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Molly, Molly not a Collie

Corgi | Huerfano County, CO

Age : 7 Years 3 MonthsAdultFemaleMediumShetland Sheepdog Sheltie



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Meet Molly, Molly not a Collie

A COMPLETED APPLICATION IS OUR FIRST STEP TOWARD ANY PLACEMENT. WE NEED INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR LIFE TO DETERMINE IF AN RMCSR DOG IS GOING TO BE A GOOD FIT FOR YOUR FAMILY. OUR WEBSITE IS  THANKS FOR LOOKING! "Molly Molly, not a Collie" is the name of this spayed female Corgi mix. We had been told she was a Sheltie mix but she is most definitively a Corgi-ish.  Just look at that face!  And those ears!  Molly is a spayed female Corgi-ish, up to date on all vaccines, heartworm negative and has great blood chemistries and CBC.  She is a funny kid, knows lots of commands and does them readily when asked.  But.. let's get this out of the way right now.....she is stubborn like a Corgi and she has a huge bark that she is not afraid to share.  It is usually for a good reason but in a multi-dog household like I have, there is always something to bark about. Molly's favorite thing in the world is to "go."  Grab a leash and she is ready.  She is a "front seat dog."  Her harness clips easily into a seatbelt extender and she settles down for conversation and fun.  "Where are we going today, Mom?" She watches out the window with interest.  And no errand is too boring for her.  I wish I could give her my list and car keys and send her off on her own! When she came to us in June of this year, a complete vet exam was the first order of business. Dr. Barber's gentle hands covered every inch of Molly and that all seemed to go well.  Molly took that for affection.  But as Dr. Barber reviewed the lab work, she asked to feel Molly's throat.  "Hmm," Dr. Crook would you come here for a minute?"  Doc's educated fingers could feel a mass.  It has been a journey of discovery since June.  More bloodwork, internal medicine specialists, diagnostic ultra sound, a board-certified surgeon and oncologist.  Molly had thyroid cancer.  You will notice that I used the word "had."  All of the specialists worked together to diagnose and treat Molly's cancer.  She had her thyroid gland removed in late August and has made a full recovery.  No further treatment needed except a daily oral thyroid supplement.  There is no reason to think that the cancer will recur. Molly has put the whole incident behind her and is still her sunny, funny self.  She might prefer to be the center of attention and the only critter in the household.  Anyway, that is what she whispered in my ear.  She comes with her dog bed, her slow feeder, her full history in a file, the food she does so well on, her thyroid supplement and a lot of love.

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