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April 03, 2020

This Dachshund And Lion Are In Love With Each Other!

This Dachshund And Lion Are In Love With Each Other!


Have You Seen Tiger King? It Seems Like Everyone Has!

Recently Netflix released a new series called Tiger King that has everybody talking. The series explores the breeding world of big mammals and dives into how an exotic-animal park functions. The documentary features different individuals that each have interesting histories and secrets that they seem to be hiding behind, including the main character, Joseph Maldonado-Passage, also known as Joe Exotic.

The show mainly follows Joe Exotic and gives the audience a deeper look into his life where we are introduced to his different personalities, passions, and unethical action towards his wild life living in his park. The show has taken the #1 spot on the Netflix streaming service since it was released.

This Dachshund And Lion Are In Love With Each Other!

Could A Dachshund Tame A Lion?

The park houses four little doxies, each as cute as can be! Although all other massive creatures seem to look at them as amazing snacks, one lion in particular appears to have found his new best friends. There’s one doxie extra special doxie that the lion has grown to be very close to.

As shocking as it is, our favorite part of the entire series involves an adorable little doxie named Abby and a majestic lion named Bone-Digger. They share an incredible bond that no one would ever expect to see, they can’t seem to stay away from each other. The park manager, John Reikene, states that “they’re always just lovin’ on each other”.

This Dachshund And Lion Are In Love With Each Other!

The two were introduced at a very young age, between 8 and 9 weeks old, and have been inseparable since then. Bone-Digger can be very feisty at times and will only allow the doxies and the park manager near him, he gets aggressive with anyone else. John (the manager), even goes as far as saying that the doxies can sometimes overpower his authority. At times, the doxies have to be separated from Bone-Digger to be fed and cleaned, but as soon as they’re reunited it’s a love explosion all over again!

This Dachshund And Lion Are In Love With Each Other!

Love At First Sight

You might not have been a big believer of love at first sight before, but with this kind of relationship, it’s undeniable that it truly exists.

These two creatures are so vastly different yet they love and depend on each other so much. They have completely put aside their differences and see each other as equals. Love has no limits and this relationship shows it without a doubt.

We can only hope to find our Abby and Bone-Digger, and with that said I hope everyone reading this does!

DISCLAIMER: Sausage Dog Central does not support the actions of Joe Exotic. This is posted simply to show the love between two different species of animals and because we of course love anything that has to do with Dachshunds!

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