Dog Food Recall Alerts: A Complete List for 2021

Dog food recall list

Is Your Dog Food On The Recall List?

Was your dog food brand included on the dog food recall list for 2021? If you’re unsure, you should check the list. Pet food recalls are happening more often than pet food companies want consumers to know. From listeria monocytogenes contamination to elevated levels of vitamin D, more pet food in the marketplace means more chances of contamination.

Pet Food Recalls Need To Be Taken Seriously

No dog mom or dad wants to give their four-legged buddies food that’s going to make them sick. Not only is it heartbreaking to see them feeling unwell, but those trips to the veterinarian are also aren’t cheap!

Perhaps you feed your fur buddy top-quality dog food, and you believe it’s safer than generic dog food, think again. Even top-quality dog food can be recalled or withdrawn from the shelves. That’s why we are on a mission to help pet parents stay updated about the food that’s on the shelves, and if there are any active recalls.

As mentioned, there are now countless types of dog food in the marketplace and more products mean more chances of contamination happening and more dog food recall alerts.  It’s important to check the dog food recall list and stay informed about the updates.

If you’re unsure, pet food companies have a toll-free number customers can call. Check back regularly to see what’s on the list, or sign up below and we’ll send you a dog recall alert when we have updates.

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List of Dog Food Recalls in 2021

Dog food recall alerts: a complete list for 2021

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