Why We Need Our Dachshunds – And Vice Versa

Why we need our dachshunds

Everyone Loves a Sausage Dog!

Dachshunds are simply overwhelmingly cute, adorable, and lovely. There’s a reason why Dachshunds are among the most popular dog breeds in human history.

So you might ask, “Why do we need our Dachshunds?” Similarly, “Why do our dachshunds need us?”

In this post, let us take a quick look at the answers to our burning questions.

Why we need our dachshunds

Why Do We Need Our Dogs?

There are so many benefits that come from owning a Dachshund.

For one, Dachshunds are known to be adventurous and active. As an owner, you would be forced to be active too. A walk in the park, playtime in the backyard, and even simply just chasing your Doxie around the house will keep you active as well.

Dachshunds are great companions. They love to be around people. They tend to be clingy to the point that you will miss them when you’re away for a long time. If you are alone in your home on a cold rainy day, your Doxie would surely keep you company.

Why we need our dachshunds

If you have a problem striking a conversation with other people, having your Dachshund with you would surely spark some interest. Meeting other pet lovers in the park or finding people who love dachshund allows you to meet new people and make friends. Thus, your dachshund makes you more sociable.

Aside from what was already mentioned above, here are other reasons that you need your dachshund:

  • Dachshunds protect our homes and other properties.
  • Dachshunds teach us how to be responsible and patient.
  • Dachshunds help us to feel calm and relaxed.
  • Dachshunds make us laugh and add joy to our life.
  • Dachshunds help us develop a stronger immune system.
  • People with Dachshunds recover from illnesses faster.
  • Dachshunds decrease stress and anxiety level.

Studies show that people who have dogs by their side generally live a happier and longer life. Now, that’s one great reason to have a dachshund!

Why we need our dachshunds

Why Do Dachshunds Need Us?

The answer depends on how you look at the situation. Obviously, your dachshund can live without you. A lot of dogs in the canine family live normally in the wild. In the same way, you can also live without your Dachshund.

However, domesticated dogs, such as your dachshund, have a special need to make a connection with their master. In fact, one study shows that the bond between humans and dogs share some similarities with bond found in parent-child relationships. This suggests that dogs are truly man’s best friend and they can even forge a deeper bond with their master more than any other animals.

No doubt, it is true that whatever love you give to your dachshund, it can return that love to you 10 times even more.

Remember, once you have a pet dog, it becomes a lifetime responsibility on your part. Your Dachshund needs you to feed him, provide shelter, administer medications as necessary, give him enough exercise, bring him to the vet for a check-up and shower him with love and care.

Yes, dogs can live without us, but they can live a happier, more fulfilling life in the hands of a responsible pet owner.

Why we need our dachshunds

Is Owning a Dachshund Right For You?

Now that you read the reasons why you need a Dachshund and why your Dachshund needs you, you might be wondering if having a pet would be a good idea.

While there are just so many benefits that come with owning a dachshund, you need to first assess your situation if you are ready for the responsibility. Your dachshund will rely on you for the rest of his life. This involves a lifetime commitment.

Once you have thought of your decision thoroughly and you decided to proceed, be sure to research the personality of dachshunds. By doing so, you will have an easier way of taking care of your beloved and cute four-legged friend.

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