Do Dachshunds Have a Favorite Season? (They Do!)

Are dachshunds happier in cold or warm environments?

Are Dachshunds Happier in Cold or Warm Environments?

Seasons change and so does your doxie’s mood. If the weather could affect you, so does your dachshund. We all know how temperature can cause us to be happier and sadder to some extent.

This might be the reason that you want to know in which environment your dachshund is happy with. Is it the cold environment or the warm environment?

Let’s find out in this article!

Are dachshunds happier in cold or warm environments?

Warm or Cold?

Generally speaking, your dachshund is happier when he is in a warmer environment. There is just something in the sun that makes people and dogs happier.

With warm weather, your dog has more freedom to move around without feeling cold. No need to dress up with a coat or put on layers of clothing that can restrict his movements.

This is somewhat opposite when the weather is cold. In cold weather, your dog may feel lazy and would simply want to feel cozy in his bed or on your lap.

Are dachshunds happier in cold or warm environments?

This is not the case during the warm temperature. Because of a warm environment, pet owners tend to go out more often than they do during winter or cold weather. When it is warm outside, taking your doxie for a walk or stroll in the park is easier. Not only that, but your doxie gets more opportunities to meet other dogs, which should make them happier than simply spend the whole day alone in the cold.

We all know that dachshunds are naturally curious, adventurous, and energetic. With this personality, it is not difficult to see how the warm weather makes them happier. Because the warm weather gives them more opportunities to be outside or simply move around, they inevitably become happier.

Are dachshunds happier in cold or warm environments?

Some Safety Tips

While warm weather can get you and your doxie overexcited, please don’t forget some safety tips. Warm weather can easily become hot especially during times when the sun is the hottest.

Since your doxie has a short coat, he can easily tolerate direct and indirect sun exposure. However, make sure that temperature outside won’t exceed 90˚F or 33˚C. Beyond this temperature could lead to serious health problems.

If your doxie is obese, take extra precaution since fat acts as body insulation, retaining more heat. If he is diagnosed with a thyroid problem, his body might have an impaired temperature regulation process. This too could lead to heatstroke.

Are dachshunds happier in cold or warm environments?

Dachshunds love the warm weather. Sometimes, heatstroke comes to them insidiously. They might feel tired and would simply take a nap under the sun, causing more problems.

Be alert for excessive panting and signs of weakness. If your dog seems to become lethargic, bring him inside your home immediately.

To prevent heatstroke and other related problems, be sure to rehydrate him often. Provide shade as well whenever possible. Finally, give them long breaks, which allow them to cool down and relax.

Be sure to speak to your vet to learn more safety tips when bringing your dog outside during the warm weather.

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