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11 Best Reflective Dog Collars in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

If you are a dog parent that has not yet gotten a collar for yours, do not play yourself. You need the best reflective dog collar for easier identification of your pooch especially in the dark.

Unlike other dog collars, reflector collars keep your dog safe and secure by making them visible to both pedestrians and drivers at night.

Owning a pet is amazing but it becomes challenging when you have to pick a collar for them from an assortment of choices.

However, you do not need to be confused because we are here to help you narrow down your choices. Read on if you want to get your hands on the perfect reflective collar for your pooch.

High-Quality Reflective Dog Collars: Comparison List

For your dog’s added security, it’s important to get them the right collar for the money. Here’s our quick run-down of some of the top options you can bank on.

# Name Color Price
1 Reflective Personalized Dog Collar by GoTags Red, Blue, Black, Orange, PInk Check Price
2 NEO Nylon Buckle Reflective Dog Collar by Max and Neo Orange Check Price
3 The Comfort Collar by Black Rhino Blue/Grey Check Price
4 Reflective Dog Training Collar by F-color Check Price
5 Reflective Waterproof Dog Collars Personalized by GoTags Pink Check Price
6 Reflective Dog Bark Collar Personalized by PetYeah Black Check Price
7 Colors Safe & Comfy Multi-Colored Stripe Dog Collars by Blueberry Pet Pink and White Check Price
8 Embroidered Personalized Dog ID Collar by LovelyDog Pink Black Check Price
9 10+ Colors Soft & Safe 3M Reflective Pastel Color by Blueberry Pet Baby Green Check Price
10 Mile High Life Dog Collar by Blueberry Pet Lime Green/Black Check Price
11 Reflective Dog Collar by CollarDirect Mint Green Check Price

Best Reflective Dog Collars

1. GoTags Personalized Reflective Dog Collar

If you feel like your dog is prone to wandering off and getting lost, the GoTags reflective collar may be the ultimate solution to the problem.

Our review aims to give you a clear understanding of why many users think of this collar as one of the best reflective embroidered dog collars.

First, the embroidered details on the collar, including your contact details and the pet’s name, make it easy for the owner to be traced in case the dog is lost.

Then, the collar is made from highly reflective material so that your dog can be easily spotted from afar. This makes them safer when using public roads.

If you are worried about durability, you can relax because the material of this collar is quite well-made and stitched.

If anything, its nylon webbing boasts tapered edges. As a result, you get a durable and comfortable collar for your pet.

We also liked the high-quality plastic side-release feature that allows for easy one-handed release. Let’s not forget the stainless steel D-ring that you could use for attaching leashes and tags.

Lastly, the collar is available in five different colors and three sizes.


  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Comes in five color options


  • Flimsy buckle

2. Max and Neo Reflective Dog Collar

Are you looking for a simple yet high-quality reflective collar for your dog? The Max and Neo brand has one for you.

To start with, the collar is built from a highly reflective material that enhances the dog’s visibility at nightThis material is interwoven into the nylon fabric to ensure that it serves its purpose to the fullest.

The nylon material is thick and sturdy to enhance the usefulness and longevity of the collar without compromising on its comfort.

And to prevent accidental releases from happening, the collar features a nylon snap buckle with a lockable tab. Also worth mentioning is the D-ring that you can use for attaching a leash.


  • Proceeds go towards dog rescue missions
  • Has a thick D-ring for attaching a leash
  • Durable


  • The nylon fibers can poke the dog’s neck

3. Black Rhino Reflective Dog Collar

If you thought that it is impossible to have a heavy-duty yet lightweight dog collar, the Black Rhino dog collar may prove you wrong. It is crafted from high-quality materials that give it the capability to withstand the aggressiveness of big dogs.

Further, it is durable and may even outlive the pet.

The interior of the collar features neoprene padding to keep your pet comfortable whenever the collar is on. To add to this, the padding does not absorb odors easily, plus it dries very fast.

Let’s not forget the reflective stitching that enhances the dog’s visibility in poorly lit conditions and times such as early mornings or late evenings.


  • Has reflective stitching for visibility
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • The buckle is difficult to deal with

4. F-Color Dog Training Collar

When it comes to training your dog into developing acceptable behavior such as responsible barking and peeing, a dog training collar would be perfect for the job. In this instance, we are going to introduce you to the F-color training collar.

The four training modes i.e, vibration, LED light, shock, and beep modes coupled with the 0-100 customization levels for socks and vibrations, are crucial in helping you attain the behavioral goal you were hoping for.

The dog collar features a reflective strap that enables you to locate your dog easily in poorly lit conditions.

Another benefit is the 2600ft remote range that gives you a broader scope on where you could use this kit.

The collar is adjustable to attain a perfect fit while the receiver is entirely waterproof and rechargeable as well.

Lastly, the one-year satisfaction guarantee should give you peace of mind.


  • Has four training modes
  • Adjustable collar for a perfect fit
  • Adjustable and reflective collar


  • Too pricey

5. GoTags Reflective Personalized Dog Collars

GoTags makes it to our list again, and this time it is the waterproof and reflective personalized dog collar.

It is well-made from metal hardware including a metal buckle to give you a durable and sturdy item that can keep up with the high energy levels of a Rottweiler.

Further, the collar is moisture, dirt, and odor-resistant so that you could have an easy time keeping it clean.

When it comes to personalization, you can do so with your pet’s name or your personal details. This feature becomes particularly useful in case the dog wanders off and is picked up by a stranger.

Lastly, the collar is available in different sizes and three vibrant colors.


  • Durable
  • Comes in vibrant colors
  • Water and odor-resistant


  • Too stiff

6. PetYeah Dog Bark Collar

The PetYeah Bark collar is a reflective collar that you can use to improve your dog’s behavior both at home or in public spaces.

It uses two modes for training your dog, and they are Beep + vibration and Beep + Vibration + Shock modes. Any mode that you choose features 1-5 adjustable intensity levels, which you can set to the level you feel is perfect for your dog.

You may also like the intelligent identification chip that helps filter out other sounds from the dog’s barking.

The reflective nylon strap is well-made and adjustable to make it perfect for all dog sizes.

Lastly, the collar has a built-in USB-rechargeable battery plus has an IP67 waterproof rating.


  • Safe and effective for dog training
  • Fully waterproof
  • Well-made and reflective


  • Malfunctions a lot

7. Blueberry Pet Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe Collection

If you are on the search for a stylish collar that does not compromise on your pet’s safety and comfort, Blueberry pet has the perfect item for you.

To start with, this is one of the few reflective collars for dogs of all sizes, but it does not stretch, and so you need to watch over your dog with the collar on for its safety.

Also worth mentioning is the 3M reflective thread that enhances the dog’s visibility in poorly lit conditions.

We also liked the grey-coated D-ring as well as the eco-friendly buckles that are built to last for a lifetime.

There is also the loop that you may find useful if you want to attach tags and charms.

And for your unique style, there are numerous color options for you to choose from.


  • Uses 3M reflective thread for visibility
  • Ideal for all dog sizes
  • Grey-coated D-ring for durability


  • Not a tie-out collar

8. LovelyDog Embroidered Dog ID Collar

Another collar that offers you customization is this embroidered dog ID collar, which features a permanently stitched embroidery with your contact details as well as your pet’s name. Therefore, tracing the owner should be a walk in the park in case the dog wanders off.

On top of that, the permanent stitching is crucial for the embroidery’s longevity.

The collar is available in four different sizes, so it is easy for you to find your dog’s perfect fit.

What’s more, is that the collar is made of reflective material to enhance the canine’s visibility both day and night.

As for the comfort, the soft design ensures that the collar conforms to the pet’s neck for ultimate comfort.

Lastly, the different color options ensure you are not limited when it comes to style.


  • Reflective and highly visible
  • Comfortable
  • Available in different sizes and color


  • Flimsy plastic buckles

9. Blueberry Pet Pastel Colors 3M Reflective dog Collar

Another high-quality dog collar by Blueberry pet, this collar features 3M stitched reflective threads that enhance the dog’s visibility. So, your pet would not easily get lost in a crowd of people.

The collar features a super soft neoprene layer that makes the collar comfortable and easy to maintain.

We also liked the buckle that has been made from eco-friendly plastic. Additionally, the chrome-coated D-ring further boosts the overall durability of the collar.

To wrap things up, this collar is available in three different sizes to make it perfect for most dog breeds, whether big or small.


  • You have six color options to choose from
  • Has a soft and comfortable neoprene layer
  • Made of reflective material for visibility


  • Color fades too fast

10. Mile High Life Dog Collar

If you love taking night walks with your dog, the Mile High Life dog collar would be a reasonable product to invest in. First, it has a nylon construction that makes it sturdy enough to withstand any aggression that your dog may put up.

Then, within the nylon is a 3M reflective material that makes your dog more visible in the dark. The D-ring, too, is not left out as it has a decent lifespan while remaining lightweight.

Let’s also mention the adjustable straps that enable you to attain a comfortable fit for your dog.

Lastly, the dog is available in three different sizes, small, medium, and large, to make it perfect for all dog breeds.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Reflective material enhances visibility in the dark
  • Well-priced


  • Too thin

11. CollarDirect Reflective Dog Collar

Does your dog have a small neck? If it does, this reflective collar by CollarDirect would be perfect for the canine. It has a width of 5/8-inches to make it ideal for small pets.

Then, it is constructed from top-notch nylon webbing to ensure that the collar lasts for ages. Further, the webbing features a reflective thread for visibility in the dark, which translates to more safety.

The buckle is crafted out of eco-friendly plastic and has a safety lock to prevent accidental release. We should also add the carbon-plated D-ring for attaching a leash.

Lastly, the collar is flexible and is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.


  • Easy to wash
  • Works for both puppies and adult dogs
  • Has a sturdy D-ring for attaching leashes


  • The color fades fast

Picking the Ideal Reflective Dog Collar

Obviously, you have to consider several factors before settling on a collar. It would be careless and foolish to pick the first reflective collar that you come across.

Here are some of the factors to consider.

Size and Width

Reflective collars come in different sizes and brands. As such, you want to pick a collar that will perfectly fit your dog in terms of width.

An ill-fitting collar can restrict your dog’s breathing, injure them, or allow them to escape and that is the last thing you want.

Color and Embellishment

As you search for a reflective collar for your dog, you want to consider the color. You want to pick something that will make your dog stand out.

Luminous green and bright orange are some of the most popular colors in this category.

If you are more into fashion, you may want to get a personalized reflective dog collar with unique decorations for faster identification of your dog.

Collar Comfort Ability

Comfort is the most important factor to consider when you have your dog in a collar. As such, you may want to consider picking a collar with padding to cushion your dog’s neck.

As you pick the padded collar, think about the cleaning process as well. Pick something that can be tossed into the washer for easy cleaning.

Collar Material

Upon establishing the kind of collar that will suit your dog best, the next thing to do is check what kind of material it is fabricated from.

Reflective collars come in an array of materials including, leather, neoprene, and nylon. All these materials have their advantages and disadvantages so be sure to weigh each one before picking.

In terms of reflective collars, we would recommend getting one in nylon because the material is elastic and less prone to bite and scratch marks.

Collar Durability

Obviously, you do not want to replace your dog’s collars every so often. Now, dogs can be aggressive and this puts their collar at risk because they are likely to tear it apart.

Besides, the conditions outdoors can be harsh and wear down the collar. In respect to that, you want to go for a collar that is strong enough to withstand all that.

This means that the collar has to be made from durable material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have answered several commonly asked questions that can help you get a clearer picture on this topic.

How do I pick the right sized collar for my dog?

Undeniably, size is an important factor to consider when picking a collar for your pooch. The best and easiest way to get a collar that will fit your dog perfectly is by measuring their neck and using the dimensions against a manufacturer-sizing chart.

You should also consider getting a fully adjustable collar that allows you to modify the fit.

You can tell that a collar fits properly if you can comfortably fit in two of your fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar.

How do I clean my dog’s collar?

Your dog’s collar is likely to get dirty especially if they wear it frequently. Dirty reflective collars are not as effective so you may want to clean them often.

The cleaning process is as simple as soaking the collar in a mixture of some dog shampoo and water for about fifteen minutes.

This loosens up accumulated dirt.

The next thing to do is gently wash or rub the collar and rinse it off with water. Use a towel to dry it off or simply hang it to air dry.

Here’s Our Best Choice

In the end, we have settled on the GoTags Personalized Reflective Dog Collar as our top pick. It is well-made, customizable, and is made using highly reflective material to make your dog easy to spot from far.

We also liked that you have up to five different color options to choose from.

Final Thoughts

You no longer have to worry about your pooch getting lost in the dark now that you know about the best reflective dog collar choices.

These collars will help make your pooch visible to pedestrians and drivers at night hence preventing accidents.

In the event that your pooch strays at night, it will also be easier to spot them. You want to consider things like your personal preference, design, comfort, and your dog’s activity levels prior to buying a collar.

We have done our part by putting this guide together so choosing the perfect reflective collar should not be a problem.

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