Animal Lovers are OBSESSED With This Trending Product

Have You Ever Been Frustrated Because You Couldn’t Find That Perfect Shirt That Represents Your Love For Animals?

The Wait is Over...

As an animal lover, I’ve been on a long quest to find cool gear that shows my love for my favorite fur friends, but I’m happy to report that I’ve finally found the treasure I’ve been searching for all along.

If you’re gonna be a dog mom, a cat dad, or you're just a wiener dog lover, you can’t just talk the talk, you also need to walk the walk. And what better way to show your love, appreciation, slightly dramatic obsession for your pet than with this brand new line of t-shirt, that incorporates your favorite animal front and center in this beautiful 3D design?

The answer is, nothing. It doesn’t get any better than that, trust me we’ve checked!

Here’s What We Love About This New Line Of T-Shirts!

Not only can you now wear your favorite animal proudly on your chest, minus the pet hair (although if your pet gets on your shirt, all bets are off), but it’s also a way to advocate for the pets who need a voice.

We are particularly passionate about Pitbulls who suffer from a stigma of aggressive behavior despite the fact that they
are sweet, loving, caring, and goofy!

Animal Lovers are OBSESSED With This Trending Product

And because we care so strongly about Pitbulls, for every sale of the “Beware of Pitbulls, They Will Steal Your Heart” shirt, we will donate 10% to Pitbull Rescue Central. So not only are you bettering your closet, but you’re also helping an important cause all in one.

Limitless Styling Options 

No matter your style, from bright to dark tones, pastels or plain white, whether you have a pet or simply adore them, everyone can find one that represents their vibe. They also make amazing gifts!

Easy to style with a flannel, leather jacket, or simply by itself, it’s guaranteed to make heads turn. 

Animal Lovers are OBSESSED With This Trending Product

We Use 100% Cotton 

Although beware, our shirts are made with a 100% cotton meaning that not only will you love them, but they might become your favorite piece of clothing, making it hard to wear anything else, but don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around. 

Hurry! Your basket is waiting!



dog ramp

We designed the PawRamp to help your dog walk safely up and down high areas without hurting their back, helping to prevent injuries caused by jumping on and off furniture, it is specifically engineered with your dogs back and joint health in mind. The PawRamp is the #1 choice for Dog Owners!

  • Lightweight, Portable & Handmade
  • Rubber grips to keep the ramp secure and in place
  • Ridged carpeting for maximum paw grip
  • Packs flat to less than 3.5 in for easy storage

 dog ramp

Dog Ramp