gentle or knowing his size. He identifies as a wrecking ball. His head consumes no thoughts and secrets are kept between his snaggle teeth. His collar gets lost in his neck rolls and his booty sways from one planet to another while walking. He will rudely breathe in your face and does his best at impersonating a hair dryer, sound and all. Pugs also can be heard snoring on the west coast and does enjoy TV.. ya just might not be able to hear it Pugsley is a happy go-lucky guy! He loves to have fun, LOVES fetch and playing with toys. He can often be found strutting around with his toys until you’re ready for more hours of fetch. His favorite things include beetle dancing in grass and sun bathing. Pugs is crate trained, house trained and dog friendly. He is seeking a home without small children (10+) and no small dogs (under 20 pounds).  Adoption application: ᴷᵉⁿⁿᵉˡ ˡⁱᶜᵉⁿˢᵉ:  ¹⁶¹⁰⁵ ᴾᴼ ᴮᵒˣ ³⁰¹ ᵁʷᶜʰˡᵃⁿᵈ, ᴾᴬ ¹⁹⁴⁸⁰

Adoption Process
Our adoption process is very simple, straight forward, and affordable. Interested adopters must complete our adoption application, which also requires references, vet info, and proof that current pets are uo to date on their vaccines. Once the applicant is approved, we arrange a meet and greet with the adopter and the foster parent. We require our adoptable pets to meet any resident dogs and children, and ideally, all family members. If all goes well and the adoption is approved, our adoption contract is signed and the adoption fee is paid. We allow out of state adoptions, provided everything checks out and the adopter comes to meet the pet.

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