Poodle Husky Mix Facts

Poodle Husky Mix Facts

Poodle husky mix facts

If you’re looking for a pet that’s sweet, affectionate, and will put a smile on your face every day, then the Husky Poodle is the one for you.

The Husky Poodle is the offspring of two of the most popular dogs in the world – a Siberian Husky and a Poodle. This hybrid is also called a number of names, like Huskypoo, Poosky, Siberpoo, Huskydoodle, and Siberian Poodle.

It’s one of the most interesting designer dogs around. It’s very affectionate and funny when it’s in a good mood. But this hyperactive canine is also known to become aggressive and destructive when frustrated or bored. When this happens, you’ll feel that you’re taking care of a toddler in the midst of a tantrum instead of a four-legged companion.

Despite that, a Poodle Husky crossbreed is a loving and loyal dog. It will thrive with an owner who’s experienced, can handle strong dogs, and is willing to love it unconditionally. If you think you’re up for this blessing, then you have to make sure you can give this pet the care and attention it needs.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Husky Poodle

Poodle husky mix facts

  • Their stubborness can be frustrating. The Husky Poodle has a bit of a reputation for being stubborn, thanks to its Siberian Husky genes. Not only can this make training difficult, but your dog’s attempts to dominate can get annoying.
  • They might eat you out of house and home. This hybrid tends to have allergies; some might have sensitive tummies. This means you can’t feed them run-of-the-mill kibbles, unless you’re willing to deal with explosive diarrhea and ear infections. You have to invest in the good stuff, which can be pricey.
  • They have horrible separation anxiety. This mixed breed really doesn’t like being left alone. You can leave for work and come home to a destroyed home. This dog has been known to rip up screens, chew sofas, and destroy laundry.

Other Husky Mixes

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3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Poodle Husky

Poodle husky mix facts

  1. They’re extremely smart. Its Poodle parent has gifted this hybrid with brains. It’s one of the more intelligent designer dogs around. This makes training this dog easy. It can learn commands after a few repetitions.
  2. It has a long life span: The Husky Poodle mix can live past a decade, giving you more time to enjoy your pet. It’s also a relatively healthy dog, which stacks the odds of a long life in their favor.
  3. They’re hypoallergenic. Husky Poodles have a double coat that needs regular grooming. If you’re fortunate and your dog takes after its Poodle side, it won’t shed as much. If not, you’ll have to be prepared to use your vacuum cleaner often. The upside is that this hybrid’s fur is hypoallergenic and typically odorless.

Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a Husky Poodle Mix

Poodle husky mix facts

Weight 45 – 60 lbs
Height 13 – 22 inches
Size Medium to large
Coat Type Double coat; fur can be dense and wavy and often medium length
Coat Color Black, brown and white colors, with white marks on the head, chest, and paws
Amount of Shedding Moderate
Eyes Dark; can sometimes be blue like a Husky or have multicolored eyes (one dark, one blue)
Nose Black
Ears Floppy
Temperament Affectionate, happy, friendly, energetic, and intelligent; can also become aggressive
Life Expectancy 10 – 13 years
Hypoallergenic Yes
Kid Friendly No with very young kids; can cope or get along well with older children
New Owner Friendly No
Breed Recognition American Hybrid Canine Club (ACHA), Dog Registry of America (DRA), International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)

The Husky Poodle mix is a distinct looking dog that’s also very friendly, affectionate, and sweet.

This hybrid canine typically has a silky, medium-length coat like a Poodle’s but with the colors and markings of a Siberian Husky. Its wide, beautiful eyes can either be blue or multicolored. The Huskypoo’s attractive face draws people in while its intelligence and lovable personality seals the deal.

The Poodle Husky has a lot of energy that needs to be channeled through appropriate physical and mental stimulation. Due to its exuberance, this is not a pet that can be kept in an apartment or a small condo unit. It’s also not a good companion for couch potatoes or first-time dog owners.

This bundle of fur is best suited to an owner or family who lives an active lifestyle and who has a home with ample room to romp. Its intelligence and stubborness mean this dog needs someone with experience and who can step up and exert control.

A Husky mixed with Poodle will shower you with love and attention, but it will also demand the same from you. This isn’t surprising as it has been bred as a family pet. Therefore, it wants to be around its family and has a tendency to follow its owner around.

This devotion, or clinginess if you will, can sometimes cause problems. For one, this dog will find ways to get your attention if it feels your interest has fallen elsewhere. And you might not like what it will do to catch your eye. It also means that if left alone to its own devices for too long, it will get depressed and suffer from separation anxiety. This could lead to chewing, excessive barking, digging, and other destructive behavior.

A Poodle Husky hybrid is a very expressive dog. An experienced owner can easily tell if their dog is happy or hurting. Some might even say this dog is bordering on moody. It can be cheerful one minute and happily play with the kids and the next, it’s growling and flashing its teeth.

It should be pointed out though that this dog doesn’t like it when kids pull its tail or ears. It can snap and become short-tempered. This is also why it needs someone with experience since they’ll be able to understand and handle such a mercurial temperament.

Early socialization and training will help curb this dog’s more exuberant tendencies and destructive outlets. Despite its intelligence, it’s hard to socialize and train a Siberpoo once it becomes an adult. It’s in everyone’s best interest if training commences when this hybrid is still a puppy.

Poodle Husky Mix Puppies for Sale

Poodle husky mix facts

Poodle Husky mix puppies can be likened to little tufts of fur. While there’s no denying they’re cute, they can be too much to handle at times because of their high energy and inquisitive nature.

To ensure that you do end up with a healthy and lively Husky Poodle pup, you should choose where you’ll purchase your dog. Never buy a puppy from a pet store or from random strangers offering them online. Most of the time, these people and stores work with puppy mills. These set-ups are all about the bottom line, so they give no regard to the mother dog or the puppies.

Do your research and look for the most reliable breeders. Read the feedback or testimonials previous clients left to see what kind of breeders they are. You should also make the effort to head out to the breeder’s location and check out how the operation looks. Pay attention to whether the kennels are clean and spacious.

You can also ask to see the parent dogs and inquire about their health status. Watch how the puppies interact with the litter and inquire about how they’re cared for. Professional breeders will proudly show you around and will even have the necessary paperwork or medical reports to prove their dogs are healthy.

These breeders are known to be reliable:

Greenfield Puppies

Lancaster Puppies

Keystone Puppies

Infinity Pups

Adoption is another option you should look into if you want a Poodle Husky mix puppy. Sites like www.petfinder.com and www.adoptapet.com can help you find a dog that needs a forever home. You can also get in touch with www.aspca.org, www.aforeverhome.org, www.milldogrescue.org or your local animal shelter.

Grooming Your Husky Mixed With Poodle

Poodle husky mix facts

How much time you’ll spend grooming a Husky mixed with Poodle depends on which parental gene is more dominant. If your mixed breed pet is more Husky than Poodle, then expect a lot of shedding. If the Poodle strain is more prevalent then the shedding will be less.

Regardless of what parent breed your dog takes after, it will still need a good brushing at least twice a week. A bath once a month is also a good idea. This breed doesn’t need regular baths as it will reduce the number of natural oils that protect its skin.

Brushing their teeth every day is ideal, but not very practical for a lot of owners. Luckily, cleaning their teeth twice a week is sufficient. Clip your dog’s nails once a month. Ears should be checked regularly to ensure that any problems are dealt with before they get worse.

Poodle Mixed With Husky Health Problems

Poodle husky mix facts

Photo credit: https://instagram.com/huskypoo.remy

Mixed breeds tend to be healthier than their parent breeds. However, owners should still take steps to ensure that their dogs stay that way.

A Poodle mixed with a Husky is prone to:

  1. Allergies: This breed can be allergic to anything, whether its food or the environment. Grass, pine, pork, potatoes, and soy are known to be some triggers.
  2. Bloat: This is a common problem with large breeds and can lead to life-threating issues later on. It’s best to feed your dog small servings at regular intervals to keep the stomach small.
  3. Elbow and hip dysplasia: Both parental breeds are prone to joint problems. Make sure you keep an eye on your dog’s gait. Bring it to your vet if it starts to limp or walk differently.

Other issues to look out for are –

  • Basal cell tumor
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Kidney disorders
  • Patellar luxation
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Renal disorders
  • Skin problems.

It’s a good idea to have your Husky Poodle mix puppy tested for genetic disease markers. This will screen for potential diseases and gives you a better chance to prepare for it.

Husky Crossed With Poodle Food Requirements

Poodle husky mix facts

Owners should take into consideration the size of their dog when it comes to feeding. Large dogs like a Husky crossed with Poodle need either an all-natural diet or high-quality dog food developed specifically for big breeds (these are the best large breed dry dog food brands in our opinion). Protein could be the main ingredient of any feed you buy to help in the development of your Poodle Husky’s muscles while also enhancing its immune system. There should also be healthy fatty acids like Omega-3, DHA, and EPA. The best dry dog food will always meet those requirements, while the worst dry dog food will have numerous additives among its ingredients.

The pup’s age is also relevant because puppies and senior dogs have different dietary needs. Make sure to feed your delicate cub with the best puppy food brands to ensure they grow into strong adults. If they are picky, the best dry dog food for small dogs will be a suitable alternative.

The Husky Poodle mixed breed typically has a thick coat, so including a salmon oil supplement in its diet will assist in keeping its fur sleek, shiny, and soft. You could also go for the Nutra Thrive dog food supplement. Owners should make sure to add glucosamine supplements as their dog grows older to protect their joints, and also transition into the age-appropriate diet by switching to the best senior dry dog food in due time.

Carbs are also needed but make sure you keep your dog away from high glycemic foods and grains that can trigger allergies.

Because of its high energy levels, the Huskypoo has a tendency to eat a lot. However, owners should control their food intake to ensure that they don’t become overweight.

Husky Poodle mix puppies four to 12-weeks old should be fed four meals daily. This can be reduced to two feedings a day when they reach their sixth month until they turn a year old. By this time, one meal a day is enough. However, this dog is susceptible to bloating so owners should consider dividing this meal into two smaller servings per day.

Dog owners are fortunate that they have more premiere dog food to choose from now. Here are some of the best brands for your Huskidoodle:

  • Dog For Dog Food
  • Wellness Core Dog Food
  • Wells Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Grain-Free: This premier dry dog food is gluten and grain-free for easy digestion. It also has a high protein count thanks to ingredients like chicken meal, turkey meal, and whitefish meal. Wells has also incorporated natural chicken fat, carrots, spinach, and peas for additional vitamins and minerals.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free: This high-quality dog kibble is designed specifically for large and active breeds. It boasts of having meat as its first three ingredients. It also incorporates enough vitamins, minerals, chondroitin, and glucosamine to keep dogs of any age healthy.
  • Holistic Select Natural for Large & Giant Breed Dogs: As the name implies, this dog food has carefully selected ingredients for large dogs. It’s 100% free of food coloring, preservatives, artificial flavors, and animal by-products. This brand only uses one type of meat, making it ideal for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs.

Poodle Crossed With Husky Exercise Requirement

Poodle husky mix facts

As the offspring of two working dogs, you should not be surprised that your Husky Poodle mix will have enormous energy reserves. After all, the Poodle has been bred to hunt while the Siberian Husky is a powerful sled dog.

A Poodle crossed with Husky will require daily exercise. You should take your dog out for a run every day or walk it anywhere from an hour to one hour and a half twice a day. A trip to the dog park, swimming at the beach or even a hike will benefit your hybrid pet.

If you don’t have the energy to maintain this dog’s exercise needs, then a calmer or less active dog might be a better choice for you. Huskypoos don’t do well when they’re bored and need an outlet for their excess energy. Most of the time this outlet comes out in the form of destructive behavior, like chewing, digging, or barking.

The Poodle Husky crossbreed also needs mental stimulation as well. This is one smart dog, and if left with nothing to do, it will find another way to amuse itself, like chewing your shoes or ripping up cushions. You should invest in puzzles and interactive toys to keep your pet engaged and happy.

The market for dog toys is surprisingly robust, and these are some of the best ones out right now:

  • Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Treat Puzzle Toy: Dubbed a tornado because of its spinning tower, this toy will tease your dog and entice it to solve the puzzle so it can snatch the treats. This is an engaging toy that will challenge even the smartest dogs and keep them occupied for hours.
  • KONG Jumbler Ball: From one of the trusted names in dog toys, the KONG Jumbler is a durable toy with a tennis ball inside. Your Husky Poodle will spend hours knocking this toy around as it chews and swats it about. The squeaking rubber ball also catches the attention of canines who like auditory stimulation.
  • GoughNuts Original Dog Chew Ring: Keep your pet occupied with this essentially indestructible chew toy. GoughNuts chews have been designed to withstand even the heaviest and most determined of chewers. It’s a good toy for teething puppies and for playing fetch.

Husky Poodle Training

Poodle husky mix facts

The Husky Poodle is one very intelligent canine, thanks to its Poodle parent. Because of this, most people would assume that training this mix will be easy. And it is, in a way. However, the Huskypoo can also develop the stubborn streak that Siberian Huskies are known for.

This attitude can make training challenging, as your dog will test your patience and skill repeatedly in a bid for dominance. It also means that Huskypoo owners should be patient. Someone with experience training or managing large and strong-willed pets is a nice fit for this dog. Conversely, if you’re a new dog owner or someone with a short fuse, you might want to consider choosing a more laid-back canine companion.

You can get a handle on this dog’s penchant for power plays by starting training as early as possible. Some experts say eight weeks old is a good age to commence training.

It’s best for Husky Poodle puppies to start their obedience training and socialization as soon as their owners bring them home. These classes will teach these young dogs how to listen and follow their owner, learn manners, and socialize with other pets. Getting your puppy used to a strict routine as it grows up can prevent behavioral problems from appearing later on.

Here are some tips to help training go smoothly:

    • Keep training classes short but interesting. This will help your Husky Poodle mix master commands more easily.
    • Crate training is vital since this breed has a tendency to get into, chew and destroy stuff when left alone for hours.
    • Positive reinforcement works better. Always be ready with your praises and have treats and rewards on hand. This will reinforce training and your dog will quickly learn that the proper behavior will lead to a good experience.
    • Activities that involve obedience and agility can keep them calm and engaged since these require them to use their brains.

Best Supplements for Poodle Husky Mix

Enhance the well-being of your Poodle Husky Mix with our recommended supplements tailored to meet their specific needs. These supplements are crafted to support joint health, coat condition, and overall vitality, ensuring your furry companion enjoys a vibrant and active lifestyle.

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Poodle Husky and Families

Poodle husky mix facts

The Poodle Husky will make a great pet for the right family. This dog will flourish with an owner or family who has an active lifestyle. You can bring your Huskypoo with you as you run or jog. Not only will you secure an exercise buddy for yourself, but you’ll also keep your pet healthy.

This hybrid’s affectionate and loving temperament means it gets along well with everyone, including children and other pets. If you are thinking of getting a Husky Poodle, it’s best to wait for your child to be a little older before taking this dog home. Very young children don’t have the patience or the capability to be careful around this dog.

The Poosky’s intelligence and stubborn streak mean it needs a strong alpha, so an experienced owner would probably take care of this dog better than a newbie. Likewise, people who lead very busy lives should not get a Husky Poodle.

This dog also needs a lot of space, so a home with a yard or a spacious garden with a fence is ideal.

FAQ: Poodle Husky Mix Facts

1. Do Husky Doodles shed?
Yes, Husky Doodles, or Husky Poodle Mixes, may shed, as it depends on the individual dog’s coat. Regular grooming and brushing can help manage shedding and keep their coat healthy.

2. What is a Husky Poodle Mix called?
The crossbreed between a Husky and a Poodle is commonly referred to as a “Husky Doodle” or “Husky Poo.”

3. What does a Husky Poodle look like?
A Husky Poodle Mix typically inherits a combination of traits from both parent breeds, featuring a medium to large size, a fluffy coat, and often the striking blue eyes of a Husky.

4. How big do Husky Doodles get?
The size of a Husky Poodle Mix can vary, but they generally fall into the medium to large range. The final size depends on factors like genetics, diet, and overall health.

5. What is a Huskipoo?
“Huskipoo” is another term used to describe the Husky Poodle Mix, emphasizing the mix of the Siberian Husky and Poodle breeds.

6. Is there such a mix as a Toy Poodle Chow Chow?
While less common, a Toy Poodle Chow Chow Mix would combine the small size of a Toy Poodle with the distinctive features of a Chow Chow, resulting in a unique and potentially compact companion.


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