How to Feature Your Doxie in Your Wedding: 3 Ideas for the Pawfect Day!

How to Feature Your Doxie in Your Wedding: 3 Ideas for the Pawfect Day!

Now that you popped the big question and heard a “yes,” the next thing on your mind is the big day! While there is an endless list of things to plan, there is one thing you absolutely cannot leave out: your precious Dachshund!

A lot of Dachshund owners out there are thinking of how they can involve their four-legged friend(s) on their wedding day. Of course, this is understandable and should be taken into consideration. After all, your fur baby is part of the family and should be a part of your most significant day!

So, how are you going to include your Dachshund in your wedding day? Here are three fantastic ideas that will surely make your wedding ceremony extra special!

How to Feature Your Doxie in Your Wedding: 3 Ideas for the Pawfect Day!

1. Here Comes The Doxie

Your Doxie can serve as a flower girl, ring bearer, or simply the pooch who walks with you down the aisle.

Now, including your Dachshund in the ceremony itself can be a handful and extra challenging. For one, Dachshunds in general can be unpredictable at times. With the new environment, a lot of people around, and perhaps, food on the table, your Dachshund might not be able to fulfill its role.

There are a few things you can do to lessen the hassle. One is for you to simply let them sit somewhere while they hold the ring or flower. If that doesn’t work, you can have them walk with someone they know during the event. 

Whatever it is that you want, the key is preparation. The harder the role is for your Dachshund, the more preparation is needed. If you really want to successfully pull this off, you might need a dog trainer. They have the experience and expertise to help your dachshund become an adorable part of the entourage.

How to Feature Your Doxie in Your Wedding: 3 Ideas for the Pawfect Day!

2. Sausage Dog Photoshoot!

Let’s face it, your Sausage will be a beautiful addition to your wedding photos. This is a great alternative if you feel like including your Dachshund in the ceremony is too much of a risk.

Your Doxie could pose with you before, during, and after your wedding. Go on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and you’ll see a lot of ideas on poses, angles, and positions for how to add your Dachshund in your wedding photos.

If you plan to hire a photo booth service, you can bring your Dachshund in there with you for some fun Doxie themed photos! Your guests can then have fun posing with your doxie as well (if your fur baby is comfortable with strangers).

How to Feature Your Doxie in Your Wedding: 3 Ideas for the Pawfect Day!

3. Party Favors Featuring Your Dachshund

Aside from having your fur baby in your ceremony and photos, you can have Doxie themed party favors! There are a lot of ways to do this. For example, you can bake cookies that are shaped like your Dachshund. They can be a fun (and yummy) treat for your guests.

Perhaps, a “doggie bag” could be the way to go. All you need to do is have a bag full of treats for dogs that other pet owners may bring as they go home. Of course, the doggie bag can also include treats for humans if you'd prefer.

How to Feature Your Doxie in Your Wedding: 3 Ideas for the Pawfect Day!

You May Now Kiss The Wiener!

These are just some of the best ideas for you to feature your Dachshund. Don’t stress yourself too much. Remember, this is your special day and you don’t want to be exhausted with too many things. If you want, hire a special pet care service provider or a wedding planner who has experience with pets at weddings. You’ll be happy to know that there are experts who are handling your Dachshund on your big day.

Comment below if you know any other fun ways to add your Dachshund to your special day!





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