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Boxer Border Collie Mix = Border Collbox

Boxer Border Collie Mix

Husky Border Collie Mix = Border Collsky

Husky Border Collie Mix

  1. The history of the Border Collsky pups is not well-document. However, there are details on the history of the parent breeds. Border Collie dogs were sheep-herding dogs on the landscape of the Anglo-Scottish border area. Siberian Husky dogs were traveling and hunting companions of the Chukchi people in Siberia.
  2. The Border Collie Husky Mix pups have a lifespan of 12 to 20 years. They may be at risk for bone disorders, such as chronic myelopathy, osteoarthritis, and intervertebral disc disorder.
  3. Both of the parent breeds often have a medium-length coat. They can also have short and smooth coats that are weather-resistant. You can expect the Border Collie crossed with Husky puppies will have this kind of coat as well.
  4. Playful and active, the Husky Border mixed with Collie puppies require an above average amount of physical activity. The extended time of exercise will strengthen the puppies’ muscles and bone

Corgi Border Collie Mix = Collcorgie

Corgi Border Collie Mix


Poodle Border Collie Mix = Border Poodle

Poodle Border Collie Mix

  1. The Border Poodle puppy is a medium-sized cross between a Poodle and a Border Collie.
  2. Regarding exercise, Poodle mixed with Border Collie puppies need at least 40 minutes of physical activity per day. You may choose to let them walk, swim, or chase a ball. It is better to conduct these activities outside.
  3. If the puppy is less than 10 months old, you should avoid your pup from doing excessive exercise.
  4. You may contact breed-specific shelters or professional breeders that can assist you in adopting this mixed breed.
  5. You will find Border Collie Poodle Mix puppy to be very intelligent and easy to train. Also, they can be all-around companions due to their people-oriented and loyal traits.

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix = German Collie

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix

Beagle Border Collie Mix = Collie Beagler

Beagle Border Collie Mix

  1. The Border Collie Beagle mix puppies have a strong personality. They have a prominent herding instinct and prey drive, attributable to both parent breeds. You should be extremely cautious when they play with small children and other animals.
  2. Collie Beaglers are eager to please the owner and easy to train. They are cooperative, and they will follow your commands accordingly.
  3. Beagle Border Collie Mix puppies will not acquire many structural disabilities, unlike other breeds. You should watch out for manifestations of hip dysplasia and epilepsy. If you get a puppy from a breeder, you should ask for the health clearance of the parent dogs.
  4. Exercise is crucial for the puppy for two reasons. First, it keeps the muscle and bones healthy. Second, it helps the pup adopt to the new environment.
  5. When the Border Collie mixed with Beagle puppy arrives at home for the first time, it is advisable to start with an exercise routine immediately.

Labrador Border Collie Mix = Labracollie

Labrador Border Collie Mix

Chihuahua Border Collie Mix = Collie ChiderChihuahua Border Collie Mix

  1. Collie Chider puppies are relatively new and less popular than other Border Collie mix breeds. Their history is unknown, but I can share details on its parent breeds.
  2. Chihuahua dogs are descendants of the Techichi breed. They were believed to be the guides of the dead souls. Meanwhile, Border Collie dogs came from the borderland between Scotland and England. They were herding dogs with agility and intellect.
  3. Due to the Chihuahua and Border Collie’s shared trait of intelligence, this mixed pup can also exhibit an above-average intelligence and become fast learners.
  4. Chihuahua mixed with Border Collie puppies can also have a herding instinct and aggressiveness.
  5. Chihuahua Border Collie Mix dogs need an intense exercise regimen. You should engage them in at least two long walks.

Chow Chow Border Collie Mix = Collie Chow

Chow Chow Border Collie Mix

Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix = Aussie CollieAustralian Shepherd Border Collie Mix

  1. Australian Shepherd crossed with Border Collie puppies are great companions, but they do not fare well in being watchdogs. They have a quiet disposition, and they are often calm.
  2. With early socialization, Border Collie mixed with Australian Shepherd pups are lovable and family-friendly. Be careful in leaving your pet for a long time because it can have separation anxiety.
  3. The coat of Aussie Collie becomes ruffled easily. Thus, you need to brush it at least four times per week.
  4. You can also avoid ear infection by checking and cleaning the ears regularly.
  5. To acquire a Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix puppy for your home and family, a trustworthy breeder or a rescue shelter is what you need.

Dachshund Border Collie Mix = Collie Dacher

Dachshund Border Collie Mix

Pug Border Collie Mix = Collie Puger

Pug Border Collie Mix

  1. Border Collie and Pug breeds are heavy shedders. From this information, you can anticipate the Border Collie mixed with Pug puppy will be a heavy shedder as well.
  2. A bath is necessary when the dog is noticeably dirty. You have to brush its coat regularly.
  3. If you can keep up with a high energy dog, Pug crossed with Border Collie puppies are suitable for you. These dogs will often go around the lot. You should make time to cater for their need for adequate physical activities.
  4. A mixed breed has a lower chance of getting serious health problems and complications. A reliable and qualified breeder will show the health clearance of the parent breeds.

Cocker Spaniel Border Collie Mix = Collie Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Border Collie Mix

American Bulldog Border Collie Mix = American Collie

American Bulldog Border Collie Mix

  1. Border Collie mixed with American Bulldog puppies tend to chew non-stop. They resort to eating things in front of them when you leave them on their own devices for a long time.
  2. For their diet, you can give them dry feeds with high protein content and necessary vitamins.
  3. American Bulldog mixed with Border Collie dogs are overall healthy and less prone to develop fatal diseases. It is still crucial to have regular check-ups with a trusty veterinarian, as they could acquire allergies at some point.
  4. The coat type of American Collie pups can be short to moderate and dense. They are minimal shedders.
  5. To keep the coat healthy and shiny, I advise that you brush the coat regularly.

Akita Border Collie Mix = Collkita

Akita Border Collie Mix

Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix = Blue Collie

Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix

  1. Also known as the Border Heeler, Border Collie Blue Heeler Mix dogs are intelligent breeds and fast learners. They are becoming popular in dog sports nowadays.
  2. For proper training, they need positive reinforcement and firm boundaries.
  3. Blue Heeler crossed with Border Collie puppies are friendly to children and other dogs with early and frequent socialization.
  4. Blue Collie pups are incredibly athletic. They enjoy sports like flyball and agility exercises.
  5. You should prevent this pup from getting bored because they may cause trouble. Be sure to engage the dog with enough physical and mental stimulation.

English Bulldog Border Collie Mix = English Collie

English Bulldog Border Collie Mix

Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix = Golden Collie

Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix

  1. Depending on the health status of the parent breeds, the Border Collie mixed with Golden Retriever puppy can have health issues. The common ones you should know are skin allergies, eye defects, cancer, and heart problems.
  2. To determine your pup’s health status, have regular consultation with a veterinarian and provide the nutritional requirements of the dog.
  3. At all times, avoid overfeeding the dog. The Golden Retriever crossed with Border Collie puppies need vitamins and proper nutrition to ensure a healthier disposition.
  4. If you want to adopt or buy this mixed breed, be sure to contact reliable breeders or ask recommendations from your local veterinarian. Reliable sources of the Golden Collies will provide health clearance of the parent breeds.

Great Pyrenees Border Collie Mix = Great Pyrecollie

Great Pyrenees Border Collie Mix

Bernese Mountain Dog Border Collie Mix = Bernese Collie

Bernese Mountain Dog Border Collie Mix

  1. The Border Collie Bernese Mountain Dog Mix puppy is intelligent and easy to train. Furthermore, they have an innate loyalty for defending the family, and they are affectionate to their owners and the friends’ of their owners.
  2. They can be reliable watchdogs, ready to call out people who are making suspicious acts. They are keen on observing their surroundings.
  3. With its short to medium-length and straight coat, Border Collie crossed with Bernese Mountain Dog puppies can have a moderate to heavy shedding. To keep the coat shiny and healthy, you need to use a medium-toothed comb and pin brush.
  4. Known as high-energy dogs, Bernese Collie pups need more exercise than other breeds. You can engage the pup with swimming, running, and fetching.

Pitbull Border Collie Mix = Pitder Collie

Pitbull Border Collie Mix


Catahoula Border Collie Mix = Catader Collie

Catahoula Border Collie Mix

  1. The Catader Collie pups are the products of combining hunter Catahoula and friendly Border Collie breeds.
  2. Border Collie Catahoula Mix dogs have heightened herding and hunting instincts. However, they are often good-natured and suitable companions. You need to engage them in early socialization to have better interactions with people and other dogs.
  3. The Catahoula mixed with Border Collie puppies have high energy and above-average intelligence. They need to have lots of physical and mental exercises.
  4. The Border Collie crossed with Catahoula are overall healthy. However, they may be at risk for deafness, dysplasia, and eye diseases. You should have regular appointments with the veterinarian to ensure the dog’s optimal health.

Shih Tzu Border Collie Mix = Collieshitzuer

Shih Tzu Border Collie Mix

Doberman Border Collie Mix = Collie Dobler Doberman Border Collie Mix


  1. Although the history of the mixed breed is unknown, I can share the details on the history of its parent breeds. The Doberman breed hailed from Germany. They excelled at guarding, military work, and police work.
  2. On the other hand, Border Collie dogs are believed to be descendants of the older British droving dogs mixed with Spaniels. They were companions of shepherds and controlled flocks well.
  3. Border Collie mixed with Doberman dogs typically consume 3 cups of dog food per day. You can adjust the amount, based on their weight and level of activity.
  4. To adopt a Collie Dobler, you can seek the help of recognized kennel clubs and veterinarians for breeder recommendations.

Newfoundland Border Collie Mix = Collie Newfouler

Newfoundland Border Collie Mix

Border Collie Mix Food Requirements

Picking the right food and monitoring the dog’s nutritional needs is a major part of owning a pooch. If you’re new to the dog community, we suggest you start by exploring the best dry dog food and the worst dry dog food brands to get a sense of what you should look for in dog food.

Striking a perfect balance of nutrients from early on is essential. Start by learning the difference between the nutritional requirements of a puppy and a senior dog. The little ones need more lipids because of rapid growth, so opting for any of the best puppy food brands is a wise choice as they provide the pooch with the much-needed readily available energy. On the other side are older pooches, whose needs are better met with formulas found in best senior dry dog food.

Nutritional deficiencies are a bummer but are far from the worst possible scenario. As long as the pooch is in good health, they can recoup any micronutrient or the so-called superfood they lack.

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Border Collie crosses come in all shapes and sizes, so before you go on and buy a bunch of kibbles, make sure you know the difference between best dry dog food for small dogs and the best large breed dry dog food—they can both be healthy but are not equally suited for dogs of all sizes.


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