Rescue Dog Goes Above and Beyond to Show His Love

Rescue dog goes above and beyond to show his love

A rescue dog shows his love

For dog rescue shelters, there is nothing better than a rescued dog who is adopted. That’s just what happened to George, a corgi mix. As expected, George was extremely grateful for being rehomed. Unexpected was the fact that George continued to show his new pet parent how much he loved her, every night when they slept.

Jami has no issue with George’s nightly routine. She welcomes it as she is a lifelong animal lover. And it was Jami’s love of animals, that sent her to the animal shelter that had George. When Jami’s beloved dog passed away, she wanted another companion and started searching for a perfect four-legged buddy for her.

Rescue dog goes above and beyond to show his love

Abandoned and unloved

Not long into her search, Jami connected with an animal shelter that told her they may have what she was looking for. They had rescued 20 dogs from an abandoned trailer park, and all the dogs were successfully rehomed, except for George. More unfortunate was the fact that he had outgrown his stay at the shelter and risked being euthanized.

After exchanging photos, the shelter and Jami arranged for George to be rehomed with her. Talk about a joyous day in his life. The corgi mix couldn’t be happier. Once they came home, George settled in nicely, thrilled with his new life. To show Jami his appreciation, George snuggled up, nose to nose, with her.

Rescue dog goes above and beyond to show his love

An endearing show of love

The eyes are the windows to the soul and George obviously knows that and wants to show Jami just how much he appreciates and loves her for rehoming him.

That night was a long time ago, but George continues the routine. When it’s bedtime, George hops into the bed with Jami and snuggles up close to her, nose to nose, eye to eye. He obviously wants to remind Jami that he loves her and that she is his very best friend!

Final thoughts

When it comes to heartwarming animal stories, this one is one of the best. Where does your dog sleep? Share your answers in the comments. Photo credit:

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