A Letter To My Favorite Mom For Her Special Day

I Try To Be A Good Pup No Matter What Day It Is, But I Want To Make Today Extra Special!

All year round you take care of me through my woofs and boops, you never complain and keep loving me. Today is your special day and I thought of a few ideas that will make you feel extra exceptional, because you're the best mommy in the world.

I thought of a few activities we could do for our little mother’s day, and the best part is, there might be a few surprises along the way. 

So come on! Let’s take a look at what I have planned for your special day!

A Letter To My Favorite Mom For Her Special Day

Letter To My Human

Be prepared to get awoken by a bunch of kisses and cuddles. I’ll be wearing my flyest outfit for you and here comes the first surprise! I got you a shirt with my face on it! Can you believe that even exists! 

BUZZ!! You might be wondering what that buzzing thing is….well I know I’m trying to be extra good but I couldn’t leave my Floppy Fish you got me for Easter behind during our cuddle session, so I brought him along. 

I’d like to invite you for a walk in the park. You can pick which park we go to, as long as my paws are following your footsteps I’ll be happy. 

Now I know that sometimes I get excited to see other furry friends at the park, but I promise to keep my barking at a minimum. 

A Letter To My Favorite Mom For Her Special Day

Candlelight Dinner

After our nice walk in the park we’ll sit for a nice dinner under the sunset. I’ll even take my 15-in-1 Multi Chews without any treats, because in all honesty, I’ve been tricking you into thinking that I don’t like the vitamins on their own. In reality the vitamins are DELICIOUS, but if you knew that, I’d be missing out on an extra treat. 

To make up for being naughty, I promise to use my PawRamp when climbing up the couch. I know lately I’ve been scratching up your furniture because I haven’t been using my ramp, but it’s just because I want to show you I’m a big boy. But I’ve come to terms with it, I’m just considered a fun size pooch, that’s why you chose me to be your best friend. Plus I’ve realized that my ramp has multiple usage, I can use it as a slide, a bed, for whenever I want to leave my comfy bed, and so much more.

A Letter To My Favorite Mom For Her Special Day

I Paw You So Much

I wanted to plan this for you because you’re the best mommy in the world, and you take such good care of me. I hope you like your new shirt. Lastly I hope you like your paw card (which you’re currently reading). I worked very hard on it to make you feel special just like you make me feel special. 

I hope you’re ready for are pawesome day ahead! Happy mother’s day!

With lots of love,

A Letter To My Favorite Mom For Her Special Day

Your Pooch 



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