Top 10 Ways to Travel with Your Dogs In Comfort

Going on a trip with a furry family member can be stressful and often requires extensive planning.

There’s no reason it shouldn’t also be comfortable, fun, and safe for everyone involved!

At Alpha Paw, our pets are our life, and we take them along with us when we travel as often as we can. With our own dogs in mind, we created a line of travel gear that was made traveling a breeze!

Whether your dog needs help getting into the car, staying in their seat, or trying to keep calm, we have your back

Let’s get started with our personal favorite.


Car Safety Seat Belt

Buckling up when getting into the car is simply
something that we never think twice about when
getting on the road.

However, we need to consider doing the same for our
pups when bringing them along for the ride. The
addition of a Dog Seat Belt will keep everyone safe while
riding in the car with zero-fuss.

The buckle is compatible with existing human belt
outlets, provides a quick release, and can handle up to
850lbs force tension.


Calming Chews

Second on our list are Calming Chews.
Driving, or traveling in general, causes a lot of anxiety for
even the most calm pups. There’s a lot going on. From
loading, to trees, car horns, blaring music, and another
tree – there is so much activity.

Our Calming Chews are specially formulated to help
keep your dog happy while traveling. Best of all, they’re
so tasty that you can even call it a treat and your furry
family members will gobble it right up!

They are made with high-quality, non-GMO ingredients
that include chamomile, organic hemp oil, melatonin,
and valerian root (to name a few). They are a safe and
nutritious treat containing no artificial colorants
or preservatives.


Car Ramp for Dogs

One of the most useful helpers for dogs while traveling is
the paw ramp for cars. There’s no doubt that for some
pets and owners, getting in and out of a vehicle can be
an ordeal. That’s where the paw ramp comes in.

Lightweight and foldable, Alpha Paw’s paw ramp for cars
is perfect for the furry family member who needs a
helping paw. Whether looking to minimize the stress to
their joints or yours or just looking to lessen risk in
general, car ramps are worth considering!

The ramps are designed for use with cars, trucks,
and SUVS alike.


Dog Car Safety Seat

In addition to a dog car safety belt, Alpha Paw also
provides a dog car seat. We have car seats for our human
babies and children, so why don’t we provide the same
for our puppies and dogs? With the ability to hold up to
33 lbs, Alpha Paw’s dog car safety seat is made with a
strong metal frame.

This guarantees the stability of the seat for a safe and
smooth ride. The seat is equipped with two leash
attachments and can accommodate two dogs during
travel. Riding in this seat not only keeps your dog safe,
but they’ll also enjoy the scenery at the same time.



Cozy CalmingTM Blanket

A very popular product to have when traveling with your
dog is the Cozy Calming Blanket. When on the road and
traveling to new places, a sense of familiarity will do
wonders for relieving your pet’s stress.

The Cozy Calming Blanket with premium quality sherpa
has been designed to mimic the comfort of a mother’s
coat. The blanket helps keep your dog warm and at ease,
no matter where you are.

Available in multiple sizes to accommodate all shapes
and sizes of furry friends.


Snack on Victor’s Cookies

Another wonderful travel must-have for you and your
furry buddy is having a bag, or several bags of Alpha Paw
founder and CEO, Victor’s cookies.

Not only are they the brainchild of 11-year-old Victor, but
for every bag you buy, a meal is donated to a shelter dog
in need! It’s a win-win situation for pets and shelter dogs.


Magic FurTM Remover

Traveling or not, the shedding never seems to end. The
Magic Fur Remover
will help to ease the nuisance. Each
wand is equipped with a self-cleaning base that allows
for reuse, time and time again.

The Magic Fur Remover is safe to use on many surfaces
such as carpets, car seats, clothing, linens, pillows, and
upholstered furniture. So stop stressing about shedding
everywhere and let the wand work its magic.


The Paw RampTM

When going somewhere new, it’s important to consider
that your dog may not be able to easily navigate
unfamiliar furniture. Having the paw ramp can help! The
are adjustable height ramps that will help
your dog safely get on and off furniture without concern.
The ramps have weight capacities of up to 70lbs and
Bolbs and a flat-pack size of 3.5″. Both sizes are
convenient to take along wherever you and your best
friend travel to next.

Armed with these awesome products, travel with your
dogs in comfort and make your vacations as stress-free
as possible! What Alpha Paw products does your furry
family members adore the most? Share your thoughts in
the comments.


Custom Dog Tag

A pet owner’s worst nightmare – losing your four-legged
friend. Even worse, losing your fur buddy while you’re
traveling with them so don’t let that happen (or do your
best to prevent it).

Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, custom dog
include pertinent information. Identifiers such as
the name of your pet and your contact information are
popular choices. Help your dog be safe and stylish by
getting them a custom dog tag today!


Calming Diffuser for Dogs

A good pairing to the Calming Chews is the Calming
. Traveling with pets should be as stress-free as
possible, and the diffuser adds an extra touch of comfort
for weary dogs.

Mother dogs communicate with their puppies through
dog appeasing pheromones to communicate
reassurance and comfort. These odorless messages can
be perceived only by dogs and provide them with the
confidence that things are okay.

With the ability to replicate these pheromones, the
Calming Diffuser offers a vet-recommended, drug-free
alternative to helping relieve stress. No odor detected by
owners with extra comfort delivered to their pets.