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My knowledge of the Akita mix breeds is something that I would like to share with you. I am confident that whatever information here about Akita mix breeds will be useful to you. In any case, you are welcome to ask anything about Akita mix breeds and to address your questions to me. You also have the option of uploading a picture of your Akita mix breed anywhere in your comments.

Boxer Akita Mix = Boxkita

Husky Akita Mix = Akitasky

Husky Akita Mix

  1. Th Husky Akita Mix is a unique cross between the ancient Japanese guarding royal dog Akita and the active and athletic escape artist Siberian Husky.
  2. The Akita Husky Mix is also called Akitasky or Huskita.
  3. The Huskita would normally have an average lifespan of up to 13 years, would weigh 75 pounds on the average. Their height would also reach 25 inches.
  4. The Husky mixed with Akita has been bred since the late 20th century when both Akita and Siberian Husky parent breeds were relatively common in the United States.
  5. The major health concerns of the Husky Akita mix include the diseases of both parent breeds such as hemophilia, bloat, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and von Willebrand’s Disease.
  6. The Akita mixed with Husky is generally tall and muscular. They usually have a wide chest, powerful hind legs and forequarters, and an arched neck.

Corgi Akita Mix = Corgita

Corgi Akita Mix

Poodle Akita Mix = Akioodle

Poodle Akita Mix

  1. The Poodle Akita Mix is a mix between the energetically happy Poodle and the loyal and fearless Akita.
  2. This hybrid dog is also called Aki-poo.
  3. The Akita Poodle Mix grows up to 25 inches in height, 120 lbs in weight, and lives up to 15 years.
  4. The Poodle mixed with Akita is a very good watchdog and is very good for families with older children. It could be rough with smaller children if untrained.
  5. The Akita mixed with poodle is naturally intelligent, loyal, protective, and affectionate just like its parent breeds.
  6. The Poodle Akita Mix is easy to train because the DNA that it obtained from its Akita parent makes it a strong and obedient hunter.

German Shepherd Akita Mix = German Akita

German Shepherd Akita Mix

Beagle Akita Mix = Beagita

Beagle Akita Mix

  1. The Beagle Akita Mix is also called Beagita or Akita Beagle.
  2. There is not much information online about the Akita Beagle Mix. Thus it would be good to look into the characteristics of its parent breeds.
  3. This unique hybrid dog can be unusually aggressive as it has a parent Akita that is aggressive with other dogs and a parent Beagle that can be difficult to train for many beginners.
  4. Take care not to let very young children get near an untrained Beagle mixed with Akita, or they might get injured.
  5. The Beagle is an excellent companion dog once it is trained while the Akita is a dog that once guarded the Japanese noble lords. Thus the Akita Beagle mix is a perfect guard dog.

Bull Mastiff Akita Mix = Bull Akita

Bull Mastiff Akita Mix

Labrador Akita Mix = Akitrador

Labrador Akita Mix

Chow Chow Akita Mix = Chowkita

Chow Chow Akita Mix

  1. The Chow Chow Akita Mix is a mix between the rather aggressive Akita and the extremely aloof Chow Chow.
  2. The Akita Chow Chow  Mix is a rare cross. Thus there is not much information regarding its characteristics. It is, therefore, necessary that one should check out the qualities and behavior of the parent breed.
  3. Both the Akita and the Chow Chow may be aloof to strangers and may not make friends easily with an unfamiliar face. Thus, you should train your Akita Chow Chow mix so that it can get along with people and other animals.
  4. Take your Chow Chow Akita mix to the vet regularly for a regular eye checkup. Its Chow Chow parent is prone to eyelid diseases.

Border Collie Akita Mix = Akitacollie

Border Collie Akita Mix

Australian Shepherd Akita Mix = Australian Akita

Australian Shepherd Akita Mix

  1. The Australian Shepherd Akita Mix is the result of a rare cross between the aggressive and dominant Australian Shepherd and the equally strong and aggressive guardian dog Akita.
  2. The Akita Australian Shepherd  Mix is basically very aggressive and extremely protective of its owners owing to the natural aggressiveness of its parent breeds.
  3. The Australian Shepherd Akita Mix is affectionate toward children and their families, but you should train them to socialize first and unless you do that, do not let them very young children play with them for the sake of safety.
  4. It is also best not to leave them alone for a long time, or they might become destructive.

Pug Akita Mix = Pugita

Pug Akita Mix

  1. The Pug Akita mix is a rare cross between the strong and loyal Akita and the clown-like Pug.
  2. The Akita Pug mix does not have much information on the Internet. Thus, it is a good thing to check out the characteristics of its parent breeds.
  3. The Pug has a tendency to overeat, so you should try to regulate the food of your Akita Pug mix because it might take after its Pug parent when it comes to eating.
  4. It is better to keep the Pug mixed with Akita as a house dog and not to bring it out often except if you have trained it to stay outdoors.
  5. Make sure to buy your Akita mixed with Pug from an experienced breeder because this rare dog might have diseases of both parent breeds in it.

St. Bernard Akita Mix = St. Akita

St. Bernard Akita Mix

American Bulldog Akita Mix = American Akita

American Bulldog Akita Mix

  1. The American Bulldog Akita Mix is also called American Akita or Bullkita.
  2. The American Bulldog was once an extremely loyal family dog and a loving farm dog, while the Akita was extremely loyal to Japanese nobles in the feudal age. Thus, the Akita American Bulldog mix is a symbol of loyalty.
  3. The problem is that you need to train the American Bulldog mixed with Akita because both parent dogs are naturally aggressive and difficult to train especially for beginner owners.
  4. The Akita American Bulldog Mix needs moderate exercise because the American Bulldog parent could be laid-back.

Cane Corso Akita Mix = Cane Corkita

Cane Corso Akita Mix

Shar Pei Akita Mix = Shar Akita

Shar Pei Akita Mix

  1. The Shar Pei Akita Mix is a very interesting cross between a loyal hunter and fighter in China – the Shae Pei – and the equally loyal and aggressive watchdog of Japan – the Akita.
  2. The resulting Akita Shar Pei mix is a dog that is extremely committed to protecting its owner and keeping him safe.
  3. The Akita Shar Pei mix may be a little bit challenging when it comes to training, so make sure that you do it with firmness.
  4. Keep young children away from the Shar Pei Akita mix breed until you have fully trained the dog.

Blue Heeler Akita Mix = Blue Akita

Blue Heeler Akita Mix

Golden Retriever Akita Mix = Golden Retriekita

Golden Retriever Akita Mix

  1. The Golden Retriever Akita Mix is a great mix between two very loyal dogs. This hybrid dog combines the traits of the efficient and intelligent Golden Retriever and the loyal and tough Akita.
  2. The Golden Retriever Akita Mix is also called Golden Akita or Golden Retriekita.
  3. Akita Golden Retriever puppies are a loving mix of the aggressive Akita and the mellow Golden Retriever, so expect mild temperament from this hybrid dog.
  4. The Golden Retriever Akita Mix has the disposition of the Golden Retriever but the appearance of an Akita.
  5. The Akita Golden Retriever mix needs a regular medical checkup for possible health concerns like hip dysplasia, aortic stenosis, and bloat. There may also be an occurrence of glaucoma, skin allergies and cataracts, so you should ask the vet for some preventive medicine for this.

Great Pyrenees Akita Mix = Great Pyrenkita

Great Pyrenees Akita Mix

Rhodesian Ridgeback Akita Mix = Rhodesian Akita

Rhodesian Ridgeback Akita Mix

  1. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Akita Mix is a cross between the aggressive escape artist yet loyal Rhodesian Ridgeback and the aggressive and tough watchdog Akita.
  2. It is a rare cross. Thus one needs to check on the distinguishing traits of the parent breeds.
  3. The Akita Rhodesian Ridgeback is a little bit challenging to train, so you need a firm hand and a strong approach in order to do it.
  4. Never leave your Rhodesian Ridgeback Akita mix breed alone for too long. Otherwise, it will destroy the furniture and other things in the house.
  5. Build a high fence in your yard to keep your Rhodesian Ridgeback Akita mix from escaping.

Bernese Mountain Dog Akita Mix = Bernese Akita

Bernese Mountain Dog Akita Mix

Pitbull Akita Mix = Pitkita

Pitbull Akita Mix

  1. The Pitbull Akita Mix is an interesting cross between two intelligent parents although the Pit Bull parent breed has a greater tendency to dominate the human owner.
  2. Train your Pitbull Akita mix consistently or find an expert to do it for you. The Pitbull Akita is good with very young children, but it needs to be trained for the sake of safety.
  3. The Pitbull Akita Mix is a family-oriented dog, but its Pitbull DNA may make it extra aggressive towards other dogs, even the large ones. Thus, you need to keep it on a leash.
  4. The Pitbull Akita Mix may have allergies just like both its parents. Thus, you need to consult your vet regularly for anything that can prevent it.

French Bulldog Akita Mix = French Akita

French Bulldog Akita Mix



Catahoula Akita Mix = Akihoula

Catahoula Akita Mix

  1. The Akita Catahoula Mix is a hybrid dog that comes from two powerful parent breeds that have a high prey drive. Thus, never let any fast-moving object get near the dog or else it will try to chase and catch it.
  2. The Catahoula Akita mix is rather affectionate towards children and their families, but make sure the dog is properly trained and its prey drive properly tamed.
  3. Feed your Catahoula Akita mix with fish oil and glucosamine as well as chondroitin supplements in order to lessen the occurrence of hip and elbow dysplasia.
  4. Both the Catahoula and the Akita parent breeds are expected to have an energetic offspring, thus take your Catahoula Akita mix for long walks in order to keep its energy levels down.

Doberman Akita Mix = Akitaberman

Doberman Akita Mix

Newfoundland Akita Mix = Newfoundkita

Newfoundland Akita Mix

  1. The Newfoundland Akita Mix is a rare cross between the sturdy fisherman dog Newfoundland and the strong and loyal Akita.
  2. It is a rare breed, so this hybrid dog does not have much information about it online. One should, therefore, look more closely into its parents.
  3. The Newfoundland Akita Mix is a medium- to the large-sized dog because of its large Akita parent and its medium-sized Newfoundland parent.
  4. Get your doctor to the vet regularly because its Newfoundland DNA might give it Cherry Eye while its Akita DNA can make it suffer from hip dysplasia.
  5. Take out your Newfoundland Akita Mix to long walks in order to give it plenty of exercises and to keep its energy at regular levels.


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