The 11 Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars of 2023 – Popular Picks in Review

Perhaps you know about different kinds of dog collars meant for different uses. These include shock collars, head collars, and flat collars.

However, we can bet that most dog parents have not had the chance to experience the best-rolled leather dog collars.

Well, as fate would have it, we are here to talk about them today and how to pick the perfect one for your pooch.

Best Rolled Leather Collar for Dog – Comparison Table

Table of Contents

The following is our summed up list of collars and how we’d rank them. Keep scrolling for detailed reviews.

# Name Color Price
1 Circle T – Oak Tanned Leather Round Dog Collar by Coastal Pet Black Check Price
2 Rolled Leather Dog Collar by CollarDirect Pink Check Price
3 Genuine Leather Rolled Dog Collar by Dogs My Love Brown Check Price
4 Rolled Dog Collar by Auburn Leathercrafters Purple Check Price
5 Rolled Leather Dog Collar by Hamilton Burgundy Check Price
6 Leather Rolled Collar by Mendota Products Chestnut Check Price
7 Rolled Leather Puppy Collar for Small Dogs by WAUDOG Pink Check Price
8 Rolled Leather Dog Collar by BRONZEDOG Brown Check Price
9 Rolled Leather Dog Collar Durable Round Rope Collars by BRONZEDOG Mustard Check Price
10 Leather Collar by Dogline Pink Check Price
11 Tanned Round Dog Collar by Circle T Leather Black Check Price

Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar – Reviews

1. Coastal Pet Circle T Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Coastal Pet is a firm that has been in the business of manufacturing high-quality dog gear for over half a century. This should be an assurance that the manufacturer knows what they are doing to deliver high-quality products.

A good example is the Circle T dog collar, and we shall tell you why.

What We Liked About It

For starters, the collar has a round design that makes it perfect for dogs with long hair. This is because the shape eliminates incidences of hair matting.

On top of that, the shape keeps the leather from stretching and staying in top condition for longer.

The genuine leather is a durable, high-quality material and the perfect choice for dogs with sensitive skin.

Also worth mentioning is the vegetable tan that gives the collar a smooth and natural finish.

Lastly, the buckle is made of solid brass for enhanced sturdiness and longevity.

What Could Have Been Better

In general, this collar is an impressive product. However, it is a bit too stiff such that it becomes difficult to put it around the pet’s neck.


  • Comes in five different sizes
  • Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Well-made and durable


  • Limited color options

2. CollarDirect Rolled Leather dog Collar

If the previous item seemed too dull for you, then the CollarDirect leather collar should be a more appealing option. This is because it is available in fifteen different colors and styles, too, so that you have a wider scope to choose from.

What We Liked About It

Let’s start with the construction that features a sturdy nylon web together with soft genuine leather. As a result, you get a well-made item that would serve you for ages.

Then, like most of the other rolled dog collars, the CollarDirect product is ideal for long-haired dog breeds as it ensures there is no tangling of the fur.

Another benefit of this collar is that it is available in different sizes, and this makes it suited for puppies and adult dogs alike.

Always measure your dog’s girth to get the ideal size for him/her.

What Could Have Been Better

Although the collar is made with durability in mind, the buckle is a bit flimsy and typically falls apart within days of use.


  • Well-made
  • You have over fifteen color options to choose from
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Too stiff

3. Wintchuk Genuine Leather Rolled Dog Collar

If you are like many pet owners who do not like heading back to the shops every few weeks for a new collar, the Wintchuk rolled dog collar is just what you need. This is because it is well-made to serve you for a lifetime.

What Could Have Been Better

As we mentioned earlier, this collar has superior construction from top-notch leather to give you a long-lasting and robust product.

On top of that, the construction also features a thick waxed thread that holds the whole unit together plus prevents shrinkage from happening.

Still, on the construction, there is the D-ring and nickel-plated pin buckle, both of which are designed for heavy-duty use.

We also liked how attractive the collar looked plus the five adjustment holes that enable you to attain the ideal fit to keep your dog comfortable.

What Could Have Been Better

The only issue we had with this collar is that it is available in only one size. This limits the different dog sizes that could use the collar.


  • High-quality construction
  • Perfect for dogs with long hair
  • Affordable


  • Too thin and soft

4. Auburn Leathercrafters Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Do you want your dog to stand out from the crowd with a stunning rolled leather dog collar? If you are, this rolled leather dog collar is just what you need.

One glance at it would tell you that the collar was made with beauty as one of the top priorities.

What We Liked About It

This collar is handmade from American leather, which enables the collar to be sturdy enough to withstand the biting and chewing by the dog at hand.

On top of that are the hand-polished edges for comfort plus to make the collar more attractive.

The rolled collar has a smooth interior, which makes the collar ideal for both short and long-haired dog breeds.

We also appreciate that the collar comes in different sizes and colors as well. 

And for your peace of mind, the manufacturer’s warranty quality guaranteed should calm your nerves.

What Could Have Been Better

The manufacturer got everything right with this color, save for the fact that it loses its color too quickly, and this makes it less attractive than it should be.


  • Ideal for small to medium size dogs
  • Pleasant to the eye
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty


  • Color fades too quickly

5. Hamilton Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Are you worried that the rainy weather may spoil your dog’s day of fun in the backyard? Then, your search should stop with the rolled leather dog collar that is designed to be weather –resistant.

Other than that, we are going to point out other notable features of this collar.

What We Liked About It

To begin with, this collar has a rolled leather design to make it ideal for long-haired breeds.

The hardware on its part is made of lead to add to the longevity of this collar.

The leather-resistant thread in the stitching is there to ensure that sudden rainfall does not ruin your dog’s day out in the park.

We also liked the classy American look that the leather gives the collar. Note that the use of this collar is not limited to a particular dog breed or of any size.

What Could Have Better

Unlike other rolled dog collars, this particular one lacks comfort backing that would have made it perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Attractive to look at


  • You have limited colors to choose from

6. Mendota Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Made in the USA, the Mendota rolled leather dog collar would be a reasonable pick if you are a pet owner with an aggressive dog.

It has the perfect combination of durability and comfort to make it one of the best rolled leather dog collars that you may ever come across.

What We Liked About It

To begin with, the collar is handcrafted from English bridle leather. This not only makes it sturdy and durable but also an attractive piece to look at.

There is also the solid brass hardware that is used in making the Centre ring, Centre buckle, and D ring to be more durable.

Let’s not forget that the rolled design is ideal for long-haired dog breeds as there would be minimal mats and tangles.

The adjustability of the collar makes it possible for you to attain the perfect fitting size for your canine.

What Could Have Been Better

The collar is well-made, but there are complaints from some customers that it stains the dog’s fur too much, and this brings unintended problems.


  • Well-made and attractive
  • Comfortable for long-haired dogs
  • Available in six different sizes


  • Offers limited color options to choose from

7. Waudog Rolled Leather Puppy Collar for Small Dogs

It is easy for the small dogs and puppies to be left out due to their unique small size requirements. Luckily, Waudog noted the issue and came up with the rolled leather collar that is specially designed for puppies and small dogs.

Find out more in our review below.

What We Liked About It

The Waudog rolled leather collar is made from 100% genuine leather, which makes it durable and able to maintain its shape for a prolonged period.

Besides being strong, the collar is relatively soft, and this is one of the reasons why it is the perfect choice for puppies and small dogs.

Then, it is odorless, plus it is safe for use in the sun since it does not fade that easily. To add to this, the hardware used in the construction is rust-resistant to boost the collar’s longevity.

Lastly, you have different vibrant color options to choose from.

What Could Have Been Better

Although the collar is meant for small dogs, some of the collars are too small even to fit the puppies. So, you have to be keen on the sizing to avoid having to return it to the store.


  • Available in different vibrant colors
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Does not fade in the sun


  • It is easy to mess on the sizing

8. Bronzedog Rolled Leather Dog Collar with Durable Metal Buckle

If you want a dog collar that you could be using every day with minimal issues, it should be well-made and sturdy to withstand the pressure that comes with constant use.

In this case, we are going to introduce you to the rolled leather dog collar by Bronzedog.

What We Liked About It

First, the collar is made out of genuine leather to make it sturdy and durable. On top of that, it has a heavy-duty metal buckle and a D-ring that you could be using to attach tags and leashes.

Then, the round design makes the collar suited for dogs with long hair to minimize tangling, which often damages the dog’s fur.

The collar is adjustable so that you can easily find the perfect fit for your dog.

Another benefit is that the collar is available in three different colors, i.e., brown, black, and dark brown.

What Could Have Been Better

This is an impressive collar, only that it is too expensive and may easily price out most potential buyers. However, you are going to get value for every cent you spend on the item.


  • Perfect for all dog sizes
  • Well-made
  • Offers three color options


  • Expensive

9. Bronzedog Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Sometimes, the brand name of your dog collar may be enough to give you peace of mind. This may be due to its association with high-quality products, and an excellent example of such a brand is the Bronzedog firm.

What We Liked About It

This rolled leather collar is crafted out of high-quality Crazy horse leather, which is high-quality and of exceptional durability.

Further, the leather has a wax coating to boost the durability plus to give the collar a stunning and classy look.

The collar also features a heavy-duty D-ring and golden metal buckle to enhance its longevity further.

Lastly, the round design makes the collar suited for long-haired dog breeds.

What Could Have Been Better

If only the manufacturer had involved waterproof coating in the construction, this would have been a superior product that would withstand extreme elements such as heavy rain.


  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Decent pricing
  • Comes in five different colors


  • Cannot withstand water

10. Dogline Rolled Leather Collar

It is not every day that you come across a dog collar that involves technology in its construction. Well, that is what you get from the Dogline dog collar that consists of a combination of genuine leather and European technology for a superior product.

What We Liked About It

The construction of this collar involves wrapping the leather around a nylon cord for a sturdy product with minimal stretch.

The collar is hand-crafted with wax thread stitching to ensure that the item never falls apart.

To prevent the collar from getting tangled in hair and fur, it has a rivetless design to keep your pet safe with the collar on.

And to make it fade-proof, the collar is dyed rather than painted to maintain the color for longer.

This collar is perfect for dogs with long hair and sensitive skin, as it is designed to cause minimal irritation.

Lastly, it is available in twelve different vibrant colors.

What Could Have Been Better

This collar may not last that long if you use it on an overly aggressive dog despite being well-made. But proper care should give you long-term service by this collar.


  • Soft and sturdy
  • Dyed so that it does not fade easily
  • Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin


  • It is easy to mess up on the sizing

11. Circle T Oak Tanned Round Dog Collar

The last item on our list is the Circle T round dog collar, which is well-suited for dogs with long hair. The round design results in a minimal stretch such that the collar retains its shape for longer.

What We Liked About It

Besides the high-quality construction involving vegetable-tanned leather, this collar is expertly sewn together so that it does not break apart easily.

The round design is perfect for dogs with long hair as it ensures the fur does not mat. You may also find this collar to be ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.

Lastly, the collar has adjustable sizing to help you get your dog the perfect fit.

What Could Have Been Better

Although the collar is well-made, it is not ideal for large and aggressive dogs as they may easily tear it apart. Other than that, it remains a beautiful item to invest in.


  • Beautiful
  • Rounded design for minimal hair-tangling
  • Adjustable


  • A bit sticky

How to Pick the Right Rolled Leather Dog Collar

In a few paragraphs below, we are going to cover some of the most important factors you need to consider prior to buying a rolled leather collar for your furry friend.

Right Size

The first thing you want to do as you begin your search for the best-rolled collar is to ensure that there is a correct size for your pooch.

It is important to always compare your dog’s dimensions against a manufacturer-sizing chart if you want to be on the safe side.

Your dog collar has to be the right size for obvious reasons. You do not want it to be too loose because then, your dog can easily slip out.

If it is too tight, it may choke your dog and restrict their breathing. One of the best ways to gauge if your collar of choice is the right size is to fit two of your fingers under the collar while your dog is wearing it.

Collar Aesthetic

Although the look of your dog collar has nothing to do with how it performs, you may want to consider it.

You see, it is almost the same as how you care about the way you look before stepping out. If you are the kind of person who is passionate about fashion, we understand why it would important to have your pooch looking good.

Longevity of Collar

Most dogs tend to be aggressive but even if yours is not, you want to ensure that their collar is able to withstand any kind of abuse.

It should be made from durable material that can also endure harsh weather conditions. This will ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Collar Texture

Authentic leather should feel soft to the touch and this can be one of the ways you can use to tell whether you are getting the real thing or not.

You also benefit from the soft texture of leather in that it will be more comfortable for your dog and not irritable to their skin.

Why should You Buy Rolled Leather Dog Collars?

Round collars continue to gain popularity in the pet world and rightfully so. Here are some reasons why you should get one for your dog.

They Last Long

If durability is a deal breaker for you, then you need to think about getting these collars. This is because leather is a strong and resilient material and can endure wear and tear better than other materials.

Leather can also handle moisture well if handled correctly. Along with the leather collar, you want to purchase a first-rate buckle that will not break down easily.

They are Suitable for Sensitive Skin

One of the greatest benefits of these dog collars is that they are an ideal choice for dogs with sensitive skin. 

Leather is a natural material, which means that it is less likely to irritate your dog’s skin. Moreover, a rolled collar implies that the edges are curved and will not eat into your dog’s skin.

We are sure your dog will appreciate having no irritation or friction on their skin.

They are Ideal for Long-Haired Dogs

Regular dog collars usually present a challenge when dealing with long haired dogs because they encourage matting.

However, with these collars, you will not experience any issues if your dog has long hair because they have rounded edges.

They Come in an Assortment of Colors

Leather collars come in different colors such as pink, brown, and red. This means you can pick your preferred color to match the décor of your home or your dog’s fur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have addressed a few commonly asked questions that may be of help.

How do I pick the right size collar?

The best way of ensuring that you get the correct size when it comes to your dog’s collar is by measuring the circumference of their neck and using the measurements against a sizing chart.

You may also want to get a collar that comes with adjustable straps, as this will enable you to customize the fit.

Fit two of your fingers in the collar once it is on your dog’s neck to find out if it fits properly or not.

How do I clean my dog’s rolled leather collar?

You want to get value for your money when you purchase a dog collar. The collar will not last if you do not take proper care of it.

A quality collar should come with detailed instructions on how to maintain and clean it. It is important to examine your collar to determine whether it is fabricated from unfinished or finished leather.

Finished leather appears glossy and shiny while unfinished leather looks dull. This is because it is not cured with any kind of coloring.

Use mild detergent and a wet piece of cloth to clean both finished and unfinished leather. The best way to clean is in circular motion and then allowing the collar to air dry.

Verdict – Winning Rolled Leather Collar for Dogs

The product that stood out from our research on ideal rolled leather dog collars is the Coastal Pet Circle T Rolled Leather Dog Collar. It is made from high-quality materials to help in making it sturdy and durable.

Further, it has a vegetable tan that gives it a smooth and natural finish.

Final Thoughts

Leather is undeniably an appropriate, unique, and stylish material as far as dog collars go. With proper maintenance, an authentic leather collar should last longer than other kinds of collar materials such as nylon.

We can assure you that with a rolled leather collar, you will get value for your money, functionality, and quality.

That said; you should keep in mind that what works for one dog might fail to work for another. What you need to focus on is getting your hands on a collar that offers both durability and comfort.

The collar you pick should be based on your dog’s activity level, their character, and size, as well as your preference. This guide will definitely help you make the right choice.