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We are an open-admission animal shelter, and welcome every animal in need that we can legally accept.As an open-admission shelter, we take in many animals who may not be immediate candidates for adoption. Whenever possible, our foster parents work with these animals to rehabilitate them and qualify them for adoption to good homes.There is no set limit to the length of time an animal can remain in our adoption program. As long as we have space, and the pet appears to be able to maintain good physical and emotional health in our kennel environment (or foster home), the pet will remain in our program.Every animal, however long it remains in our adoption program, is guaranteed a clean, safe, comfortable space, nutritious food and fresh water, medical supervision and, when needed, care and supplies, as well as interaction with volunteers who groom, exercise, and socialize with them.We do our best to move young puppies and kittens and other special-needs animals into foster care, where they remain until they are ready for adoption. We also work with breed-specific groups to find homes for some animals, in order to maintain space within our own shelter. We do everything in our power to avoid the euthanasia of healthy animals, or of animals who can be rehabilitated or go to homes that will provide care for a lifetime. We are able to find new homes for the great majority of our pets and appreciate your continued support as we push towards a low-kill community. To reach this goal, we are working to create not a no-kill shelter, but a low-kill community where all adoptable animals are able to find forever loving homes. These are the steps we are taking to achieve that effect:Maintain a widespread effort to promote spaying and neutering of all companion animalsContinually increase the number of shelter animals that are adopted to new homes through our programs.Encourage responsible pet ownership through public-awareness campaigns, humane education programs, and efforts to legally eliminate puppy mills and backyard breedersSupporting pet owners through training classes, counseling, and referrals to outside information sourcesThe Humane Society of Kent County Maryland, Inc is a private, charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are not affiliated with any other animal-welfare organization, locally or nationally. We rely entirely on the income from our community and on donations from the public in order to keep our doors open.We invite you to become more involved by becoming a volunteer or a foster parent. See our Programs link for information on how to do this.

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Meet Max

Meet Max, the delightful 5-and-a-half-year-old Pit Bull whose heart is as sweet as apple pie, and he's always ready for an adventure that's as colorful as a fall leaf!Max's friendly disposition and boundless enthusiasm for life make him the perfect partner for all your autumn escapades. Whether it's a brisk walk through the crunchy leaves or a fun-filled game of fetch in the apple orchard, Max is your go-to companion.Max's love for other dogs is as warm as a cozy fireside chat, though he can be a bit forward when he meets them, simply because he's so excited to make new pals. This charming Pit Bull would do best in a home with dog-savvy children who can appreciate his exuberance and join him in all the tail-wagging fun. Max's heart is as big as a pumpkin, and his spirit is as lively as a squirrel gathering acorns for the winter. Don't wait too long to make this sweetheart a part of your family's autumn story! If you are interested in meeting any of our animals, we encourage you to first visit our website and submit an adoption application: your adoption application has been approved, we will call you to set up an appointment to meet with the pet! We welcome adopters from out of state to apply! _When it comes to our pets, we're all-inclusive! Find out what's included when you adopt from ACSKC:

Adoption Process
Our application process includes a reference check, vet check, and landlord approval. Fees vary depending on the adoption.

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