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Video: How To Protect Your Dog On Halloween, According To A Vet

Watch the latest Alpha Paw episodes with host Bernie Zilio as she tackles your pet parent questions, along with our board of pet experts. You can watch the video and read the transcript below!

Bernie Zilio
Halloween is just around the corner and while this year it may feel a bit scarier than hallows past…for many reasons…here’s how to protect your pup from getting the spooks!

Welcome back to Alpha Paw, your destination for everything dog. I’m Bernie Zilio and I’m on a mission to answer every doggone question you’ve ever had about your fur babies and today we’re talking about how to protect your dog on Halloween!

And fortunately, we have an expert vet, Dr. Ross Bernstein, with us today. Dr. Ross is a seasoned veterinary professional and pet care expert. He earned his doctorate degree in veterinary medicine at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and his work has been featured in several industry-leading publications, including the Journal of Veterinary Surgery. He is our go-to vet for everything we want and need to know about our fur babies, so welcome back to Alpha Paw Dr. Ross…

So I know this Halloween may look different than years prior, but there will likely still be trick-or-treaters out and about and some other traditional Halloween activities that may pose a threat to our pups. I think the obvious one that we all think of when trying to protect our dogs on this holiday is candy. Dr. Ross, why does candy pose such a threat to our pups?

Dr. Ross
Chocolate is bad for dogs, the artificial sweetener xylitol can also be poisonous to dogs. It’s in almost all candies.

Bernie Zilio
Well if you have candy out and about at your home, you’re likely expecting trick-or-treaters, are there any inherent risks to your pup of having kids come to your door?

Dr. Ross
You have to be careful with your dog sneaking out when you’re distracted by kids, make sure they’re microchipped, have tags on, etc. Also, you never know if they may exhibit unexpected aggression to a threatening costume, etc. This rule applies to cats as well.

Bernie Zilio
Let’s actually talk about costumes a bit, since I plan on dressing Pod up this year and have in years past. Is there anything dangerous or wrong with putting a Halloween costume on your doggo?

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Dr. Ross
The costume shouldn’t inhibit their movement, hearing, sight, etc. You should make sure they are comfortable in it, and try it on before Halloween so that they become a little accustomed to it and you’re not introducing something new on a night when there will also be a lot of new noises and activity. You should also not leave them unattended in the outfit since they can swallow small pieces from it, etc.

Bernie Zilio
The last thing I want to ask you about, for those of us who won’t be going out on Halloween but who may choose to partake in the festivities by carving a pumpkin or just having some fall decor around the house… are there things we should look out for with that?

Dr. Ross
Ingesting uncooked, potentially moldy Halloween pumpkins or corn displays can cause big problems. Gastrointestinal upset is a possibility whenever pets eat something they aren’t used to, and intestinal blockage can occur if large pieces are swallowed. Also, some types of mold produce mycotoxins that can cause neurologic problems in dogs and cats.

Bernie Zilio
Well, that was very informative and I know I’m very appreciative of the great advice since we all want to make sure our dogs are as happy and healthy as can be, especially on a night that can be as crazy as Halloween. Do you have more questions for Dr. Ross? Leave them in the comments section below!

Again I’m Bernie Zilio and this is Alpha Paw, be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss a single doggone episode and we’ll see you next time!

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