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Mixing two different pure-bred dogs is very popular with people right now. Whippets that are mixed with a specific pure breed of dogs are attracting dog lovers everywhere.  Here is an exciting list that can help you find the perfect whippet mix breed that will marvel you.


Boxer Whippet Mix = Whipper

  1. Boxer’s are one of the cutest dogs and mixing it with other kinds of dogs would make an attractive offspring. From a hybrid of one purebred Boxer and one purebred Whippet parents, Whippet is intelligent and stocky. The puppies are called — amazingly — Boxer Whippet puppies.
  2. As quiet and docile animals, they, typically, can be seen staying on the couch all day long. But, Boxer Whippet mix has a split personality. It requires a daily exercise and loves to chase things and run around the yard.
  3. Coat care for Boxer Whippet mixes is minimal as it only needs a brush once a week. Their ears tend to stay clean and dry on their own. A warm, soft bed is necessary for them.
  4. A mix between Boxer and a Whippet isn’t all the common; however, you may sometimes encounter this hybrid in a rescue shelter.

Husky Whippet Mix = Hippet

Husky Whippet Mix

Corgi Whippet Mix = Whipgi

Corgi Whippet Mix

  1. Every Corgi mix exudes an attractive appearance, and there are four sources where to obtain them:

      2. What makes Whipgi distinct is it’s one of the smartest athletic dogs. They have a loyal temperament and can get along with everyone. You will enjoy playing with them. Whippets tend to need a medium to high level of exercise.

      3. Since Corgi dogs require an average level of activity, you won’t have a hard time maintaining the health for corgi whippet mix.

      4. The energy level of Whipgi is average, and it requires 20-40 minutes of exercise daily.

Poodle Whippet Mix = Poowhip

Poodle Whippet Mix

German Shepherd Whippet Mix = German Whippet

German Shepherd Whippet Mix

  1. German Shepherd Whippet loves to dig holes and run too far. To avoid them being hit by a vehicle, a fenced backyard or garden is necessary for this type of dog because some of them can leap quite high as sighthound genes can’t resist the urge to chase.
  2. German-Whippet hybrid can be a little stubborn but are quick learners. You’ll have fun enjoying playing soccer, tennis, and Frisbees with an energetic mix of Whippet and German Shepherd dog.
  3. Ideal weight for German Whippet is 45 lbs with lean muscles. Looking like a Whippet with German Shepherd markings, It eats well, but most of the time, you would see food left on its bowl when you get to feed it next. When enticed with food, it can run as far as a couple of miles without getting tired.
  4. Whippet is the Ferrari of the dog world but is known to be a laid back type of dog. On the other hand, German Shepherd needs to keep them busy and loves to learn. German Shephard bred with Whippet is the kind of dog that will make you say, “I want one” as this mix will give you a lively type of pet. German Whippets can sometimes be aloof and suspicious of strangers.  


Beagle Whippet Mix = Whipple

Beagle Whippet Mix

Bull Mastiff Whippet Mix = Bull Whippet

  1. Training Bull Mastiff bred with Whippet dog is a challenge. Despite its parent—Whippet—born as a hunter and athletic dog, seldom do Bull Whippets are included in agility competition because they can be big boned dogs, but they can possess both speed and strength. It might not defeat a greyhound in a race, but it can be the best buddy for hiking.
  2. They can spend some time in a fenced yard, but they mainly live in the house.
  3. The amount of shedding is less likely, so maintenance is considerable. A mix of Bull Mastiff and Whippet dog requires regular bathing.
  4. They are known as Great Danes. If you’re a neatnik, breeding a Bull Mastiff and a Whippet dog may not be your type because it has a drooling potential but, Bull Whippets can be your firm and fearless family guardians.

Labrador Whippet Mix = Whipprador

Labrador Whippet Mix

Chihuahua Whippet Mix = Chihuapet

Chihuahua Whippet Mix

  1. The cutest hybrid ever, Chihuapet is like a gazelle in motion. Reserve your energy for this dog because it’s too small to hunt but moves quickly.
  2. For this breed, the coat color combinations rely on genetics. Your chances include cream, chocolate, and gold. Chihuahua Whippet mix is like a miniature greyhound with erect ears.
  3. A Chihuahua bred with Whippet dog can live up to 16 years. All dogs can develop genetic health conditions. Extra care is essential for this hybrid as it’s prone to eye disease, arrhythmia, patellar luxation, idiopathic epilepsy, patent ductus arteriosus, and mitral valve disease.
  4. A Chihuahua Whippet mix is one of the gentlest designer dogs that you could own suitable for your teen children.

Border Collie Whippet Mix = Border Collpet

Border Collie Whippet Mix

Australian Shepherd Whippet Mix = Australian Whippet

Australian Shepherd Whippet Mix

  1. In the 1840s, the Australian Shepherd dogs originated in the western U.S. A new mix started to become popular when breeders began hybridizing Whippet with Australian Shepherd dogs. The new name is called Australian Whippet.  
  2. Because Australian Shepherd dogs were bred to herd livestock, a Whippet dog mix-bred with an Australian Shepherd dog has high intelligence and energy.
  3. Australian Shepherd Whippet mix can be channeled into dog sports and any activities you wish.
  4. Also called as Miniature Ausseippet, Australian Whippets are a versatile, loving and friendly dog and a perfect addition for your family.
  5. You’ll need a pin brush, flea comb, deshedder, and nail clipper to groom this kind of pet properly. Brushing frequency is weekly.

Dachshund Whippet Mix = Whipphund

Dachshund Whippet Mix

Pug Whippet Mix = Pippet

Pug Whippet Mix

  1. Pugs are regarded as the clowns of the dog world because they love to show off. Pippet has a great sense of humor, being the offspring of one purebred Pug and one purebred Whippet.
  2. Being affectionate with family members, Pug Whippet mix does not want to be alone. It’s great for human companionship and thrives well in an apartment setting.
  3. If you are looking for a Pug hybridized with a Whippet, expect that the Pippet’s height would be from 10 to 21 inches tall. Some of them have a double coat so expect coat shedding.
  4. Pug Whippet mix has the potential to gain much weight. Some activities may help this hybrid as they are very playful most of the time.

Cocker Spaniel Whippet Mix = Cocker Spannet

Cocker Spaniel Whippet Mix

American Bulldog Whippet Mix = American Whippet

American Bulldog Whippet Mix

  1. Having a beautiful and dense coat, an American Bulldog Whippet mix can have a white, black, brown or red color. But, some may have a combination of these colors.
  2. American Whippet sheds moderately, but regular grooming is necessary.
  3. Despite the aggression heritage from its Bulldog parent, American Bulldog mix-bred with a Whippet displays cheerfulness and independence.
  4. Weighing between 20 to 55 pounds, having a pet with a mix of American Bulldog and Whippet may require you to reserve your energy because it can quickly get bored if it doesn’t get enough exercise. They also tend to be destructive.

Shar Pei Whippet Mix = Shar Peippet

Shar Pei Whippet Mix

Blue Heeler Whippet Mix = Blue Whippet

Blue Heeler Whippet Mix

  1. Blue Whippet is the result of hybridizing one purebred Blue Heeler dog and one Whippet purebred dog.
  2. With a weight of 20 to 45 pounds and height of 18 to 20 inches tall, Blue Whippet is a sturdy and compact hybrid dog. Blue Heeler-Whippet hybrid dogs are favored by dog enthusiasts to be a hard-working pet.
  3. You won’t get bored with this kind of hybrid dogs as Blue Heelers Whippets are active dogs and will encourage you to take them outside for exercise and play. They also need lots of room to run.
  4. It is advisable to provide a toy for the young Blue Heeler mix-bred with Whippet to help on the urge to nip. They are easy to train to become an obedient adult dog.

English Bulldog Whippet Mix = English Whippet

English Bulldog Whippet Mix

Golden Retriever Whippet Mix = Golden Whiptriever

Golden Retriever Whippet Mix

  1. Golden Whiptriever is an enthusiastic pet that belongs to Sporting Dogs that has a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. Its competitive obedience and agility will marvel you.
  2. Weighing from 20 to 75 pounds, a Golden Retriever Whippet mix is a loyal and highly intelligent hybrid dog. It can be good at sniffing out drugs.
  3. A Golden Retriever-Whippet hybrid dog requires a lot of exercise by jogging or walking to remain healthy. It will also be delighted if you let it run at the beach.
  4. As a family dog, the Golden Retriever Whippet mix might bark at strangers, but it’s not an ideal watchdog. Most of the time, it will wag its tall and flash a smile at new people who come around.

Pitbull Whippet Mix = Pitwhip

Pitbull Whippet Mix

French Bulldog Whippet Mix = French Whippet

French Bulldog Whippet Mix

  1. If you want a cute little domestic dog, the French Whippet is one of the most patient and playful hybrid dogs.
  2. Being the offspring of one purebred French Bulldog and one purebred Whippet dog, it can weigh as 16 to 40 pounds with a height of 11 to 21 inches tall. The life expectancy for this kind of dog is between 9 and 15 years.
  3. French Bulldog Whippet can quickly adapt to various types of setting. Because of its appealing features, most celebrities have them as pets.
  4. They are so easy to maintain. You won’t worry with this pet when your friends come around as French Bulldog-Whippet hybrid dog is friendly to strangers.

Catahoula Whippet Mix = Whippoula

Catahoula Whippet Mix

Doberman Whippet Mix = Whipperman

Doberman Whippet Mix

  1. This is a fantastic hybrid of one purebred Doberman and one purebred Whippet dog.  Most Whipperman can develop a long muzzle. The tail can be reasonably long.
  2. With its graceful movement, a Doberman mix-bred with a Whippet can sometimes become stubborn but you can easily train them, and they learn quickly.
  3. Doberman Whippet can be your excellent guard dog and a loyal pet companion. Take note that it can sometimes become ferocious and aggressive but, they are devoted to their owners.
  4. A hybrid of Doberman and a Whippet belongs to the most intelligent dog hybrids according to some studies.

Jack Russel Whippet Mix = Jack Rusppet

Jack Russel Whippet Mix

Basenji Whippet Mix = Basenppet

Basenji Whippet Mix

  1. Basenppet is a smart and endearing pet as a result of hybridizing a Basenji dog (found initially in Congo/Africa) and a Whippet dog (a sighthound breed that’s initially recognized in England).
  2. This type of hybrid can be acquired from these sources:

      3. Having a small and muscular body, a Basenji mix-bred with a Whippet dog is known as the “the barkless hybrid.”

      4. Expect from Basenji-Whippet hybrid the willingness to please people because it’s highly intelligent.  These cute pets can adapt well in an apartment setting.

Rat Terrier Whippet Mix = Rat Whippet

Rat Terrier Whippet Mix

Whippet Pointer Mix = Whippoint

Whippet Pointer Mix

  1. Whippoint is a versatile field dog. Being energetic and fun-loving, this dog can be a suitable family member.
  2. A mix of Whippet dog and a Pointer dog can have a long head with finely pointed tail.
  3. Interestingly, a Whippet mix-bred with a Pointer dog is the best companion of hunters because it usually stands still upon finding the target and it raises one foot off the ground that helps its owner detect the right spot where the goal is.
  4. This hybrid requires a lot of vigorous exercises every day. A minimum of one hour of work out is necessary for a Whippet Pointer mix to stay fit and healthy.

Brindle Whippet Mix = Brindleppet

Brindle Whippet Mix

Whippet Mix Food Requirements

Your Whippet mix will surely be a surprise in disguise! Depending on their other parent, they can range from miniature doggos to giants. We’ve got intel on the best dry dog food for small dogs and the best large breed dry dog food, so take your pick!

Whatever your goggie’s size, you’ll want to make them as happy, healthy, and lively as possible. So, provide them with top-notch nutrition by avoiding the worst dry dog food, and pouring only the best dry dog food in their bowl. For example, try out Wellness Core Dog Food or Dog For Dog Food, in combination with the Nutra Thrive dog food supplement, and see how they like it.

If your furry friend is still but a doggy baby, select a chow from our list of best puppy food brands. If they’re an experienced, worldly dog-grandpa, only give them the best senior dry dog food to keep those fragile teeth safe! 

It should go without saying, but it is wise to ask your pup’s vet for advice on nutrition too.


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