Top 10 Puppy Names Of 2020

Top 10 puppy names of 2020

Getting A New Puppy?

It’s such an exciting thing to welcome a new member to your family, mostly when it’s a little furball, but with that comes one of the biggest tasks, finding a name! Considering a name is something that follows you forever, it needs to be perfect. 

If you need inspiration look no further! We’ve broken down the Top 20 Puppy Names from 2020

1. Luna

The Spanish, Italian, and Romanian translation to the word “moon”, Luna is the number one most commonly used name in 2020. Most fitting for a girl, it’s a bright and elegant name. 

2. Bella

It’s kind of a trend, because similarly to Luna the name Bella is a direct Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Latin translation to the word “beautiful”, which is very fitting considering how beautiful the name Bella is. It’s so beautiful that even some hoomans use it too! 

3. Charlie

The best kind of name because it can fit both a girl or a boy perfectly! The origin of the name is believed to mean “free man”. It’s catchy and easy perfect for a pup to get used to it.

4. Cooper

Definitely made for our manly pups. The name Cooper interestingly means barrel maker. In this case, it’s probably best to use it’s meant for barrel destroyer. 

Top 10 puppy names of 2020

5. Lucy

Girls are popular on this list! A bright and joyful name just like its meaning. Lucy is derived from the word light. It’s perfect for a light-haired pup!

6. Daisy

Easy to pronounce, and as beautiful as he flower, Daisy is the perfect name for the girly girl pup, otherwise known as the princess of the family.

7. Max

Coming in at seventh we have the almighty Max. Short for Maximillian from Latin origins, Max means the greatest. 

8. Rosie

A twist to the name Rose, the name contains the Germanic element ‘hrod’ which translates to fame. Rosie is commonly shortened from Rosemary and Roselyn.

9. Teddy

Most fitting name for a little fur baby. Teddy is the perfect name for those extra furry babies. Let’s be honest, puppies are like living stuffed animals, they make the best cuddle buddies. 

10. Molly

Derived from the name Mary meaning the star of the sea, Molly is a short and easy girly name that fits any and all girl puppies. 

Top 10 puppy names of 2020

11. Loki

This name holds a variety of different meanings. Overall, Loki is a representation of air and light through God. It’s a very fitting name for both male and female pups, and as the cherry on top, it’s short and sweet. 

12. Harley

Arguably a unisex name, Harley is a very edgy and unique name. From English origins, the name Harley means hare’s meadow. 

13. Elsa

Straight from the Disney “Frozen” movie? Maybe. Regardless, and it’s beautiful and elegant name guaranteed to make all the hearts melt. Warning: calling your puppy Elsa may lead to extra princess behaviors!

14. Luke

Known to mean “the bright one”, Luke is another version of the name Lucas. Perfect for those lively and joyful puppies. It will definitely bring light to any home.

15. Simba

Another Disney movie? Yes! Simba actually means lion in African. Perfect for all the little pups that frequently channel their inner lions.

Top 10 puppy names of 2020

16. Lady

If you’re bad with names, this one’s for you! Easy peasy, it’s universal and easy to pronounce. Obviously most appropriate for a girl. 

17. Millie

If your pup is a hooman pleaser, this is the name for them. Sometimes short for the name Melissa, Millie signifies industrious behavior.  

18. Maggie

Short for Margaret, Maggies means pearl. Just like a pearl, Maggie is a precious and special name. 

19. Tucker

For the manly man who likes to get down to business. Tucker means to torment. You can definitely expect a pup named Tucker to be very active and playful, buckle up!

20.  Nala

We couldn’t finish the list without one last Disney reference. Although the name is mostly known from the Disney movie “The Lion King”, Nala signifies the first drink of water. 

Top 10 puppy names of 2020

Is Your Puppy’s Name In This List?

There you have it, the most popular puppy names in 2020. We hope it gave you the inspiration you needed, and if you already have a name picked out, is it on this list? 

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