Counting Down The 5 Reasons Why Two Pups Are Better Than One

Counting down the 5 reasons why two pups are better than one

One Plus One Equals Family

You may have had the discussion with your significant other or you might be thinking it at this very moment… “wouldn’t it be great to add a second pup to the family?” While, one pup can be a lot of work, two might be more beneficial than you think. We’re counting down the top 5 reasons why you should add a new furry member to your family.

Counting down the 5 reasons why two pups are better than one

Partners in Crime:

Activity is paramount to keeping your doggo happy and healthy. However, with work-life balance your day might not always allot enough time to keep your pups’ mind and body at the point where it needs to be. This is where a second fur baby comes in.  It has been researched that dogs require anywhere from 30 minutes to two-hours per day of exercise depending on the breed, age, size, etc. By adding a second pup to the mix, they can keep each other company while you handle all you need to accomplish in a day. They also can have instant socialization and companionship. Don’t worry, they still will need your attention too. It’s actually super important for them to each get their pawrent’s love.

Counting down the 5 reasons why two pups are better than one

Pups That Train Together… Stay Together.

Ever hear the old adage, you can’t teach a dog new tricks. That is definitely not the case. Should you have an older doggo at home and add a younger one into the mix, they both can learn new things together. In fact, your senior pup might teach the young one some new tricks of their own. Training can be easier as the puppy will naturally look to its elder for guidance. Having an older dog and a younger dog can also assist with proper potty training. Since they have already gone through it, they know how to display the appropriate behaviors making your life a whole lot easier.

Companionship during Separation 

Think about us as humans… we crave companionship and connection. This is the same for your pup. This year has been a whirlwind, but do you know that your constant presence at home might cause your pup separation anxiety when it’s time to go back to normal life. Naturally, many dogs suffer from seperation anxiety when you go to work or go out to dinner. That feeling of being alone can be tough depending on the breed you have. To curb these feelings and to make your pup a bit happier, adding a second dog to the mix provides them with stability and give them the emotional support needed, to stay cool, calm and collected while you are out and about.

Counting down the 5 reasons why two pups are better than one

What About The Cost?

That is the top question asked according to research when thinking of adding an additional dog to the family. However, you’ll be happy to know, the cost isn’t that much more. Here’s why: You can have 2x the cuteness without having 2x the amount of bills. Aside from healthcare (immunizations and check-ups), having multiple dogs at the same time won’t hurt your wallet. Dogs can share many of the necessities including toys, beds, water bowls, food and treats. It is all how you train them. If you have two younger pups or one older and one younger, it is important to get them to the same place to keep you feeling financially stable during the process.

Counting down the 5 reasons why two pups are better than one

Extra Love Sounds Pawfect!

We saved the best reason for last! Who wouldn’t want the extra love of another fur baby? Chances are your first pup has brought so many great memories, feelings and love to your family, that a second one would just echo that feeling. We know there’s nothing better than coming home to a wagging tail… oh wait two wagging tails. While two pups might be a lot of work, the benefits can definitely outweigh the hesitation you may have. As always, should you choose to add a new member to your squad, your Alpha Paw family will be there to help you and your furry companions!