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10 Best Dog Clippers for Goldendoodles in 2023: In-depth Review

Goldendoodles are known for their thick and luxurious coat. However, to maintain their good looks, they need regular grooming and clipping which can be pretty expensive.

For this reason, it would be a good idea to invest in some good dog clippers. This way you can groom your pooch at home and in the end save a lot of money.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best dog clippers for Goldendoodles on the market today. Also, we’re going to take a look at:

  • The different types of dog clippers and blades
  • How to choose the best clippers for Goldendoodles
  • Frequently asked questions

Check out the products so you can choose the one that is right for your Goldendoodle.

Top Clippers for Goldendoodles – Comparison Chart

Whether your Goldendoodle’s fur is straight, wavy, silky or curly, you’re going to need a good set of dog clippers. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best clippers for your dog to help you choose just the right product.

# Name Weight Price
1 Professional Animal Grooming 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper by Andis 2 Pounds Check Price
2 Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper by Andis 1.1 Pounds Check Price
3 Clipmaster Grooming Clipping Machine, Large Animal, Single Speed by Oster 12 Ounces Check Price
4 Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers Grooming Kit by Wahl 1.6 Pounds Check Price
5 Arco Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Cordless Clipper Kit by Wahl Professional Animal 0.4 Ounces Check Price
6 Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit by Bousnic 1.12 Pounds (Package) Check Price
7 A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper by Oster 11.2 Ounces Check Price
8 Corded Dog Clipper Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit by Wahl 1.23 Pounds Check Price
9 Rechargeable Cordless Cat and Dog Clippers Grooming Kit by Sminiker Professional 1.3 Pounds Check Price
10 Dog and Cat Shaver, Low Noise Trimming Clippers Kit by Nicewell 9.17 Ounces Check Price

Best Dog Clippers for Goldendoodles in Review

1. Andis 2-Speed AGC2 Black ProClip Clipper

This Andis ProClip is one of the best high performing clippers for Goldendoodles you can ever find. The clipper features a pair of speeds; 3400 and 2700 Strokes per Minute for maximum well-measured performance.

Conveniently use this clipper for regular body clipping on all dogs or cats.

Product Description

To eliminate funs and vents, the clipper runs quietly on 120V. This ensures the animal is calm for the whole grooming session.

The weight of the clipper is only 2 pounds. Additionally, this beautiful black colored clipper is ergonomically designed for easy holding and use.

Other Features and Benefits

A #10 UltraEdge blade formed of sturdy steel compatible with other blades is included. What’s more, the blade can be removed for straight-up cleaning and changing.

A heavy-duty 14 Feet cord is included so that you can move around easily.

For more durability, the housing is shatterproof to guard against accidental falls.


  • The low and high speeds render ultimate control
  • Extra hardened blade for long-lasting sharpness
  • Variable speeds
  • Works great on all types of coats


  • Quite heavy
  • Blade heats up during extended sessions

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2. Andis Super 2-Speed UltraEdge Clipper

If all you wish for is a clipper with adjustable speeds, then this clipper from Andis has 2 speeds of 4,400 and 3,400 which ensures easier control.

The secret behind these powerful speeds is a highly durable rotary motor. Furthermore, the motor is cool running with no need of fans and vents.

Product Description

The drive cap and blade are removable for convenient cleaning or easy blade changing.

This clipper weighs 2 pounds and is great for shaving all furs of cats or dogs. Also, its body casing is strong and doesn’t break when banged or dropped unknowingly.

The clipper comes with a #10 detachable blade for easier usage.

Other Features and Benefits

If you need to shave quite a number of animals, this is the best pick you can ever get. Why? This is because the clipper is toughly built and runs silently even when used for long hours.

The included 14’ heavy-duty charging cable allows easier maneuverability.

You will love how the locking switch is properly located to avoid accidental shutoff.

Lastly, the beautiful maroon color gives this Andis clipper a beautiful appearance.


  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Features a super variable speed motor
  • Cool running
  • Durable blade
  • Supported by a 1-year Andis warranty


  • It is corded
  • Pricey

3. Oster Clipmaster Animal Grooming Machine

Would you like to groom your lovely furry friend and at the same time give it a perfect hair cut? Then this Oster Clipmaster is here for you.

This electric-powered trimmer does perfect touch-up work on sensitive areas like the face, ears feet, and eyes.

Product Description

The clipper features a strong pivot motor that is Wisper-Quiet with low noise so that the animals don’t get scared of the grooming process.

This clipper weighs only 12 ounces so your hand doesn’t get fatigued easily. Still on that, the cool design allows for easy gripping.

Other Features and Benefits

Your purchase is safe-guarded since Oster grants a 1-year warranty on the clipper.

This trimmer’s precision blade cuts thick coats just like a #30 blade.

The charging cord is double insulated and is approved by UL for added safety.

To sum it all up, this one-speed clipper performs just like the others with variable speeds.


  • Lightweight
  • The blade is very sharp
  • Quiet clipper
  • Shaves for long sessions without overheating


4. Wahl Pro Animal Cordless Lithium-Ion Clippers

Wahl is a renowned manufacturer of both human and hair grooming accessories because it produces high-quality professional clippers.

This clipper charges quickly in 1 hour and operates for up to 2 hours.

Furthermore, a 15-minute quick charge of the Lithium-ion battery gives you more than 8 minutes of use. This allows you to complete the unfinished work should the clipper go off when you aren’t done.

Product Description

This clipper works great on all coats despite the dog breed. Also contained in the package are 4 multi-colored combs for finding the best lengths for the cut-out hair.

The self-sharpening blade is built to serve you for long and cuts through the thickest coats with ease.

This 1.62 pounds clipper is manufactured in the USA with high-quality products.

Other Features and Benefits

This clipper runs on 120V and comes with a charging cable to help you get started with the grooming in minutes!

Other accessories include; a scissor, a cleaning brush, and the clipper oil.


  • More performance at an affordable price
  • Simple handling
  • Cordless
  • Comprises a heavy-duty Lithium-ion battery
  • Backed by a 5-year Wahl warranty


  • Quite loud
  • Needs continuous oiling to prevent fast dulling

5. Wahl Professional Animal Cordless Pet Arco Clipper

Is it right to say that if you are seeking for a top-quality Goldendoodle clipper manufacturer, you should choose Wahl?

Do your research from most barbers and you will conclude that this is not an overstatement but the blatant truth.

Though more expensive than some of the clippers in this list, the Wahl Arco doesn’t disappoint.

For this reason, the clipper features a 5-in-1 sharp blade that is adjustable from #9, 10, 15, 30 to #40 for multiple hairs trimming lengths.

Product Description

This Wahl Arco Kit is cool running and is best for clipping the hard to reach places like faces, eyes, paws or even the ears.

The clipper weighs just 8 ounces, is 6.75 inches long and has a slim physique to allow comfortable gripping.

Other Features and Benefits

The rotary motor delivers about 5,500 SPM. For more added benefit, the motor requires no maintenance.

Moreover, 2-drop-in NiMH batteries are included for more convenience. Each battery takes 75 minutes to charge fully and powers the clipping machine for 80 minutes.

The other important features include; 4 guide combs, blade oil, charging cord and a cleaning brush.


  • Comes with a charging stand
  • One-year guarantee
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable blade
  • Cordless


  • Only one speed
  • Quite expensive

6. Bousnic Cordless 2-Speed Pet Clippers

Are you looking for professional dog clippers that can allow you to groom your pets at home? Then this Bousnic clipper with 2 speeds for controlled performance is here for you.

The clipper operates with minimum sound and vibrations to make the pets calm. This allows you to finish clipping the furs quickly.

Product Description

What comes into your mind when you hear of a lifetime replacement warranty? This means only one thing that the clipper is of very high quality.

This clipper has an inbuilt Li-ion battery of 2,200Mah that can be charged easily using the included charging cable.

There’s a battery percentage indicator that allows you to view the charging process. Additionally, it will alert you when the battery is fully charged.

Other Features and Benefits

This professional dog clipper for all breeds features ceramic and stainless steel blades. The blades are extra-sharpened to deliver precision trimming performance.

The clipper kit has a USB charging cable, a dog clipper, 4 guide combs of sizes (3, 6, 9, and 12) mm, a stainless steel scissor and comb.

Additional extras are; an operational guide, blade oil, and a cleaning brush.


  • Cordless
  • Quite affordable
  • Complete grooming kit
  • Digital battery level indicator


  • The clipper is not waterproof
  • May not work properly on thick coats

7. Oster A5 2-Speed Pet Grooming Clipper

This clipper from Oster is equipped with a universal heavy-duty motor that won’t break or reduce its effectiveness, unlike the plastic clippers.

The motor delivers minimum speeds of 3,000 SPM and notably high speeds of more than 4,000 SPM which makes the shaving of thick and tough coats easy.

Product Description

The clipper features a detachable #10 CryogenX blade together with its blade oil for convenient cleaning and regular maintenance.

The blade is cryogenically treated to guard against bacterial buildup and to intensify its performance.

Other Features and Benefits

Still on the blade, it sweeps over larger patches of hair so that you can complete the clipping in a short period of time. You can interchange the blade with Oster A5, Elite Cryogen and many more.

The clipper weighs about 1.97 pounds and its body is ribbed on the sides for easier handling.

This clipper runs cool even through long grooming sessions to deliver performance loved by many professionals and even personal home users.


  • Adjustable speeds
  • Features both low and high speeds for manageable performance
  • Detachable blade
  • Multiple speeds


  • Expensive
  • No length guiding combs

8. WAHL Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Clipper Kit

By purchasing this clipper from Wahl, extra grooming experience is what you will get. The clipper comes equipped with premium quality carbon stainless steel blades that retain their sharpness for long.

Your pet’s hair is fed into the blades to avoid unwanted pulls or cuts into the dog’s skin.

The blades work hand in hand with the provided 4 colored combs for achieving the best clipping lengths.

Product Description

This clipper possesses a power drive system that delivers extra torque of 30%. This much power is what you will need for shaving through the thickest and heaviest coats. The high-performance clipper weighs 2 pounds and is made in the USA.

Other Features and Benefits

It’s important to note that the clipper fully electric-powered and with no use of batteries. This gives you an endless grooming adventure.

You will be thrilled about this clipper’s adjustable taper lever for easy fading or blending.


  • Features self-sharpening blades
  • Unique blade geometry for tangle-free cutting
  • Unlimited runtime
  • Long-lasting clipper


  • Corded
  • Won’t work when there are prolonged power outages

9. Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Pet Grooming Clippers

Despite this clipper’s low price, you will be surprised by its performance.

This clipper is suitable for both home and professional use. The motor of the clipper runs at a low noise level of only 50 decibels to ensure your dog doesn’t get sacred.

Product Description

This cordless clipper weighs 1.3 pounds and is powered by a battery which may be recharged using the included power cable.

The ceramic moving blade together with the titanium fixed blade delivers endless performance. In accordance with performance, the blades are durable and their sharpness lasts for long.

Other Features and Benefits

The sides of the blades are R-shaped so you won’t unknowingly cut into your pet’s skin.

For different lengths of shaving, the 4 length attachment combs of sizes 3, 6, 9, and 12mm will help you out.

To sum up, the 2-year warranty granted assures you of the quality and safety of your purchase.


  • Rust-free blades
  • Cool operation
  • High-quality blades
  • Pet-friendly
  • Delivers steady and stable control


  • The blades do not self-sharpen

10. Nicewell Cordless Low Noise Pet Grooming Kit

Are you having trouble finding the best hair clippers for a Goldendoodle? Worry no more.

This Nicewell low-cost clipper beats all the above clippers by delivering 120 minutes of operating time!

The clipper embraces the lithium-ion technology that takes only 90 minutes to charge. A USB cable is provided to this effect.

Product Description

The clipper weighs just 9.1 ounces and has a smart contoured design for easy grasping.

This cordless clipper is equipped with a cool motor that runs at 55 to 65 decibels.

Such a low noise level allows you to shave your cats or dogs without the disturbance caused by cords, hence it is safe or both you and your furry friend.

Other Features and Benefits

The ceramic moving blade and a stainless steel fixed blade combine with the high-performance motor to deliver snag-free performance.

Some other features to compliment the grooming include; a user guide, a cleaning brush, 4 guide combs of (1/2, 3/8, 1/8, ¼) inches, and a bottle of lubricating oil.

To conclude, the stainless steel comb and scissor will aid you in reducing long hairs before you commence the grooming process.


  • Has an On/Off switch
  • A charging indicator to alert you when the battery is full
  • Covered by a 24-month warranty
  • Features a durable 1000mA Li-ion battery
  • Sharp blades


  • Quite noisy

Buyer’s Guide – What Features to Look Out For

There are so many things to consider when buying dog clippers since not all of them are as good as they claim. These features include:

Different Types of Clippers and Blades

Pet Trimmers

There are so many types of dog clippers. However, it is not advisable to buy professional-style clippers as they’re more expensive. Generally, pet trimmers are usually battery-powered and designed to cut through different types of dog coats.

Nonetheless, they are not ideal for pets that don’t have very heavy coats. Besides, they’re not great choices for dogs that require so much trimming. However, you can use them to trim the face, ears and the paws of your Goldendoodle.

Corded Clippers

These types of clippers are powered by electricity so you won’t have to worry about the battery running low. Compared to other types, they are generally powerful enough to cut through any pet’s coat.

Additionally, they are extremely durable hence can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

Corded clippers come in various speed settings including one-speed, two-speed or up to five-speed. This enables you to control how fast you want them to work.

Cordless Clippers

Unlike corded clippers, these are battery-operated and are also rechargeable. The rechargeable types operate much the same as corded clippers. Most tend to run for up to 90 minutes before you can recharge them.

The beauty of cordless clippers is that you can use them from anywhere for added convenience. However, some of the cordless clippers don’t operate quietly as their corded counterparts.

When it comes to durability, you might have to replace them after a couple of years since they’re not that long-lasting.

What’s more, some clippers are available as both corded and cordless. This means you can use them in cordless mode but as they’re recharging then you switch to corded mode.


Most blades of dog clippers are designed to be interchangeable regardless of the brand. When it comes to blade length, a majority of clippers feature a #10 blade size. This type of blade is relatively inexpensive even if you decide to buy it separately. Besides, it’s ideal for clipping most dog breed’s hair and trimming the body.

However, if you prefer to keep your Goldendoodle’s coat longer, you can consider using a #5 blade. This blade size tends to leave your dog’s hair ¼ of an inch from its body.

Professional groomers usually use different blade lengths to ensure the dog’s hair is longer in some parts and shorter around the paws.

Another type of blade that is popular for many pets is the #7 skip tooth and full blade. This blade is designed to leave at least 1/8 of an inch of hair. However, high numbers like the #40 are generally used by veterinarians when preparing a dog for surgery.

Additionally, you might have heard about a full cut or fine tooth blades. These are used to give your Goldendoodle a finished look to their coat. Such blades come in various styles including 3F, 4F, and 7F. But if your pet has a very thick undercoat or is matted, these blades may not get the job done.

Generally, most clipper blades are either made of ceramic or stainless steel materials for long-lasting performance. On top of that, the blades feature different edgings including ultra-edge, ceramic-edge, and show-edge.

Ultra-edge blades are designed for harder cutting surfaces and are more durable. Ceramic-edge blades, on the other hand, stay sharper for longer and also stay cool. As for show-edge blades, they offer the smoothest finish and are suitable for show dogs.

Choosing the Best Clipper and Blade for Goldendoodles

Most Goldendoodles have thicker coats while some of them are curly and wavy. Therefore, you need a dog clipper that is powerful enough to cut through the thick coat. A clipper with at least one or two speeds could make a good investment.

As for blades, we recommend choosing a #7 blade size if you want to maintain a shorter coat. But if you prefer your Goldendoodle to have a longer coat, a #3 or #4 blade size would be the best.

However, to clip the hair under your pet’s tail and the paws, you should use a #10 blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a quick look at some of the frequently asked questions that we came across.

Q: Is it a good idea to shave my Goldendoodle?

A: Yes but you should never shave it completely to the skin. Make sure to leave at least 1 ½ inch of the coat out from its skin.

Q: How often should I bath my Goldendoodle?

A: At least once every three months but you can wash him using a gentle shampoo as frequently as every week.

Q: How often should I shave my Goldendoodle’s coat?

A: At least every six to 8 weeks.

Which One is the Best?

The Andis UltraEdge 2-Speed AGC Pet clipper is our best pick. We love the fact that it boasts a quiet operation and stays cool. Not to mention, it is powered by a two-speed rotary motor for optimal performance. What’s more, the clipper comes with a detachable blade and a 14-inch cord for ease of movement.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your needs and budget, we believe that one of these best dog clippers for Goldendoodles will surely meet your requirements. Just know that it won’t be easy to clip your pup’s coat the first time so you need to be patient. It takes lots of practice to get good results.

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