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You may have had the discussion with your significant other or you might be thinking it at this very moment… “wouldn’t it be great to add a second pup to the family?” While, one pup can be a... Read More
30 OCT
We’ve been there, gazing at our pups, telling them how absolutely cute their faces are. Did you know that your fascination with their facial expressions might be one-sided at least in their little... Read More
28 OCT
Age may be anything but a number but there are recent studies showing that the age of your furry companion might bring on personality changes. If you’ve had a pup from birth to elder ages, you... Read More
21 OCT
That sounds like a great idea, but you know it might never happen. Dogs can’t effectively and completely process complex human communication. Not only that, but you too may have difficulty in... Read More
07 OCT
You’re sad and you need someone to comfort you. Your dog slowly approached you. Tried to put his paw or head on your lap. He looked at you with his puppy cute eyes as if trying to comfort... Read More
12 AUG
We All Want To Be As Close As Possible To Our Furry Friend. Thus, it is not difficult to see why some pet owners sleep with their dogs. Perhaps, you’re also thinking about the same thing. But is... Read More
13 JUL
Life is more beautiful with colors around us. With that in mind, you might have wondered whether your dog sees the same colors that you see. Perhaps, you might have asked, “Are dogs... Read More
12 JUN
The Bond Between You And Your Dog Is Unbreakable. Even distance can never deny the close relationship you have with your four-legged buddy. You know this is especially true when you come from... Read More
03 JUN
Dog Owners Love To Talk To Their Pets. They speak to them almost all the time --- from commanding them to sit to sharing our inmost thoughts to them. Though we feel like they understand us or we... Read More
25 MAY
Awhoooo… If In Case You Don’t Know, That’s A Dog’s Howl. We know, it doesn’t sound like a dog’s how, but you get the idea. We’re sure you have already heard a dog howls and how it... Read More
15 MAY
We Know How It All Happens. You sit down with food on your lap. You turn on the TV. As you enjoy your midday show, suddenly, your pooch sits beside you with his cute puppy eyes begging for just a... Read More
11 MAY
Yes! Dogs Can Suffer From A Mental Health Illness! Just like humans, dogs, unfortunately, can fall into the devastating realm of mental illness. Types of anxiety from PTSD to minuscule anxiety... Read More
05 MAY

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