What Do Dogs Dream About? June 22, 2020

What Do Dogs Dream About?

What do dogs dream about?

Dogs Can Do A Lot Of Things, But Can They Dream While They Are Asleep?

If yes, what could they be dreaming about?

These are interesting questions that if answered right, could give us a better insight into the deepest thoughts and feelings of our canine friend.

What do dogs dream about?

Do Dogs Dream?

Absolutely, yes! Like humans, dogs dream too.

A lot of scientists believe that dogs dream and in fact, it is not only humans that have the power to dream, but this is basically true among vertebrates.

According to research, dogs go through the same sleep cycles as we do humans. They have periods of wakefulness, Rapid Eye Movement (REM), and non-rapid-eye movement sleep.

Based on recent findings, there are times when a dog’s brain shows the same activities when he is asleep and awake. This suggests that dogs dream and their brain can be as active as they are asleep.

Another interesting conclusion that scientists made is that there’s a difference between the dreams of large and small dogs. The larger the dog is, the longer their dreams are but less frequent. On the other hand, small dogs dream short dreams, but more frequent.

What do dogs dream about?

What Do Dogs Dream About?

Now, that we know dogs dream as well, you might wonder, what do they dream about.

We don’t know exactly, but research suggests that they do have similar dream patterns as humans do. This means that they dream doggy things as much as we dream of human things.

So, dogs may dream about chasing cats and balls. They may dream about running into the open field. They may dream about food, play, their masters, and other favorite things they do.

What do dogs dream about?

Dogs would also dream more about the activities they do during their waking hours. For example, if you always bring your dog to the park, take him for a walk, or play catch with him, he can also dream about these things as well.

While dreams can be happy, it can also turn into a scary dream. Yes, dogs can also have nightmares that can frighten them awake. They can dream about bath time that they don’t like. They can dream about traumatic experiences. They can dream about the time you left him every morning.

Now, if you suspect your dog has a scary dream, don’t wake him up as he may get startled and become aggressive. This can be dangerous especially for children. What you need to do instead is wait for your dog to wake up and be there to comfort him.

What do dogs dream about?

Off to the dreamland!

Dogs can dream and you can do something to make those dreams happier and more pleasant. By giving him positive experiences during the day, he can dream happy dreams and avoid the scary ones. So, go out there, love your four-legged friend, and let his dreams come true!

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