Why Ramps are a Safer Alternative than Stairs July 25, 2019

Why Ramps are a Safer Alternative than Stairs

Why ramps are a safer alternative than stairs

Here’s Why Ramps Are Safer Than Stairs

We all have one thing in common: We want the absolute best for our Dachshunds. This includes the best toys, the best treats, the most fun adventures…etc. But the most important thing we can do for our Dachshunds is to make sure they are healthy.

In this article, we are going to show you why Ramps are a better option than Stairs when it comes to your furry best friend’s health.

Why Does Your Dachshund Need a Ramp in the First Place?

We hear it all the time. “My dog is perfectly healthy and can jump just fine! Why would he even need a ramp?”

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One of the biggest mistakes dog owners make is allowing their dogs to jump on and off furniture. Pet physical rehabilitator, Susan Davis, PT, said in an interview “The thought of a small to medium-sized dog jumping down from a sofa or bed makes me cringe!” 

Why is jumping from a sofa or bed so bad you might ask? Well, Susan continued to say, “I’m just a concerned physical therapist who has had more than her share of patients who have sustained torn ligaments and injuries to the spine and extremity joints that probably could have been avoided, if not for the repetitive trauma from vertical leaps and jumps.”

There it is folks. The repetitive trauma from vertical leaps and jumps can lead to torn ligaments and injuries to the spine. The purpose of the Dog Ramp is not only for Dachshunds that already have injuries but for Dachshunds that are healthy and want to prevent injuries as well.

Keep in mind: 1 in 4 Dachshunds will suffer from IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) in their lifetime. Jumping on and off furniture can worsen this condition and lead to a very costly surgery.

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