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We are a foster-based organization located in Omaha, NE. Our mission is to ensure all English Bulldogs are content and safe in an educated, loving home. Our goals include:*Rescuing animals from homeless situations**Placing animals in secure adoptive homes**Providing assistance with training and medical needs to keep bulldogs in loving, safe homes**Sustaining a pet food bank for pets in need*​

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Meet Sasha

Sasha, the reigning monarch of her foster castle, is a six-year-old English Bulldog with a heart as big as her adorable wrinkles. In her ideal home, she would prefer to assert her regal status as the one and only fur child. Sasha, having grown up in the presence of kiddos, exudes a gentle and amiable demeanor, making her a delightful companion for families with older kiddos.This bulldog queen is not just about regality; she's a playful soul who revels in the joy of games and companionship, especially with adults.  Sharing food or toys are not her strong suit so small children won't fit into her perfect royal court. Sasha is clear about her preferences. Despite her love for play, she staunchly opposes the idea of donning costumes. Her royal attire is her natural coat, adorned with the charm of her unique bulldog features.In the vast expanse of her backyard kingdom, Sasha assumes the role of a distinguished grazer, exhibiting a talent that could rival that of a goat. Her leisurely grazing adds a touch of charm to the royal landscape, creating a picturesque scene though leads to a bit of a joker-like mess with clean up later.Sasha's journey to health has been marked by resilience and care. She has undergone soft palate surgery and had her saccules removed, emerging from these medical interventions remarkably healthy. Her well-being is a testament to the attentive care she receives in her temporary castle.As the queen of her realm, Sasha invites those who would appreciate her royal presence to share in the joy of her company. Her castle should be a haven of love, playfulness, and, of course, the regal charm that only a bulldog like Sasha can bring.--Interested adopters would need to travel to the Omaha area with family members including furry friends to meet Sasha.  Her adoption fee is set at $300.

Adoption Process Adoption fees are based on age, health, and ongoing needs of the dog.

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