The 10 Dog Breeds That Slobber The Most

The 10 Dog Breeds That Slobber The Most

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As any dog owner can tell you, slobber is a major part of the equation when it comes to their ownership and for the most part, it is something that you will need to become accustomed to. Some dogs on this list are more famous for their slobbery ways than others, but they all have the same thing in common: their vast amounts of slobber can only be matched by their vast amounts of cuteness.

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Bull Terrier


When it comes to dogs with unique appearances, it does not get much more unique than the Bull Terrier. Their muzzles are long and strong, with a raised bridge that serves to give them a profile unlike any other dog breed. They have a sturdy, strong body and they are also known to be stubborn. While they may not slobber as much as some of the other dog breeds on this list, they will certainly do their fair share.

Black and Tan Coonhound


The Black and Tan Coonhound is a very strong working dog, which gives them a sizable amount of versatility. Some owners favor them for work purposes, while others enjoy their presence because of their adaptability, especially those who move from climate to climate. If you decide to own a Black and Tan Coonhound, there are a few important things to note. First of all, they will drown you in slobber if given the chance and secondly, they are going to need plentiful amounts of exercise in order to remain happy and contented.



The Schnoodle is active, adorable and intelligent, but they also have control over their own slobbering. This hybrid dog breed has become increasingly popular in recent year and what owner wouldn’t love to have a poodle/schnauzer as a companion? They can be found in a wide range of different colors and can range anywhere from 6 pounds to 76. Schnoodles are also fun lap dogs, but you will need to beware of their drool.

Sussex Spaniel


These long and low dogs have a unique golden coloration and are a popular choice for hunters. They were bred in Sussex County, England as a means of assisting hunters when it came time to coax birds into the air and they are also known for being very sedate and slow creatures. They make excellent companions, but they are also known for giving some of the sloppiest, wettest kisses of all. With the proper training, an owner can hope to minimize their slobbering ways, though.

Bernese Mountain Dog


With a beautiful black, white and tan fur coloration, the Bernese Mountain Dog definitely stands out in any crowd of dogs that you will come across. Their size and agility make them particularly useful to owners who enjoy hiking and outdoor activities, as long as they don’t mind a little bit of extra slobber. If you decide to own one of these dogs, it is definitely in your best interests to keep some sort of slobber rag handy.

Neapolitan Mastiff


The Neapolitan Mastiff does not appear to be the biggest of slobbers, as they are a tough, sturdy dog that loves to defend its own turf. They are bred to serve as guard dogs, which is why so many owners are taken by surprise by the amount of slobber that they produce. If you should decide to bring a Neapolitan Mastiff home, you might want to take the time and effort to invest in plastic furniture covers so that you are not sitting down in pools of drool.



Bulldogs are beloved by dog owners everywhere, as they are of a medium size with a short coat of fur, which makes them very easy to manage. They lack aggression and they are very courteous creatures. The vast majority of pet owners love their bulldogs so much, they are more than willing to put up with a little bit of extra slobber in their lives in order to have them around. After all, how could you possibly stay at such a cute face?



This breed is a little more well known for their slobbering ways, but that does not stop pet owners from grabbing them up and taking them home. Law enforcement agencies typically rely on bloodhounds to help them track down criminals with their astonishing sense of smell and while they may slobber quite a bit, their powerful tracking also makes them attractive to hunters who are in search of a companion on their adventures.



Newfoundland dogs slobber like few other dog breeds are capable of, but they are able to get away with it because of how sweet and kind they are. They are the type of dog to stay completely devoted to their master and if you are able to handle all of the extra slobber, the Newfoundland breed is one of the best friends that you will ever make in your life.

Saint Bernard


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When you picture dog breeds that are most prone to slobbering, the Saint Bernard is usually the first one that comes to mind. They are lumbering, clumsy beasts who simply cannot help themselves, but that doesn’t stop them from being any less adorable. The Saint Bernard is a loyal guard dog that loves to protect the people they care about most and who doesn’t remember the iconic scene in the movie Beethoven where the titular dog shakes his head and covers the entire area in a pile of slobber?

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